Let's Manage the Tower

Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 1: Volume 26 Chapter 6, Vermilion Castle


Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Kabur & Silavin


Kousuke looked down at the town from Vermilion Castle and commented.


“Has it grown again?”


It had been a month since Shrein had evolved into a true ancestor, and the town around the castle looked slightly larger.


“Mm. The population is growing steadily.”


“Are there more new vampires?”


Recently, Floor, where Vermilion Castle was located, had begun to accept not only the Vermilinia clan, but also other vampire clans.


Due to past events, vampires rarely lived together in clans anymore.


They would sometimes get married when they met, but they never established a village or town anywhere.


Basically, vampires were renowned for their high magical power, and many countries forbade them to unite for fear of rebellion.


Therefore, there was no problem for them to live individually, but since they could not unite as a group, their culture as vampires was gradually lost.


Because of this concern, they decided to accept the new residents in the Tower, where they could live in a more comfortable environment.


Of course, there were some who were opposed to accepting a vampire family from a different background, but eventually, everyone agreed.


It was probably significant that they, too, who were opposed, had been in similar situations before coming here.


Above all, the fact that Shrein became a True Ancestral Vampire was the deciding factor.


Ancestral Vampires were considered by Vampires to be a higher being, almost at the level of a God.


Although True Ancestral Vampire had become almost mythical, they had not lost their importance.


Therefore, Shrein, the True Ancestral Vampire, believed that the arrival of vampires in the city he ruled would not cause a great commotion.


It had already become so common that rumors began to circulate among vampires from other continents that Amamiya Tower had begun to accept vampires.


“That’s one part of it, sure. But there’s more to it than that, you know?”


“You mean?”


Kousuke tilted his head at Shrein’s words.


“We also have a duty to protect the Ygrite race.”


“Oh, really? What about them?”


Kousuke was completely unaware that Shrein was now in charge of this floor.


Kousuke told her not to bother reporting it to him, and that’s normal, but….


“Ah. That’s because they are related beings, and they are not as numerous as vampires.”


The Ygrite tribe was mostly confined, so they were often unable to move to another city on their own.


Therefore, forcing them to move too forcefully could lead to a conflict with the local authorities.


That said, there were times when it was impossible to do anything for them.


“I see. Well, you can do whatever you want, but don’t ignore the individual and forcefully bring them here.”


“Of course.”


Kousuke made sure to tell her that she should ask them not to be too demanding in that area.


If they were found doing such things, severe penalties would await them.


“Speaking of which, the head of another clan wanted to meet with you…what are you going to do?”


Kousuke’s expression turned doubtful when Shrein mentioned this to him after all this time.


If it were urgent, Shrein would have told him right away, but the timing of such a meeting was extremely suspicious.


“…Would that be all right?”


“Mm. He seems to be thinking of increasing the number of his clan and outnumbering the Vermilinia clan someday, but I think it should be fine, right now?”


As she said this, Shrein’s gaze darted in the wrong direction.


“That doesn’t sound all right at all, does it?”


Kousuke turned his blank eyes on Shrein.


It was obvious that Shrein was trying to correct the chief by having him face something ridiculous.


“…Well, okay. So, when do I get to meet the chief?”


“Eh…? Is it okay?”


Shrein looked at Kousuke with wide eyes, surprised.


“It was you who requested for me to meet him.”


“No, well… Yes, but…”


Shrein did not expect Kousuke to meet with him in such a manner.


She had partly dared to phrase it that way, but if he would meet with them, it would certainly be one less thing that had been bothering her of late.


Shrein recomposed herself and quickly thought about setting up a meeting for the occasion.


“Then why don’t we just get it over with soon?”


“That’s fine, but will they be okay with it?”


“What, as soon as they know Kousuke is willing to meet with them, they’ll come over right away.”


Just the way she said that made Kousuke not want to see them, but it was better to get this over with quickly than to put it off.


Kousuke let out a single sigh, and decided to meet them.




Kousuke’s eyes were dazzled by the words that flowed from the chief, one after the other.


Amado, the head of another vampire clan, was a man who betrayed Kousuke’s expectations in a good way.


Indeed, as Shrein had said, he was willing to replace the Vermilinia clan.


In fact, Kousuke could sense such an intention in every part of his speech.


However, it was within the scope of a representative of the family, and did not seem particularly sarcastic.


On the contrary, he was even a very nice person, except for the fact that once he started talking, he did not stop.


Shrein, who was standing next to Amado, was also listening to Amado’s story with a light chuckle.


Shrein had not told Amado about him until now, not because she did not want Kousuke to meet him, but rather because she was concerned that meeting him would ruin his time.


Amado himself had a firm hand in getting a grip on his family, the Tarrega clan, even when it was falling apart.


It was also Amado who, upon hearing about the Vermilinia clan in Amamiya Tower, immediately decided to relocate the Tarrega clan.


As a chief, he was quite a man of action.


He told Kousuke that his clan, which was currently scattered, would soon come together.


He also said that there were only about a hundred people left in his clan now.


He also said that he expects the overall number to increase here, since the number of vampires as a whole had decreased considerably compared to their heyday.


“Amado-dono, it’s about time…”


Shrein said to Amado when the conversation was temporarily interrupted.


“Hmm? Is it? … I still have more to tell you, unfortunately.”


Kousuke inwardly pulled back, wondering if there was more, but tried not to show it in his expression.


“I’m sorry. It’s just that we don’t have much time to spare.”


“No, no. That can’t be helped.”


Amado said with a laugh.


Amado knew that Kousuke was a living god, but he had a strange, unafraid attitude.


But that did not mean he was rude.


As long as he didn’t have the bad habit of talking forever, such a person would be very valuable to Kousuke.


It was not that there was anything wrong with his personality, either.


Kousuke thought that he would have to spare some time to see them again once in a while.




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