Let's Manage the Tower

Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 1: Volume 17 Chapter 3, Sacred Magic Towers


Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Kabur & Silavin


It was decided that the North and South Towers would be referred to as Sacred Magic Towers together, as opposed to the Four Attribute Towers.


The World Tree and Vermilion Castle were on special Floors transferred to those two Towers. As such, those two Towers were unique. Their production of divine power was vastly different. Therefore, it was fine to distinguish between them from the other Towers. 


Most of the divine power used in the current management of the Towers came from the Sacred Magic Towers.


As for Amamiya Tower, it was able to produce its own divine power because of the quantity of advanced monsters from the 91st Floor that were killed.


The Sacred Magic Towers, which was rich in divine power, were managed by Collete and Shrein. They seemed to be installing various things by taking advantage of the abundance of divine power.


However, the random installations did not seem to have much effect on the evolution of the dependents.


There were also some objects that had no known purpose, so it is likely that there were some objects that were meaningless.


There also existed such objects in Amamiya Tower.


There were even very ordinary things called ‘pebble stones’ that existed.


The description of the stone only said that it is ‘just a stone’.


At first, Kousuke thought it could turn into something, but when he used his left eye, he found that it was really just a pebble.


He installed one stone and checked it. However, he could not tell which one it was because it was mixed in with the other stones.


He had no choice but to place it in the base to check it out, but he was unable to make out the significance of the stone at all.


As such, the other members of the team understood that these installations were also prepared as a kind of trap.


Both Collete and Shrein tried placing things that did not seem to make much sense, and they were not producing any good results.


Nevertheless, they were taking advantage of their abundant divine power to set up a number of summoning circles for their dependents.


Kousuke was happy that Golem No. 1 was ready, as were the other members of the group.


Since the group of dependents was increased by taking advantage of the size of the Floor, they were on a different scale than the Four Attribute Towers. Thus, the Sacred Magic Towers grew more quickly than the others.


Shrein and Collete reported this at about the same time.


“”The Tower is now Level 5″”


“Eh? Really? Isn’t that too fast?”


The report surprised even Kousuke.


It was even faster than when Amamiya Tower became Level 5.


“Well, it’s because of the amount of divine power. It’s great that we can do whatever we want, isn’t it?”


“Also, unlike Kousuke, we summon many dependents.”


When Kousuke was summoning wolves and foxes, he set them up in a way that made as little sacrifices as possible.


For Kousuke, it was done so because they were like family members, but for the girls, they were a kind of monster, so they were not really conscious of them.


Since they were Kousuke’s dependents, they still used some degree of care, but there was still a big difference in attitude between them and Kousuke, who came from another world.


“But if the Levels are going up this quick, wouldn’t it be natural for the Towers on the other continents to also increase their Levels quite a bit?”


Collete and Shrein looked at each other.


There were, of course, Towers on other continents that had also been conquered.


Above all, the messages they were receiving indicated the presence of other administrators.


However, there was not a single piece of evidence that proved the other Towers had at least reached Level 10.


There was a feature that appeared when Amamiya Tower became Level 10. It was a list of Towers that were currently Level 10. However, on that list, there were no names other than Amamiya Tower.


“You know, Kousuke. I don’t know what the Level up requirements are for the other Towers, but do you think they can meet the requirement of becoming a God normally?”


“If there was such a person in the first place, it would have been a rumor by now.”




To begin with, Kousuke was the first living god in history.


He had heard this directly from the Goddesses of the Divine Realm, so there was no doubt about it.


“No, no, look. Maybe it’s not a requirement to become a God, right?”


It was becoming clear that the conditions for leveling up the Tower depended on the circumstances.


Amamiya Tower, Sacred Magic Towers, and the Four Attribute Towers all had different requirements.


“That may be so, but I think it’s also pretty much the same thing as making divine beasts your dependents before the Tower Levels up, isn’t it?”


“Besides, Wanri’s existence is also impossible under normal circumstances, right?”


Not to mention Nana, Wanri ranked almost one step ahead as a divine beast.


The existence of a nine-tailed fox itself could be considered a myth rather than a legend.


Nana and Wanri were already far from ordinary and Kousuke had them as his dependents.


“Ah…. Yes. I’m sorry. I understand, so please don’t blame me anymore.”


Kousuke, who could no longer bear the stares from Shrein and Collete, suddenly averted his gaze.


“And, by the way, what were the requirements to become Level 5?”


It was a blatant deflection by Kousuke, but Shrein and Collete originally had no intention of criticizing him anymore, so they went along with it.


“For me, it was to evolve my dependents into intermediate level monsters.”


“The South Tower was the same.”


In both the North Tower managed by Shrein and the South Tower managed by Collete, some summoned dependents had already evolved to become intermediate level monsters.


Unlike Amamiya Tower that had <Divine Water>, there was no clear reason for their evolution, but they had already evolved.


On the contrary, as long as they were numerous, there was a possibility that they could evolve even without something like <Divine Water>.


This happened not only in the Sacred Magic Towers, but also in the Four Attribute Towers.


“Hmmm… Was it a hasty assumption that <Divine Water> is involved in evolution?”


“No, wait. Aren’t you jumping to a conclusion too quickly? I’m sure <Divine Water> has something to do with it”


“I agree. It’s possible that <Divine Water> is involved in <Manipulation of Divine Power>, isn’t it? I can’t see the status of the dependents, so I don’t know for sure.”


Neither Shrein nor Collete could see Statuses, so they don’t know what skills or titles the dependents had.


“I see. I could go look at it myself, but… it’s inconvenient if you can’t see Statuses…”


Collete and Shrein chuckled at Kousuke’s words.


In the first place, being able to see Statuses was not normal.


It was not that it was inconvenient not to be able to see it. Instead, it was too convenient to be able to see something like that.


“No, it’s normal not to be able to see Statuses, right?”


“That’s true, but… Oh, I see. Is that why?”




“No. Because you can’t see Statuses, you can’t see the skill structure, so you don’t know the conditions for evolution?”


What he was talking about was the people who controlled the other Towers.


If they could not see Statuses in the first place, they would not be able to tell whether the summoned beasts were their dependents or not.


Some may not even know what it means to have a summoning circle with many summoned monsters and a summoning circle with few summoned monsters.


“Are you certain that’s not a quirk?”


“No. What are the chances of that happening?”


“Well, some places only think of Towers as a place where they can gather resources.”


The reason for entering the Towers in the first place was for adventurers to kill monsters and obtain materials from them.


Like Kousuke, they had never heard of building a town inside or summoning a summoned beast.


Of course, there may be rulers who knew about such things and hid them from the public.


Kousuke was the same, so he could not speak for others.


Collete asked. “So, does that mean that if you make it public, in a strange way, summoned beasts could be used in wars or something?”


“Oh, it’s definitely possible.”


Kousuke’s face turned sullen at Shrein’s affirmation.


“Then I guess I can’t tell anyone about it.”


“Yes, that’s right. I think it’s better if we don’t tell them.”


Collete nodded in agreement.


He looked and saw Shrein nodding as well.


He had originally intended to tell the girls. However, considering the possibility of summoned beasts being used in wars, this has become something that he needed to keep secret.


In the face of conflict, even Kousuke would not ignore the option of using summoned beasts.


If push came to shove, he would definitely use them.


Though, as long as Kouhi and Mitsuki were around, it would be difficult to imagine a situation in which they would have to send their dependents into the fray.


Kousuke decided not to tell the other members about this, as he wanted to avoid sowing the seeds of disaster.




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