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Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 1: Volume 23 Chapter 10, The Awakening of Peach

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Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Kabur & Silavin


On the Administration Floor, where Kousuke left, the Tower was still being run by the remaining members, although not as usual.


The management of the Tower, unless they do something special such as summoning a new golem, was just a matter of placing a summoning circle for the current dependents to feed.


For that matter, there was no problem since the golem was already doing it automatically at regular intervals.


As for the towers other than Amamiya Tower, there were no problems, since most of them were mostly removed from Kousuke’s custody even before he left.


However, there were times when they felt a sense of loneliness, but that was to be expected.


Kousuke, who used to be a central figure in the group, was no longer a part of the group.




In the midst of all this, Peach was resting in her room after finishing her usual work at the Tower.


Spending time alone like this, she couldn’t help thinking about Kousuke.


She had never thought that she was so dependent on Kousuke, but it made her understand that there were things that she could see when he was gone.


Of course, it may be because of her nature as a succubus.


She wondered if it was really her nature as a succubus, or Peach’s own disposition, or both.


Either way, at least she was able to know her own feelings, which was one of the good aspects of Kousuke’s absence.


She could finally think about positive things.


As she lay on her bed thinking about this, she fell asleep before she knew it.




She found herself drifting in the sky.


It was not as if she were floating with magic power, but rather, she felt as if she was really drifting.


Looking closely, she realized that she had no arms, legs, or feet.


It was a strange sensation, but it was as if she were flying through the air with only her vision.


Peach, somewhat amused by this new sensation, decided to take a tour of the area.


She did not know where she was going, but it was just an ordinary flat land.


It was impossible to pinpoint her location because of the surroundings being very similar.


Strangely enough, there was no sense of danger that she might not be able to return to where she was.


She wondered why she was drifting, and suddenly remembered that she had recently been in a similar situation.


It was the same feeling she had the first time she had almost manifested the power of Kousuke’s blessing.


At that time, she did not have a body like she did now, but it was definitely not the same sensation, it was a similar but more intense one. 




She felt something like a premonition, and moved in the direction of the premonition.


She had been wondering how long she had been moving.


Perhaps because she was physically absent, she had no sense of time at all.


It seemed as if she had traveled a considerable distance, but at the same time, it seemed as if she had not traveled very far.


However, she was sure that she had arrived at the place she wanted to go.


Because Kousuke was there, the man she wanted to see.


There were also two other women by his side.


It was Cecil and Arisa.






She tried to call out, but remembered that she did not have a body.


Of course, she couldn’t speak.


She tried to see if she could do something like telepathy, but that was also impossible.


She panicked and tried to do whatever she could, but inevitably she could not do anything.


The reason why she was in such a panic was because a monster was approaching Kousuke.


She could see it because she was looking at it from the sky.


Kousuke did not seem to notice it yet.


This may have been understandable, since they were so far away from each other.


But there was no doubt that the monster had spotted Kousuke.




The Familiars, who were working together, were hunting in a remote location, directly opposite of the monster.


At Kousuke’s request, he was observing what would happen if he and the Familiars hunted alone, giving only instructions.


Nana was supposed to be the escort, but she was concentrating on hunting the monsters that Kousuke had instructed her to hunt because she was absolutely committed to what he said.


Because Nana, who was highly perceptive, was not around, neither Kousuke himself nor Cecil and Arisa noticed the monster.


Whether they were aiming to take advantage of this opportunity, the timing could not have been better.


As Peach had predicted, the monster rushed toward Kousuke.


Perhaps because she was a little too far away, Nana was unable to respond in time.


Unexpectedly, Peach tried to close her eyes, but since she was not looking with her eyes to begin with, she had to watch everything that followed.




Kousuke noticed the monster heading towards him, and without panicking or causing a commotion, he motioned for something to be done.


He knew that Nana’s absence would create an opening.


Soon, Peach also noticed the fairy besides Kousuke.


It was probably Knoll, the earth fairy.


Perhaps the monster that rushed toward Kousuke had been hit by something and could not get its fangs to Kousuke in time with that instruction.


Nana, who finished her battle in another area, immediately rushed in and gave chase to the monster.


The rest was now Nana’s sole domain, and in no time at all, she had put the monster away.


Cecil and Arisa both moved close to Kousuke to see what was going on.


They were probably checking to make sure he was not injured.


Peach was relieved to see that Kousuke was not injured in any way.




Kousuke, who was petting Nana after she defeated the monster, suddenly looked at her.


Peach couldn’t help but feel a twinge of relief when she felt his gaze.


She was not even physically present, but his gaze was clearly fixed on her.


Kousuke did not know what she looked like, but somehow he knew that she was seeing him as Peach.


The moment she thought her face had turned into a smile, she felt as if her consciousness was rapidly surfacing.


She wanted to stay a little longer, but she just couldn’t resist the sensation.




Peach snapped her eyes open on the bed in her room.


For some reason, Sylvia was in front of her.


Even though they were good friends, she wouldn’t go into someone else’s room without permission.


“Are you okay? You look like you were having a nightmare.”


Peach understood the reason.


It seemed that what she said when she called out to Kousuke came out in her physical body as if she was talking in her sleep. It was loud enough to be heard outside the room.


And it was apparently loud enough to be heard outside the room.


Peach blushed slightly, but more importantly, she had to tell everyone what had just happened.


She remembers exactly what had just happened.


“I’m fine~. I apologize for worrying you. More than that, I have something I want to tell everyone.”


Keeping quiet was not at all what she had in mind for gaining that sense.


Because in many ways, Peach’s experience this time would have a positive impact on the girls.




“Kousuke-sama, is something wrong?”


Cecil asked Kousuke, who was staring at a point with a smile on his face, tilting his head.


“Oh, no. It’s nothing. You could say that something good happened.”


“I see.”


Cecil tilted his head and asked, “What do you mean, a good thing?”


Kousuke didn’t bother to explain either.


Kousuke thought that if he explained what he had just seen to Cecil, it would be even more confusing.


Even for Kousuke, he was not confident if he could describe it well in words because he only perceived it with his senses.


It was light, translucent, or something else, but not something tangible.


But he certainly felt the presence of Peach in the sky above him.


It was through the power of the blessings that he sensed it.


Kousuke had expected it to take two weeks at the earliest, but it took only a week or so for her to get the chance to manifest her power.


It wasn’t enough for him to return, but he knew that things had been proceeding as planned.


Currently, it was only Peach, but he hoped that eventually the others would get a sense of their own blessings soon.


If Peach could do it, the others would think that they could also accomplish it as well.


Besides, there was no need for all of them to achieve results right away.


If just one person could produce results, it would be a relief for everyone.


Of course, that would include Kousuke.


That was why Kousuke was still suppressing his desire to return.



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