Let's Manage the Tower

Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 1: Volume 23 Chapter 8, Template


Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Kabur & Silavin


“Hey, you. Don’t ignore me!”


Kousuke listened to the voice and thought, “Oh, a template.”, but didn’t really react.


Of course, the man was trying to get Kousuke’s attention, but was thoroughly ignored, thinking it was not worth the trouble.


“Hey! …!!!”


A snapping sound echoed in the room where Crown’s window was located.


The man, who had grown impatient with Kousuke continuing to ignore him, was about to touch him on the shoulder to force him to turn around when a dagger came towards the man involved and knocked him off his feet.


The dagger was knocked away and headed toward the adventurers who were watching the scene, but none of them panicked at that level.


Instead of panicking or making a fuss, they dealt with the dagger and concentrated on the noise.


“What? What the heck are you doing?!”


“Nothing really. However, If you do any more trouble to Kou-sama, we won’t keep quiet, okay?”


Arisa said to the man as she pointed a dagger at him.


Cecil was standing right next to her, nodding her head.


“Hey, hey. You’ve got it all wrong, don’t you? You guys are being fooled…”


“Fooled? What are you talking about? If anything, you’re the one trying to fool us, aren’t you?”


At Arisa’s comment, a muffled “pfft” could be heard among the adventurers who had been watching the commotion.


“Hey! Who was the one who just laughed! “


Naturally, the man tried to make false accusations, but the adventurers averted their gazes and looked away.




This whole thing started when a man who had been paying attention to Cecil and Arisa made an accusation against Kousuke.


Apparently, Cecil and Arisa’s attitude, which seemed to even respect Kousuke, spurred it on.


The adventurers who had seen this had something to say about it, but no one tried to intervene.


Normally, this kind of behavior in Crown’s Adventurer Division headquarters would have resulted in a ban, but this man had only recently arrived and apparently had not learned about such things from other people.


Although it was becoming less and less common, such people still appeared from time to time.


Kousuke was about to put a stop to it, but someone interrupted him.


“Hey, hey, hey. What’s all this racket? Trouble between adventurers is not allowed here, you know.”


All eyes turned toward the voice, which was followed by some commotion.


It was Gazeran, the head of Crown’s adventurer division.


“Who the heck are you? You irrelevant people, stay out of this! “


The man who had recklessly entangled himself with Kousuke also started to cause trouble to Gazeran.


He probably didn’t know what kind of position Gazeran was in.


If he knew, he would not have done such a foolish thing.


The man had recently arrived in the Tower and was officially registered with Crown.


Gazeran, who had been accused of being a nuisance, did not look angry, but rather amused.


Since he had become the head of the department, this kind of thing had been happening less and less.


“Oh, ooh. You’ve got a lot of nerve, don’t you? Why don’t we take that bravado and put it to the test in battle?”


“….What do you mean?”


Suddenly, Gazeran’s suggestion made the man snort.


“What? I’m saying, why don’t you just settle this like an adventurer? Or was that just a bluff?”


The man chuckled at Gazeran’s words.


“Fine. I’m in. I don’t know if your cowardly ass is on board, though.”


“Wait…? Gazeran?”


Kousuke protested, annoyed at the sudden suggestion.


Gazeran already knew that Kousuke was an adventurer as “Kou”.


However, Kousuke stopped, knowing Gazeran’s position and because he was pretending to be a new adventurer.




“What? Have we come to an agreement? Or are you talking about cheating because you can’t win?”


The man grinned at me.


“Oh, no, no. He was reluctant, so I had to persuade him a little bit. Don’t worry, we’ll have a place ready, and you can duke it out over there.”


Gazeran said and gave the receptionist a few instructions.


The instructions were simply to prepare an available training center.


The man went joyfully to the training center that had been prepared for him.


He thought it was only natural that he would win.


“Oh. You guys here who have some spare time better watch, okay? You’ll see some pretty interesting stuff.”


Gazeran said to the adventurers who had been watching the commotion.


Of course, most of the people there knew Gazeran.


If Gazeran said such a thing, then even the higher-ranking adventurers, who had not moved before, began to head for the training site.




“… I was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, you know?”


“What are you saying? That’s an impossible proposition when you’re working with these two.”


At Gazeran’s words, the receptionist, who had been silently watching the situation, nodded.


“That’s to be expected, I guess.”


“I’m sorry.”


Cecil bowed to Kousuke, who shrugged his shoulders.


“Oh, no. It’s not like I need you to go out of your way to apologize.”


Kousuke said so and headed for the training ground as if he had given up.




To the man who came toward him brandishing his sword, Kousuke uttered only one word to prevent it.


Killing was supposed to be forbidden, but the man was clearly determined to kill him.


“Knoll, please.”


Kousuke said, and for a moment, there was a flash of light in the area.


The man’s sword swung down and was repelled with a high-pitched cracking sound.


“Oh, hey. What the heck is that? You’ve got to be kidding me!”


“Which one of us is kidding around”, Kousuke thought, but since he didn’t want to go out of his way to stir things up by saying such a thing, he uttered something else.


“So that’s it? I mean, it’s kind of hard to even scratch me if you can’t break through this light, though, right? Oh, and I thought killing was forbidden?”


“Ugh, shut up! “


he said, trying to be as calm as possible, but it ended up agitating the man.


The man, who was upset, didn’t even notice what was going on around him, and lunged at Kousuke the same way.




The man did not realize it, but among those around him who were making noise were those who could use spirits.


They must have faintly guessed what Kousuke had summoned.


Gazeran, who was standing beside Cecil and Arisa, asked.


“Is that what you call a fairy?”


Gazeran’s gaze caught a glimpse of a light floating around Kousuke.


To those who could use spirits, it would appear to be a dwarf.


“Yes. Yes.”


At Gazeran’s question, Cecil looked at the fairy as if impressed.


And rightly so, too.


Fairies had been considered a legendary figure in the first place.


Even Collete could not summon them casually.


The fact that Kousuke was able to summon them simply by calling their names alone made him an extraordinary being.


Naturally, the people around him who could use spirits also understood this.


Even if they had never actually seen him call them, the fact that he was handling spirits would show them that the dwarf in front of him possessed power.


From that power, they could assume that it was a powerful being.


The story was passed on from the people who could understand to those who were around them.


Except for one man.


In the end, the man was unable to notice what was going on until the very end.




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