Let's Manage the Tower

Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 1: Volume 15 Chapter 1, Current Status of Crown


Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Silavin


It was only half a month after Kousuke had introduced the simplified version of the Divine Engraving Machine when it was officially announced that Crown would be establishing branches in the cities of the Central Continent in all directions.


Kousuke wondered how it would be possible to set up branches in four cities at the same time in half a month, but Wahid answered him in a few words.


“We have already been considering it, so all we have to do is make the actual arrangements. As for the location, they have already been prepared.”


“… That sounds kind of scary, doesn’t it?”


“Well, I suppose it does. But I guess it’s the same no matter where you build it.”


Crown, having the advantage of the Towers, has grown rapidly in a short period of time.


It was only natural for them to be wary of Crown.


Kousuke understands this, so he has no intention of blaming them.


Rather, if he didn’t do something like that, he would be worried about the other side.


“Aside from surveillance and the like, are you concerned about betrayal and stuff?”


“There’s no way to predict all that when people we don’t know are involved. It would be a problem If we are using slaves or something, but they’re not so there’s no way to completely prevent corruption within the management to happen.”


[As long as an organization is operating, people would need to be hired for it to properly function.]


[When a certain number of people are hired, there will always be a few who will be a cause for concern.]


[Any organization where everyone is loyal to the core would either be brainwashed or blackmailed.]


“Of course, the more attractive Crown becomes as an organization, the more we can keep them in check.”


“That’s going to take some effort.”


It was Wahid who was actually running the place, and Kousuke would only interject from time to time.


“No, no. I’m having fun, and it’s going to be a little easier for me in the future than it has been in the past.”


“Eh? Is that so?”


“… The only other organization that actually has Gods involved in it is the church.”


Wahid’s words brought a look of nostalgia to Kousuke’s face.


It had already been quite a few days since Kousuke had been announced as a living god.


It has been known since the beginning that Crown was founded by Kousuke.


That was why Crown is recognized as an organization in which a God is involved.


“Thanks to you, we have a good collection of people.”


Kousuke let out a sigh as Wahid smiled at him.


Kousuke still didn’t know how to go around being a God, but he decided that if the title of ‘living god’ was useful, then so be it.


Kousuke wasn’t involved in the recruitment process for the new branch, but if Wahid said so, then it wouldn’t be a problem.


“Well, if it’s useful to Crown, you can use it as much as you want. Just don’t use it for anything too weird.”


“Of course. In case you’ve forgotten, you’re my Lord, remember? And I have no intention of stepping on a tiger’s tail.”


Wahid said and looked at Kouhi, who was following Kousuke.


“That’s fine then… So, enough about the new branch, what happened to Kennelsen’s Six Marquises?”


“They got rid of the idiot in the previous instance, so we’ve decided that there’s no issue. Now all we need is your permission and can accept them at any time.”


“What are you going to do with them, position-wise?”


“I’m thinking of creating a new department, a produce department.”


Up until now, all agricultural products have been grouped together in the crafts department, but now that Kennelsen, a major producer, was practically under our control, they can’t say that anymore.


So, it was decided to start it up as a new division.


“I see. But how are you going to oversee it?”


“I’m not going to do it. Since the organization is stable these days, our current supervisors are not that busy anymore. I think I’ll let Tin take on this task.”


Once the talk was over, the supervisors had already been informed of what Kousuke and Wahid had discussed.


Of course, Tin was also there, but when he was nominated by name, he had an expression of surprise on his face.


In addition, Sarasa and Doll, who were also around, were chuckling.


“Yes…Tin, you’re in good hands.”


“Ye, yes!”


Tin called out to Kousuke, and his expression changed as he replied.


“So, what about the head of the division, are you going to choose from among the Six Marquis?”


“That’s the hard part. Up until now, Kennelsen has been organized in the form of the Six Marquises, so I’m not sure if suddenly appointing a head will work…”


“I see. However, even though we can come right here at the transition gate, we’re going to be producing at a place far away from the 5th Floor, so there will be people here, right?”


“That’s right. So we’ll have to work that out with the Six Marquis.”


Now that the entire town was under their control, there would be a lot of trial and error for a while.


“How are the people in town?”


“That too is not a major issue. There was some upset in the beginning because of the sudden changes, but they’ve calmed down now. It has been settled by the Six Marquis.”


The Six Marquis must have used force to keep the unrest to a minimum.


However, that was only at the start. They did not use any force to calm the situation down afterwards.


Just deliberately letting the gossip flow could lead to a certain degree of guidance.


Among the gossip, Lord Felkia’s story was also mixed in.


They used Felkia’s situation to show the consequences of what would happen if they showed malice towards Kousuke.


“I see… So ,how is the farmland development on the 5th Floor progressing?”


“It’s definitely progressing as planned. The Six Marquises have been involved in its development for a long time. It’s not that different from anything they’ve done before.”


“I see. I am hoping this will increase the food supply and increase the population even a little, though.”


What Kousuke was talking about wasn’t limited to the town on the 5th Floor.


He was hoping that if he could increase the population of the entire continent, he could change the current situation of the continent.


It would be progress that would take a considerably longer time.


“Well, that’s all for that side. And what’s going on with Mixen?”


“For that matter, it would be quicker to look at the reports from the Defrayer Clan.”


Wahid said, pulling out a document and handing it to Kousuke.


On it was a summary of the current state of Mixen.


The Temples of Mixen had formally approved worshiping and offering prayers to Kousuke, the living god.


However, Kousuke’s accomplishments as a god were almost non-existent at present.


If there was any, it would be that fact that adventurers have finally begun to recognize the Crown Card’s Status as a benefit because of Kousuke.


As for Status, it had exploded among adventurers, but it hadn’t spread that far in the public.


This was due to the fact that the number of cards that could be made in a day was limited, so it had not spread that far yet.


Even though the number of Divine Engraving Machines had increased to two, the waiting list had not yet been cleared, so it would be awhile before the cards would be available to non-adventurers.


Since there was no need for Status when living only within the town, it remained unknown if usage of knowing one’s Status would spread in the future.


As it turns out, not much change had taken place in the town of Mixen.


However, the document clearly stated that they should be aware of the movements of the churches from the other continents.


However, there was nothing Kousuke could do about the situation, so he had to leave it alone for now.


The rest was left to the churches to do as they pleased with their situation.


“Hmm… Well, whatever. I’ll just wait and see for now. Let me know if you hear anything from them.”


“Okay, sir.”


“I guess that’s all I require to know for now, Wahid, do you have anything for me?”


Wahid thought for a moment, then shook his head and checked with the three supervisors and Ek.


All four of them shook their heads, and the discussion came to an end.




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