Let's Manage the Tower

Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 1: Volume 23 Chapter 3, What can Kousuke do to Help


Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Kabur & Silavin


The story concerning children was one that they did not want Kousuke to know about until the very end, but this was as far as they could go.


This happened because the city on the 5th Floor, or rather the executive branch of the government, was functioning too well.


The story of the founding of a country was going so well that it was no longer a pipe dream.


That in itself would be something to rejoice about.


Even if there would be many troublesome things associated with it.


Kousuke didn’t know if it was a good thing that the first problem was about children, but it surely brought this issue to the surface.


But surely, this issue surfacing had some impact on the members of the Administration Floor.


Would the impact be small or would it be massive? Either way, for the better or for the worst, that had yet to be determined.




“Kousuke-san, are you okay?”


“Eh? Uh, yes, I’m fine. I’m fine. I mean, I’m more worried about you guys.”


“We’ve… We’ve known about it for a long time.”


Sylvia smiled as she said this.


“I knew that you all had been doing something together for a while, but this is what you were referring to, isn’t it?”


“Oh, no. It’s not that we were trying to hide it until the end, but…”


“Yeah. I know that. It’s fine. Everyone just didn’t want to worry me, right?”


For Kousuke, he wouldn’t mind if they straightforwardly told him.


However, he could empathize with how the girls felt. After all, they had chose not to say anything. Thus, he did not intend to force them to talk about it.




“Well, you don’t have to look like that. I’m not going to force you all to speak about it, instead I just want everyone to be more positive about this.”


At his words, Sylvia raised her head and looked at him.


He was wearing a smile on his face.


Seeing this, Sylvia was relieved, knowing that he at least was not thinking about this matter in a bad way.


Of course, Kousuke acted in such a manner because he knew that if he was gloomy about the topic, it would have a bad effect on the girls.


“Not really, I was just wondering if there is anything I can do to help…”


“This is our problem, okay? If we can become a higher species, it won’t be a problem.”


Collete, who was listening to Kousuke and Sylvia, interjected.


Incidentally, everyone present was listening to the conversation.


“I know, but… well, you know? I just happened to be appointed as a God of this world I am…”


“Kousuke-sama! That’s… Don’t say that! “


Kousuke tried to deny becoming a God, but Sylvia hurriedly interrupted him.


Sylvia knew better than Kousuke what would happen if Kousuke, a God, himself, denied his existence.


When it comes to Gods, Sylvia knew far more than Kousuke, who lived in a different world.


“… Sorry.”


“It’s alright. You can never deny that you are a God, Kousuke-sama. What you just said is also very disrepectful.”


“Yes, you’re right. Sorry.”


Kousuke apologized again and lowered his head.


“No, it’s fine as long as you understand.”




“Anyway, this problem is on our side, so the best thing we can do for Kousuke-sama is to have you continue being yourself as per usual.”


Kousuke looked at Sylvia, who said so, and Kousuke frowned.


“Wait, are you sure about that?”


For Kousuke, it was frustrating that he couldn’t do anything about it.


But unfortunately, as far as the girls understand, there really wasn’t much that Kousuke could do at the moment.


“At worst, Kousuke-sama would have to use his divine power to remake us. Well, if such a thing is possible.”


“… Ugh.”


Of course, he didn’t want to do that.


If Kousuke tried to do something like that, it would not be them trying to change their destiny with their own power, but with Kousuke’s power as a God.


Giving blessings could actually be considered something similar. However, the main difference was that everyone wished for it to be given to them. 


Similarly, to remake a body, one which was incapable of bearing his children, was clearly beyond the scope of giving blessings.


Thus, it seemed that the only thing he could do was to give them blessings and then encourage them to evolve.


It was only after their own efforts and hardships, that it could be recognised as their own accomplishment.


At least according to Kousuke’s interpretation, it would certainly be different from trying to remake their bodies.




Kousuke understood what the girls were trying to say, but he was still thinking about what he could do. When he suddenly thought of something, he spoke to Shrein, who was standing beside him.


“I’m going to the Sanctuary for a while.”


“What? Why the sudden…! “


Shrein tried to stop him, but Kousuke was already in action.


He quickly went to the floor where the Transfer Circle was deployed and moved to the Sanctuary.




“So he went to the Sanctuary.”


“Without even stopping for a moment.”


On the Administration Floor, where Kousuke disappeared, the girls had all gathered.


“It can’t be helped. Originally, we should have made him understand, but…”


Sylvia said with a slightly somber expression.


“It’s no use saying that now. We’ll just have to leave it to the Goddesses.”


“More than that~. If we don’t act normal when he returns, things will get strange again.”


“I agree with you on that.”


Peach said, and Floria agreed.


“I agree. Let’s leave the rest to the Goddesses, shall we?”


Finally, Sylvia nodded in agreement.




“I’m sorry to respond in this manner, but there’s really nothing you can do at this point, you know?”




Kousuke had a feeling of déjà vu, but Asura immediately spoke before he could even ask.


“No, but…”


Kousuke was about to continue, but Asura interrupted him with a sigh.


“You know, Kousuke, you’re being too arrogant, not to mention presumptuous. To try to do something about this after everything they’ve done.”




Kousuke was speechless at Asura’s words.


“I knew you weren’t aware of it. Well, it’s not that there are no Gods like that… Or rather, most of them are, but do you want to become such a God?”


“No, that’s… But…”


“Really, all you can do at this stage is to treat them as you have always treated them. If you want more than that, you are forcing them to twist their destiny with the power of a God.”


If all he could do was give them blessings, it would still be fine because there would be room for their own efforts.


But what Asura was saying now, about twisting fate, was to use God’s power to forcefully change the person’s existence. 


From a third party’s point of view, it could be said that this would be the same thing as meddling with the power of God.


However, there was a big difference, at least for Kousuke, between a case in which his power was used to completely change their fate, or some of his power was used to influence and help them. The latter had room for them to improve themselves. 


Asura looked at Kousuke, who was at a loss for words, and then continued.


“Of course, you, as a living god, could probably do so if you wished to. But… Do you really want to become such a being?”




“And do you think those girls would recognize their efforts if you intervened in such a manner?”




“Oh, I’m sorry to talk like this about those girls. I am certain that no matter what kind of god you become, they will continue to support you.”


Each of Asura’s words echoed within Kousuke.


“Of course, I have no intention of stopping you from becoming one. But once you do that… You won’t be able to go back, you know?”


These were the very words from the Goddess Asura.


As soon as he accepted those words, Kousuke remembered what had happened at the Administration Floor.


[They did say the same thing to me at that time as well. And, I responded to them in such a manner. Was I not acting like what Asura had said? Was I not acting arrogant, like those Gods that I have always despised?] Such thoughts were running in Kousuke’s mind.




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