Let's Manage the Tower

Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 1: Volume 23 Chapter 6, God’s Blessing


Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Kabur & Silavin


The battle between Kouhi and Mitsuki was avoided on the Administration Floor, but the members, except for two, were still unsure of the situation.


They knew that Kousuke had left the Administration Floor, leaving the letter behind.


However, they did not understand anything about why he did so.


Nevertheless, there was no way for them to know just from a letter he left behind.


They thought of going after the person in question, but judging from Kouhi and Mitsuki’s behavior, that would be unacceptable.


It seems that Kousuke wanted to stay away from the members on the Administration Floor at this time.


Of course, they were reluctant to accept it.


There was no way they could leave it at that and try to pursue Kousuke on their own.


In the end, they had to rely on Sylvia’s divine guidance.




Sylvia realized that this was the first time she had ever done an Oracle without Kousuke by her side, but she was able to do the Oracle itself normally.


If she could not do the Oracle, she would have no way of knowing Kousuke’s condition, so she was nervous inside.


As soon as she connected the Oracle with Elisa Meir, she asked me about Kousuke’s case.


[Are you thinking that it was heartless of Kousuke-sama to leave only a single letter after disappearing?]


[Well, that’s…]


Of course, there was a part of her that felt that way.


If they were going to spend time apart, at least she wanted him to discuss it with everyone properly.


[Then let me ask you what would have happened if he discussed this with you guys? Wouldn’t you have definitely stopped it?]


[It depends…. I guess it depends on why…?]


[Is that so? But don’t you have a strong desire for him to remain?]


Elisa Meir, a Goddess, saying so was definitely on point.


Sylvia mentioned that it depends on the reason, but they would have stopped him first before thinking so.




[If that had happened, it would have been Kousuke-sama, who would have been so lenient with you guys. Wouldn’t he have decided to stay instead?]


There was a very real possibility he would have done that.


She also understood that Kousuke had thought about such things and acted accordingly.


[Oh, um… I understand that. Then, I would like to know why he disappeared in the first place?]


[Well, I have some ideas. I think he thinks it would be better for both sides to keep their distance for a time. I also support that.]


That was written in the letter left by Kousuke.


But she wanted to know the reason why.


[He is distancing himself for our sake…? What does that mean?]


[Let me ask instead, what is your main goal right now?]


[It’s about… having a child. A way to have children.]


It was not only Sylvia’s wish.


It was also the wish of all the members.


[It is good that you received Kousuke-sama’s blessing to have a child, but you understand that it is meaningless if it cannot be manifested properly, don’t you?]




[He thought that his presence would interfere with the manifestation of the power of the blessing.]


Sylvia fell silent at the unexpected reason.


Next, she was about to say that this was impossible, but was interrupted by Eris’s next words.


[Isn’t there someone named Lirica to whom Kousuke-sama gave his blessing?]




[She seems to be the most successful in activating the power of the blessing among the human species so far.]


[Oh, really?]


Sylvia knew that he had given Lirica blessings, but she did not expect her to be using the power of the blessings properly.


Not only Sylvia, but the other members would be the same.


[Yes, Kousuke-sama must have wondered about why that happened and thought it was because she was so far away from him. And it certainly was not wrong in a sense.]


[…What do you mean?]


[It’s simple. In the first place, blessings are given to those who are separated from God for the purpose of protecting them.]


[…Is that why we, who are always nearby, could not manifest the power of the blessing?]


[…Yes, but that’s not the only reason, but that’s part of it, of course.]


Sylvia was silenced by Eris’s words.


[I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, but it doesn’t mean that it will never manifest itself just because you are close to him. But it will take more time for it to manifest itself. But you wanted results as soon as possible, right?]


At first, when they were checking the case with only the female members, that was not the case.


If not for Alec’s words, they might have been thinking about it a little more slowly.


However, it was certain that they had become a little impatient since that time.


Kousuke may have sensed that.


“He is usually not very perceptive, so why is it only at times like this…?”


She didn’t mean to imply the words out loud, but she said so unintentionally.


It was just a mumble, but it seemed that Eris, the one connected to the Oracle, heard it clearly.


A giggle could be heard from the Oracle.


She involuntarily covered her mouth, but it was already too late.


[For better or worse, that’s typical of Kousuke-sama, right?]




Sylvia was given this advice (?) and had no choice but to agree with it. 




The content of the Oracle with Elisa Meir was immediately passed on to the other members.


Overall, it was decided that they would wait until he could return.


That was the conclusion they reached, and between them, and the fact that every member of the group who heard the story had a similar impression to Sylvia’s.




Kousuke decided to work as an adventurer, but of course, he skipped the Crown Card registration.


He had already prepared one in the name of Kou at the Administration Floor.


The card was a forgery in a sense that it was not made at the counter, but if asked whether it was a fake or the real one, it would be the real one.


After all, it was Kousuke himself who made the original Crown Card.


Naturally, it worked correctly when it was read by the authentication machine at the headquarters counter.




“Yes. Now, Kou-sama’s party authentication is finished.”


At the Crown headquarters counter, Kousuke was in the process of adding Cecil and Arisa, who had already registered as a party, to his party.


The two were already well known among Crown adventurers, and naturally all eyes were on Kousuke by their side.


Kousuke had felt similar stares before, but this was something he would never get used to.


He felt that it would be a bad thing if he got used to it, but he would like to be able to get used to it.


Anyway, Cecil and Arisa had never been in a party other than with Familiars.


It was only natural that these two would pay attention to Kousuke, who had decided to form a party with them this time.




Kousuke wanted to get away from the gaze, but he had come here intending to accept the request, so he could not just apply for the party and be done with it.


After receiving the card, Kousuke went to the bulletin board with them.


Although there were a few annoyed eyes on them, they did not get tangled up with other adventurers, probably because they were in Crown’s headquarters.


The request was also tailored to Kousuke’s low adventurer rank.


Cecil and Arisa had been nominated for many of the requests, so it was unusual for them to receive a regular request like this.


They carefully chose which request they would accept and brought it to the receptionist.


The receptionist looked at the request and confirmed it while alternately looking at Kousuke’s face and theirs.


“He can certainly accept this request if the two of you are of the correct rank, but are you certain?”


It was a slightly more difficult request for Kousuke, who had a lower rank, to accept.


As a receptionist who did not know the actual situation, it could be said that he responded correctly.


In fact, Kousuke, who could call four kinds of fairies with ease, could not possibly be weaker than the two of them.


Knowing this, Cecil answered on behalf of the others.


“Yes. It’s okay.”


“Alright. Well, please be careful.”


The receptionist, who had finished processing the request, handed out the request form with a business smile.


Kousuke took it, and the three of them left the adventurers’ space at the headquarters.




“Ha, geez. Can’t we do something about those gazes?”


Kousuke said after stretching out.


“I’m sorry. It’s our fault.”


“No, no. It’s nothing for you two to apologize for.”


Who could say that it was the adventurers who were giving him those unkind glances were to blame, but he didn’t want to go out of his way to cause a commotion.


In the end, they just left it alone.


“Well, never mind. Let’s just go back to the inn and have dinner. That’s it for today.”




He accepted the request, but it did not mean that it had to be completed by the end of the day.


Rather, it was a request that was supposed to take several days.


Therefore, after returning to the inn for the night, they decided to start working the next day to accomplish the request.




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