Let's Manage the Tower

Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 1: Volume 19 Chapter 5, Various Superior Races


Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Kabur & Silavin


The idea that humans could evolve to become High Humans was more of a myth.


Of course, there were very few people who seriously believed this.


However, there were various traces of the existence of High Humans in this world.


The most definitive information about the existence of the High Humans could be found in the documents that had been passed down from generation to generation in the temples.


In that area, it was a more reliable source of information than nations that had risen and fallen repeatedly.


When a new nation emerged, it usually claimed legitimacy by using myths of the past.


It was common practice for people to create myths on their own.


In that regard, temples and the churches that control them tend to have a high degree of credibility.


After all, the very reason churches continued to exist was for mythology itself. 


If a church were to create new mythology that favored the church, it would naturally be punished by the Goddesses.


Goddesses did not allow the church, let alone the state, to commit such injustice, so it was naturally them weeded out.


However, it was also recorded in history that the church was often punished by the deities, as corruption occurs in the world of man. Especially for such a large organization.


Therefore, there remained some stories about High Humans that seemed to be true, but still, there were no stories about the certain existence of High Humans since the age of mythology.


The existence of High Humans was only from myths.


Some heroes mentioned in myths and later stories were said to be High Humans, but these were mere speculations.


For some reason, the Goddesses remained tight-lipped about this as well, so there was no way to confirm it.


In actuality, there were actually High Humans.


However, the Goddesses didn’t bother to inform Humans about it.


High Human children would not necessarily become High Humans, so there was no need to tell them in the first place.


Regarding High Humans, their identity, as mentioned before, were mostly made through inference, which most of the time, were always accurate.


When it comes to other species, though, the credibility of such myths falls drastically.


The only race that was said to have the most accurate myths were the Dwarves, who had crossed paths with the Humans for a much longer period of time.


Meanwhile, High Elves were not considered myths. Their existence has been confirmed and remained unquestioned. 


This was because there was nothing to deny their existence, since their existence had been confirmed since the beginning of time.


Such was the description of higher races by Humans.


While playing with Nana and Wanri, Kousuke was listening to Sylvia and Floria’s stories.


It was not that he was not focusing on the story, but on the contrary, he wanted the girls to talk about it casually.


They were surrounded by the wolves of the 47th Floor, but there were more than just Sylvia and Floria around. 


Shrein, Peach, and Collete were doing the same, and even Haku, was enjoying their time,  playing with the wolves.


Haku was not interested in what Sylvia and the others were talking about. Rather, she was more focused on playing with the wolves.


It was rare for all of them to be together. Though, they lacked Kouhi, who was the only one left on the Administration Floor.


“Speaking of which, I was wondering what they say about Elves being considered fallen High Elves?”


Kousuke asked Collete, who was an elf.


Incidentally, the reason he could ask such a thing so openly was because he heard it first from Collete.


“Hmmm. It’s a bit of a stretch to say they’ve fallen, but I think they’re referred to in a similar way, aren’t they?”


“Is that so?”


“Yes. Compared to High Elves, Elves are said to have a less intimate connection with the spirits.”


Shrein wondered if it was an unusual pattern to affirm their roots in a negative light.


“It’s rather rare for you to belittle yourself.”


“I don’t think it’s belittling, though. Because it is said that instead of being less intimate with the spirits, it’s more about us having a stronger material connection with the world tree, and being able to take care of it more deeply.”


As long as the World Tree existed in this world, even if it was a different World Tree, they had no choice but to have a material connection with it.


In this regard, one could say that Elves were more connected to the World Tree than High Elves.


Among the Elves, there was a sense of pride saying that the High Elves were the ones with the spiritual connection, and the Elves were the ones with the material connection.


“I see what you mean.”


“What about Vampires, aren’t they similar?”


Shrein tilted her head at Kousuke’s question.


“I don’t know. In our case, it is said that we are the ancestors of all vampires.”


“Heh. How so?”


“Because our race is called the True Ancestor or the Ancestral Founder.”


Incidentally, the existence of both the True Ancestral Vampire and the Ancestral Vampire were denied by the Church.


Of course, this was supposed to be the case based on history.


Whether they actually existed was not confirmed by the alleged oral history of vampires.


It was even said that they were not as powerful as what the legends foretold…


Next, Kousuke’s gaze turned to Peach.


Peach also shook her head in response to his gaze.


“I know what you are going to say, but I don’t know if there is a higher existence of Succubi either~.”




“That’s right~. In the first place, Succubi themselves are said to be a form that evolved from another existence.”


Succubi were said to have evolved from existence such as lewd demons or lewd dreams.


Furthermore, the existence of a higher existence was not handed down in the Succubus clan.


In fact, it was said that the Succubus clan was not strong in battle, despite the presence of a strong person like Peach.


There was a reason for this: the Succubus Clan was originally restrained from sharing details of their fighting abilities because of their work in the shadows.


However, if there was a higher being of Succubi, it would have been passed down within the clan, but Peach had never heard of such a story.


“I see.”


Kousuke nodded and listened to Peach’s story.


The reason they were talking about this in the first place was that after finding out that Sylvia also had <Evolution Sprout>, they checked all the members of the group.


The results showed that all of them had <Evolution Sprout>.


From there, they started talking about what would happen if they evolved and what they would turn into after.


He also checked Nana and Wanri, but they did not have <Evolution Sprout>.


He didn’t know if this was because they were the peak of their class, or simply because they didn’t meet the requirements.


Rather, it was surprising that all the members had <Evolution Sprout>.


Well, to begin with, they did not even know if <Evolution Sprout> was actually related to evolution.


The question of what would happen if evolution were to take place led them to the present discussion, but eventually, they could not figure out a concrete approach to the problem.


If it were that easy to figure out, there would have been people evolving by now.


Unfortunately, there were no concrete stories of the species left behind.


He thought that if he knew something concrete, he would know something about this <Evolution Sprout>, but unfortunately, it seems that this was not the case.


Kousuke could only think that it was worth talking to everyone just to understand about each race.




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