Let's Manage the Tower

Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 1: Volume 26 Chapter 7, New Members of the Succubus Clan

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Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Kabur & Silavin


There was an unusual visitor at the Administration Floor.


It was Giselle, the head of the Defrayer clan.


It was Giselle’s first time coming to the Administration Floor.


Giselle himself had refused to come to the Administration Floor so as not to become too familiar with it.


Until now, Kousuke had been going to the Defrayer Family’s Floor, or Peach had been bringing him messages.


The reason Giselle decided to come this time was because he really wanted to talk face-to-face to Kousuke, who was busy making tools.


“I’m sorry, you had to come all the way here.”


When Kousuke finally managed to squeeze in a few moments to meet Giselle, the first thing he did was to apologize.


Gisele waved his hand as if he were afraid of Kousuke.


“No, no. The usual thing is just my selfishness, so don’t worry about it.”


Giselle, of course, was aware that, under normal circumstances, it would have been more strange for him to approach Kousuke directly, who was his superior.


“So, what happened this time?”


Kousuke asked Giselle, not because of Peach’s message, but because he thought that something big might have happened.


“No, no. It’s not that something big happened, but I wanted to discuss something with you or make a proposal.”


“A proposal?”


Kousuke tilted his head at Giselle’s words.


“Yes. You are going to build a country, right? I don’t think we have enough help to support you on our own.”


“Oh, I see.”


The Defrayer clan had been growing in numbers since moving into Amamiya Tower, as their livelihoods have become more stable since then.


Still, Giselle believed that this was nothing compared to the amount of work that was expected in the future.


Kousuke understood this intention, but he could not immediately think of a solution.


It was unrealistic to increase the number of children born so rapidly.


Above all, he did not want such a thing to be artificially manipulated.


“But is there any way to increase your numbers?”


“Well? Of course, there are many other clans that have similar problems to ours.”


Hearing this, Kousuke was convinced, but at the same time he felt uneasy.


“I see… I understand that, but are you okay with it?”


As Giselle said, it was not surprising that there were those who were in the same situation as the original Defrayer clan.


Kousuke had not heard of them, but he did not doubt that the Defrayer family was aware of such people.


However, the question was whether these people would work properly and without betrayal.


Despite Kousuke’s concerns, Giselle smiled broadly.


“There’s no need to worry. It wouldn’t really matter even if they caused some trouble, would it? This is different from our time in the beginning.”


After all the commotion from Kouhi, no one in the know would dare to go against her.


Those who work behind the scenes, like the Defrayer family, knew better than to go against her as soon as they got such information.


It may be said to be the wisdom of those who have been working behind the scenes with the powerful for many years.


“And if you’re worried about it, there would always be that option of tying them up in a contract, just like we did.”


“Oh, now that you mention it, I remember when we did that as well.”


When the Defrayer clan first arrived, they had contracts in place for those who would be in management positions.


But that was rarely done these days.


Partly because there were no more high-ranking people to contract, but also because trust in the Defrayer clan had improved.


“If anything, the other side might want a contract more than we do.”


A contract could certainly be something that binds them, but there would be nothing more optimal in terms of gaining their trust.


One might even wish to enter into a contract from the outset, to show that there was no intention of rebellion.


“Well, if that’s the case, I don’t see any problem…. Have you decided which clan you’re going to call?”


“We have one in mind. The rest will be up to Kousuke-sama’s decision.”


Since he had already talked about it up to this point, they must have already looked into it to the point where it would be up to Kousuke to decide.


“Yes. Have you told the other party?”


“No, I’m afraid I didn’t go that far on my own.”


Although they haven’t decided exactly what part of the business will be conducted by the Defrayer family, there was a clear distinction in Giselle’s mind.


It worked well so far because Kousuke had never complained about it before.


And that probably will not change in the future.




After obtaining Kousuke’s approval, the Defrayer clan immediately contacted the other party.


The other party was the Eisler clan, a succubus clan just like the Defrayer clan.


The Defrayer clan was not going to make the mistake of having Kousuke meet them in the Tower, so the meeting took place at the Eisler clan’s village.


The Defrayer clan members went to the village first and connected a transfer gate there.


The gate could be connected as soon as they had the tools to do so.


Incidentally, even if the tools were available, they could not normally be used to create the gate, so there was no worry that they would be misused.


Even if a member of the Defrayer clan were to have their tools stolen, they would not be able to use the gate to raid the place.


The head of the Eisler clan was a woman named Camilla.


“So you are Kousuke of Amamiya Tower.”, Camilla said.


Kouske thought, “Oh, oh my,” Giselle, who was accompanying him, quickly gave a warning.


“Camilla-dono. If you don’t want your clan to be eradicated, change your attitude.”


When she looked, Giselle’s expression became slightly impatient.


Her gaze glanced at Mitsuki, who was following as Kousuke’s escort.


Apparently, she was thinking the same thing as Kousuke.


She did not know about Mitsuki, but she somehow guessed it from Kousuke’s and Giselle’s attitude.


Camilla cleared her throat once and bowed her head.


“I am sorry. I am the head of the Eisler clan, Camilla.”


Apparently, Camilla had led the Eisler clan and was unparalleled in her ability to avoid danger.


Even without that, a perceptive person would be able to sense many things from Mitsuki’s gaze.


Camilla’s attitude changed, and the mood of Mitsuki also changed.


Evidently, the sharpness of Mitsuki’s demeanor returned to the usual calmness.


Once changed, she could understand how dangerous the previous atmosphere was.


Camilla found herself clearing her throat again.


After that, the conversation proceeded smoothly without any major problems.


The Defrayer family was a precedent, so there was no need to come up with new conditions.


The Eisler family seemed to have no problems with the same conditions as the Defrayer family, so the decision was made quickly and easily.


On the contrary, Kousuke even had to ask if they were willing to accept the same conditions as the Defrayer clan.


Regarding this, Giselle said it was fine, so the same conditions were applied.


The reason being that favoring the clan that was there first could corrupt the later clans that came after them.


If the Eisler family was clearly doing a better job, but the Defrayer family was given preferential treatment, there would be some dissatisfaction no matter what.


If that were the case, it would be better to make the conditions the same from the beginning.


Gisele was receptive to Kousuke’s opinion.


Giselle, however, seemed to have other ideas.


After that, the members of the Eisler clan, like the higher-ranking members of the Defrayer clan, were to be welcomed into the Tower after being given contracts.


Naturally, it was Shrein, who came along with them, who gave them the contracts.


Since Shrein was so excited to get her chance finally, there would be no problems with the contract.


Later, it was decided that the Defrayer clan would be responsible for Crown information and the Eisler clan would be responsible for Kingdom information, but that was another story.


Thus, Amamiya Tower welcomed a new clan in its wings.



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