Let's Manage the Tower

Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 1: Volume 19 Chapter 6,


Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Kabur & Silavin


One day, after spending a few days visiting each Floor’s dependents to see how they were doing and developing tools on a whim, Kousuke came across a clue that might get him closer to an answer regarding the <Evolution Sprout>.


It all started when Peach came to me to report about her Tower Level increasing.


“The Tower Level went up?”


“Yes~. But I don’t understand why it went up.”


“… Huh? What do you mean?”


I didn’t ask her if she had looked at the log.


Peach should have known where to look because the Tower should have leveled up four times already.


“It just shows ‘Level Up’, but it doesn’t say what the conditions for the ‘Level Up’ were…”


“Hmm~. I wonder what they are… Hmmm. Do you mind if I go check it out too?”




Nowadays, the Northeast Tower was completely under Peach’s management, so when they went to the Administration Floor, he had to confirm it with the person in question.


Peach and the other members didn’t think it was necessary for Kousuke to ask them for confirmation. However, it was so like him to do it, and the girls didn’t go out of their way to stop him from asking.


So, they came to the control room of the Northeast Tower to check, but the conditions were not listed the same way as Amamiya Tower. 


In this case, for the Northeast Tower, the special conditions required to upgrade to Level 5 were not listed.


Rather, it simply stated, <You have reached Level 5 because you have cleared the Special Requirements.>


“Wow. That’s so inconsiderate.”


“Yes~. I wonder if that’s how it normally works.”


At the time of Amamiya Tower, the details of clearing the conditions were properly stated.


In comparison, for the Northeast Tower, there were no descriptions.


“Hmmm. I wonder how it is for the North and South Towers. Come to think of it, I didn’t ask because I took it for granted, thinking that they would be listed.”


Realizing that he never heard about it, Kousuke immediately visited the control room of the South Tower, where Collete was expected to be.


*Knock *Knock




He remembered to knock before entering the room, just in case.


“Collete, can I ask you something?”


“Kousuke? Come in, come in”


Collete opened the door and invited Kousuke into the control room.


Peach also came along.


“So? What do you want to check?”


“I came to check the logs of when your Tower reached Level 5.”


“Level up log?”


Collete tilted her head, wondering what was going on…


As Kousuke started checking the logs, Peach told Collete about what happened earlier.


“I see. As I recall, when we went up to Level 5, the requirement was to <evolve dependents into intermediate level monsters> I think?”


Collete was right, in the Northern Tower, the logs clearly showed <dependents must evolve into intermediate level monsters to reach Tower Level 5>.


“That seems to be the case. It looks like all the Four Attribute Towers are similar.”


“I don’t know what you mean by special conditions in the first place~?”


If the conditions were not known, it would be impossible to use it as a reference for the Level Up of the other Towers aside from the Four Attribute Towers.


“It can’t be helped… Rather than that, I’m starting to think that’s the reason.”


“Is it to prevent other Towers from easily upgrading their Levels, since the conditions are set the same for the Four Attribute Towers?”


Collete, understanding what Kousuke was trying to say, put it into words.


“Yes, that is most likely it.”


“But~. Isn’t that assuming that the same person would be conquering other Towers as well?”


“No, it doesn’t. Not necessarily because the Tower Administrators don’t get along with each other. Rather, they could be collaborating with each other to challenge other Towers.”


“They didn’t indicate the conditions to prevent those who may have been trying to conquer it with collaborators from other Towers?”


“That’s my guess… Well, I’ll have to ask the entity that created the Towers if that’s the right answer, though.”


At the very least, he knew that Asura didn’t make the Towers, so he couldn’t ask for an answer.


He did not even know nor dare to ask who made it.


He didn’t think he would get an answer even if he asked, and he also didn’t want to hear the answer in the first place.


“Is it boring to manage something for which you already know the answers to?”


“Yeah. That’s just how I see it.”


Kousuke replied to Collete’s question.


Of course, Collete and Peach, who dared to ask, shared the same opinion.


Probably, the other members of the group were in the same boat.


It would not be fun to manage a project knowing the answer from the start.


“Oh, I forgot… when the Tower reached Level 5, I found something unique…”


“What? Seriously?”


“Yes, I’m serious!”


For Kousuke, that was more important than the log.


After all, the unique products of Amamiya Tower were the World Tree and Vermilion Castle, so he expected unique products from the other Towers as well.


“So? What is it?”


“Hey, tell me too. I want to know.”


Kousuke’s enthusiasm got Collete on board.


“That’s~…. It was something called <Earth Jewel>”


“What’s that?”


Kousuke involuntarily turned his gaze toward Collete, but she tilted her head as well.


No one knew what it was, so they went back to the control room in the Northeast tower.


There, he found the following explanation.


Name: Earth Jewel


Installation cost: 300,000 pts (Divine Power)


Description: Unique item found in the Northeast Tower. It enables the placement of an Earth Element Barrier.


“Hmm… I don’t get it!”


Kousuke said as soon as he saw the description.


Collete also had a subtle expression on her face.


If it were just a Barrier, there would already be barriers for building a normal base.


He just didn’t see the point of it being a unique item.


If there was a difference, it would be that it was of the Earth Attribute, but he had no idea what it was for.


“And like I said… Do you have any idea about this one?”


As soon as Kousuke said that, Collete and Peach both noticed at the same time.


“”Vermilinia jewel.””


“Would it be similar to that?”


To begin with, the Vermilion Castle in Amamiya Tower was created using the Vermilinia jewel.


There may be a possibility that the <Earth Jewel> has a similar effect.


“Do you have enough Divine Power to install it?”




“Alright, I’ll send you Divine Power from Amamiya Tower, then you can place it on the suitable Floor…. Be sure to place it near some dependents.”




They went to a suitable place to install it.


Collete, who had been following along, accompanied Peach.


She thought that after sending Divine Power to the Northeast Tower, Kousuke would accompany them, so it would be better to stay with Peach.


Just as they expected, after sending Divine Power from Amamiya Tower to the Northeast Tower, Kousuke immediately came to the control room.


It took a little while for Divine Power to be sent from Amamiya Tower to the Northeast Tower.


By the time Kousuke arrived, the <Earth Jewel> had not yet been installed.


“Have you decided where to install it?”


“I have~. I decided to install it on this Floor, where I summon a lot of Spirit Wraiths.”


There were other places where the Barrier could be placed. However, the Wraiths were so numerous that normal Barriers could not be used as a shelter.


“Okay then. Let’s go there after setting it up.”


Kousuke said, and they headed to the place where they had installed the <Earth Jewel> in the Northeast Tower.




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