Let's Manage the Tower

Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 1: Volume 17 Chapter 9, Appearance of the Messenger


Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Kabur & Silavin


The time he spent talking to the mysterious woman felt like less than an hour to him.


But when he came to his senses, a day had passed.


He did not know if he had been talking for a long time or if the woman had used some sort of trick.


As a result, a lot of time had already passed when his men came into the room, looking panicked.


The men said that no matter what they did, they could not open the door, and eventually tried to destroy the entire wall, but that was not possible either.


They had no idea what kind of condition the three of them were in, as they could not break down the door and could not see what was inside.


“… They got us.”


Zizarion spat this out, but he was not so dull as to be unable to recognize the current situation.


He knew how precious a day could be in this situation.


To some extent, he could guess the woman’s purpose.


By isolating the three of them, she was probably trying to delay them in reacting to this dire situation.


However, Zizarion thought she was still too naive.


If he was in the same position, he would have kept his enemies  isolated until his purpose was achieved, not simply let them out after a day.


Or maybe there was a reason why only one day was allowed.


Nonetheless, Zizarion still believes that he could still deal with this situation.


Sure, the three of them were the ringleaders, but they were not the only ones involved.


He thought that the others would have taken some measures to deal with the situation.


And until that moment…




Soon, it was clear that there was nothing unusual in the Oval Office, so Zizarion immediately began to take action.


He considered the possibility that the woman had some kind of trick up her sleeve. However, for some reason or another… it wouldn’t be efficient to work in the Oval Office so they had no choice but to still work in that room.


The main reason being, there was a magic tool they couldn’t move.


It was a magical tool for long-distance communication.


It could only be used once and was extremely expensive, but it was effective in such a situation.


Because of its various restrictions, such as the fact that it could only be used in a fixed location, they could not leave this room by any means.


Pat and Kiki had already returned to their respective residences.


Of course, they had decided to use long-distance communication to keep in touch.


Zizarion then contacted the various parties to see what could be done, but he had to admit that he had been naïve in his outlook.


He was unable to contact those directly involved in this case.


They were in the same condition as Zizarion and the others who had been isolated for a day, locked in their rooms or not knowing where they were.


There was no doubt that the woman had done something while Zizarion and the others were in lock down.


The public that had not been involved in the case, while the three of them were in isolation, were already able to identify what those three did.


For Zizarion, he believes that he could have prevented this scenario from occurring if he had been more cautious. However, that thought was useless right now.


The reason why they did not directly attack Zizarion to enforce their stance was because of his position.


If it was a normal person on the street, he would have been caught and punished in some way a long time ago.


Be that as it may, Zizarion was going to make the most of his position and get away with it.


If he could not use Sajival’s personnel, he could use someone from the outside.


He doubted the Messager’s group would be able to get their hands on anyone from a town so far away, no matter how much they wanted. Thus, he began to make calls.


“…What do you mean?”


“It’s nothing. You have gone too far. No, you have meddled in something you shouldn’t have.”


Zizarion was taken aback by the response.


“Whether the ruler of that tower is a real god… No, as long as the Temple has announced it, we have to regard it as true. You should have surmised well enough that he has direct connection to the gods, right? And yet, this is what happened. I don’t think there is anyone to blame but you and those close to you. No one would want to get caught in the middle of this.”


“… May I ask you one question? Where did this story come from?”


The advent of the Messenger happened in the city of Sajival.


For such a matter, information was conveyed not only too quickly, but also too accurately.


The answer was easily brought by the other party.


“Of course it was from the Tower’s executive branch or Crown. Well, I knew they were hiding something, but this time, it was corroborated. After all, we cannot underestimate them. Besides, it’s only natural that no city would want to undergo a ‘purge’, right?”


“Nonsense. Can’t you see that’s what the Tower is for?”


“Perhaps. No, I think you’re right. I don’t know if this whole thing is a setup or not. But the Messenger that appeared in your town is at least real. The Temple has recognized it. You can’t change that now.”


Zizarion’s face contorts at the other party’s dismissive tone.


“It’s not just me. I checked with the others, and not one of them want to help you guys.”


The legend of the Messenger was so deeply rooted in this world.


The Mixen Temples  acknowledged the Messenger’s authenticity when it was informed that it had appeared.


There was nothing Zizarion could do to spin the truth.


“So please do not contact me again. I don’t want them to think that I’m on your side. I will not answer if you call me again. Goodbye.”


“Wa… wait!”


Zizarion hurriedly tried to continue the conversation, but the call had already been disconnected, and the magical tool was already useless.


Once again, he tried to call him with a new magical tool, but his ‘ally’ never answered, as he had promised.


After that, he contacted several people, but their replies weren’t good.


In fact, they didn’t take him seriously at all.


It turned out that they had completely given up on Zizarion.


What was frightening, was the fact that the information had been passed on comprehensively to all the Central Continent cities.


He knew that there were transfer gates in four cities and branches in cities North, East, South, and West, but he was astonished that the information had been passed along in just one day.


It was too late. He had to admit that he had misjudged the power of the executive branch and Crown, the organization that Amamiya’s Tower used.


He did not know if they had coordinated with the Messenger, but it was a brilliant move.


Those who were supposed to be in the city but could not be reached through his device, could still be contacted physically, but by then it was already too late.


Everyone in the city was afraid of the Messenger’s ‘purge’, so they acted quickly.


They had also sensed that information was being intentionally leaked from and to the city of Sajival. It was not something they could cope with.


If the story had been told only inside Sajival, they could have dealt with it, but when the information came from the outside and was corroborated, there was nothing they could do.


It was a brilliant move.


He didn’t know how far the Messenger and the woman had been involved, but he could only assume that it was as they had intended.


Ten days have passed since the Messenger appeared.


As if pushed by that declaration, the punishment of all those involved in this case had been decided.


The unbelievably fast action was obviously done with the Messenger in mind.


Thus, the city of Sajival decided to cut off all those involved, including Zizarion and the others.




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