Let's Manage the Tower

Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 1: Volume 17 Chapter 10, There is no worshiping a God who doesn’t get involved.


Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Kabur & Silavin


The events that took place in Sajival gave rise to one unwritten rule in every town in the Central Continent.


That was to not carelessly mess with Kousuke, the living god.


The Crown and the Fifth Floor government had conducted various negotiations with Kousuke, but he had never been directly involved in them.


However, as soon as Kousuke himself was slandered, something like this happened.


It was only natural for people to conclude that there was no need to be afraid of the God if they didn’t get involved.


In addition, all four of the cities where the Transfer Gates were installed decided to become part of Amamiya Tower.


Originally, Kennelsen was under the umbrella of the Six Marquises, and in Mixen, the temple with the largest power had shown reverence to the living god.


The remaining two cities decided on this matter.


In a sense, it was only natural.


After all, they had at their feet a means of transportation that could ignore distance, the Transfer Gate.


Moreover, those under the Tower could use it freely, just not use it at their own discretion.


When the time came, it was easy to see which side had the upper hand.


In addition, both Mixen and Kennelsen were already under the same umbrella.


Even though they had already established a reasonable relationship, they did not feel secure.


They concluded that it would be better to establish a similar relationship with the other two cities.


Needless to say, this was already being discussed with the latest incident accelerating it.


The four cities where the Transfer Gates were installed showed their reverence towards Amamiya Tower, and the hierarchy of the continent changed drastically.


In the first place, in the Central Continent, there was only the existence of city-states, so there was no such thing as an organization encompassing multiple cities.


In the past, there had been some, but the distance between cities and the existence of demons made it difficult to control multiple cities.


However, this problem was resolved with the existence of the Transfer Gate.


The ability to move immediately without regard to physical distance solved that problem in one fell swoop.


There was also the recent success of Crown’s large-scale merchant fleet.


Securing logistics that did not require the use of complicated ships was of great importance to the Central Continent.


It was natural to think that such logistics would enable not only the movement of goods, but also the movement of others.


There were rumors about Kousuke, the ruler of Amamiya Tower, moving a large number of people. Which was hard on the politicians, who would be greatly concerned about the mass migration of their people.


Naturally, Kousuke was not thinking about such a thing. However, it was only natural for the Central Continent’s city leaders, who had no way of knowing such a thing, to respond to such rumors.


Or rather, it was only natural for the local governments to respond to the situation, whether Kousuke was thinking about it or not.


Be it good or bad for the politicians, they saw the situation in Sajival. Thus, resorting to military force required much consideration.


At any rate, it was not surprising that the Central Continent cities were forced to take various measures as a result of this incident.


The fact that the effects of this incident spread to the continents across the ocean showed just how big this incident was.




Although the incident had a major impact not only on the Central Continent but also on other continents, Kousuke, who could be said to be a central figure in the incident, had no particular intention of doing anything about it.


He did not want to do anything in particular about it, because he felt that if he meddled too much, it would be misconstrued or misinterpreted, causing the situation to get even more out of hand.


In conclusion, he decided to leave the case to others as per usual.


Needless to say, he told Kouhi and Mitsuki, who had shown up, not to touch the matter any further.


It was enough for others to know what would happen to them if they carelessly messed with him, considering the consequences for the trio of fools and their associates.


Naturally, he was not surprised that Kouhi and Mitsuki overreacted to a mere rumor. At that time, he could not bring himself to interfere with the angry duo.


When the idea of wiping out an entire town came up, he just had to stop it.


It was not only Kousuke, other members of the group who tried their best to restrain them.


Needless to say, from that day, the other members swore to never slander Kousuke, let alone allow Kousuke to slander himself.


Of course, there were no members who would do such a thing.


Incidentally, Kousuke decided to leave the outside world alone, but he did show his face to Crown and the executive branch.


He was afraid that not showing his face from time to time would have left an unnecessary lump in his throat.


Especially with the executive branch, since they were indirectly involved, he thought it might cause unnecessary impact on their operations if he did not appear amicable.


Alec, aware of this, took some steps to deal with the situation.


As Kousuke had predicted, his visit to the office greatly minimized any negative impact on operations.


Thankfully, there were few in the executive branch who were involved in this matter.


Having done the follow-up inside the Tower, Kousuke decided to go with the flow and returned to his usual administrative duties.


“Speaking of which, how is the Vermilion Clan doing?”


Kousuke suddenly asked, and Schrein was taken aback.


“What do you mean?”


“Oh, well, I was just wondering how they are taking this incident.”


There were currently four species living in the Tower’s Floors.


Of these, the Defrayer Clan was already taken care of in regard to this matter.


The Elven Clan was not involved because they had no contact with the outside world.


The Ygrite Clan also had little to do with the Vermilion Clan, as it did not exist except for its relationship with the Vermilion Clan.


The Vermilion Clan sometimes went outside the Tower using the Transfer Gate, so the story of this case would have been conveyed to them.


“No problem on our side. They were just saying, ‘As expected of Lord Kousuke’. And about how you’re the best.”


“Is that how it is?”


“That’s how it is. We have been able to revive Vermilion Castle, and are also guaranteed a safe life. We have nothing but gratitude to begin with, you know?”


Schrein did not understand why Kousuke suddenly asked such a thing.


“Oh, no, I didn’t mean anything like that; I just thought you might have some thoughts about Kouhi, Mitsuki, and some other things.”


“That’s what you mean. That’s a little too much to think about. To begin with, we understand a little bit of how strong Kouhi-dono and Mitsuki-dono are. There are some who might have strange thoughts, but there isn’t anyone who is that afraid of them.”


“Is that so?”


“Rather than being afraid, we are in awe of the strong to begin with. That’s why we don’t avoid them unnecessarily.”


So they do not unnecessarily distance, dislike, or criticize people just because they are strong, but rather acknowledge strength and then respond to it.


The Vermilion Clan had lived this way since ancient times.


Just because Kouhi and Mitsuki appeared in front of them now, it did not change them in any way.


And no one among them would do anything foolish to Kousuke, who always had them by his side.


Of course, it was the same for both humans and bloodsucking clans that when they were in a group, there would be those who would think of doing something foolish.


“Among our Clan, the story ended with the foolish things we have done from when we first met, you know?”


“That’s very straightforward.”


Unintentionally, Kousuke chuckled.


“We have a saying, Gods who don’t touch us don’t curse us.”


Human also had the same saying, but there would always be those who would do something stupid like this time.


Kousuke wondered what the difference was between the Human’s saying and the Vermilion Clan’s saying, but even after some thought, they seem to essentially be the same.




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