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Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 2: Volume 10 Chapter 5, Salani Kingdom

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The Blue Patriarch smiled as he looked over the document in his hand.


“Kukuku; Razequa Amamiya has done it too. I didn’t expect them to come up with such conditions.”


The document in the cleric’s possession contained the conditions that Razequa Amamiya had imposed on the northern city to become a part of it.


The Blue Church, which has had a close relationship to the Northern City for many years, had solid contacts in the upper echelons of the Northern City.


Since the information was obtained from there, I have no doubts about its reliability.


The blue church leader is laughing at what is written in that information.


“Well done, you’ve cut out the current leadership.”


Just by looking at the contents, Razequa Amamiya’s intentions can be read to some extent.


Of course, being political, there may be an underlying agenda, but in this case, what could be read from the front page was enough.


“Do you think the North will accept it?”


The person sitting across from the blue leader asked quietly, in contrast to the leader.


“Well, wouldn’t they try to negotiate somehow first?”


The church leader’s reading of the situation was that he would not first try to accept the terms as they were.


The man sitting across from him agrees.


“Do you think they’ll accept it?”


“Well, let’s see. Let’s see how it goes first, shall we?


“Is that what you want?”


It was the Blue Patriarch who wanted to establish ties with the northern city at any cost.


He wondered why the leader of the Blue Order himself was silently sucking his finger in his mouth.


“There is no good or bad. Would you rather it be that way?”


The blue church leader teasingly asked Yvgeny, who was sitting across from him.


Yvgeny was the king of the Salani Kingdom, one of the countries in the Blue Church’s sphere of influence.


At the Blue Church leader’s provocation, Yvgeny shrugged his shoulders without changing his expression.


“As for our country, I don’t see any particular problem as long as we can hope for stable trade.”


“Hou? Isn’t it because you wanted the current system that you lent a hand in helping us?”


The aid to the northern cities, which is being called aid to the Blue Church, is also being funded by the Salani Kingdom.


Naturally, the blue church leader wondered if they provided the funds because they wanted the current system.


Yvgeny shook his head from side to side in response to the blue cleric.


“It doesn’t matter who it is, as long as we can make a proper deal. In fact, the more the state is the other party, the easier it might be to do.”


After all, what we want as a nation is the monster material that flows from the Central Continent.


It may seem contradictory to offer aid, but it doesn’t matter who the other party is.


The Salani Kingdom’s assistance this time is more like a bribe to ensure smooth trade.


As long as the name of the kingdom does not appear on the front page, we do not expect a very high effect, so it is just an insurance policy.


In addition, even if the northern city were under the current system, Amamiya Tower would not be able to invade because military intervention from other continents is denied.


If that is the case, there is a possibility that trade can be done more smoothly with the crown operating under the state of Razequa Amamiya, rather than being asked for bribe-like things under the current system.


As far as trade with other continents is concerned, it is definitely better that way.


As for the Salani Kingdom, it is just taking steps in either direction.




As for the opposing Blue Church, the objective is only to maintain its power as the Blue Church.


In this sense, their position is entirely different from that of the Salani Kingdom.


Razequa Amamiya ostensibly does not publicly announce which church it supports.


But if there is one thing, it is that it firmly recognizes the present God as His knee, so in that area it is incompatible with all the churches on the northern continent.


The Blue Church takes the same position, so there is inevitably a conflict there.


The Blue Church cannot help but take the position that it should recognize the God of the living as well.


No matter how religious the blue church leader may be, he is not blind to reality.


In fact, it is precisely because they can see reality that they have asked for continued assistance.


However, he also knows that the current situation makes it difficult to maintain the current power.


This was predictable, given that the Ten Churches Conference cut off overall aid.


In that sense, the Razequa Amamiya’s proposal is rather refreshing for a blue leader.


The demand for the resignation of the heads of state is tantamount to a defrocking of the church’s influence in the north.


In terms of people’s beliefs, they are already so entrenched as the god of adventurers that they believe there is no way to stop this trend.


“You are the one who was so insistent on joining the group, but are you sure you want to allow them to join?”


“How could they possibly accept these conditions?”


From the point of view of the blue church leader, who has known them for many years in many ways, he does not believe that the higher-ups in the northern city would accept this proposal as it is.


If they want to continue to disagree with Razequa Amamiya, that is fine with him.


“What if both sides find some kind of compromise?”


“Compromise? Would Razequa Amamiya, who has set such terms, approve of such a thing?”


The blue cleric looked at Yvgeny, with the implication that he would not admit to it.


Yvgeny, who received his gaze, replied matter-of-factly, without changing his expression.


“Politics is always a compromise. Especially when it is not based on war, as in his country. Given that, isn’t it possible that you are presenting this on the premise of compromise?”


“That would, of course, be true. But how far would that country be willing to compromise after having offered so many conditions?”


“As a blue cleric, I believe that Razequa Amamiya’s absolute condition is that the top brass step down.”


Of course, this is just my imagination, but I believe this is probably not out of line.


Looking at the country’s history from its founding until now, the current state of corruption in the northern cities is most likely too much to be seen.


From the outside, corruption is easy to deal with, but when it comes to integrating it into one’s own country, the corruption is so bad that it is just an obstacle.


In that sense, if the goal is to replace the upper echelons, it would not be out of the question.


“Not that we can do it without replacing the entire upper management, though.”


The Blue Patriarch sniffed at Yvgeny’s calm words.


He said that there are ways to deal with some of the upper echelons and then simply expel some of the upper echelons.


“Do you think that a young nation would take such a step?”


“I think the Prime Minister would understand what the country would be like, let alone the Young Queen.”


“Then that’s the way to do it.”


“I hope so.”


Yvgeny, who was willing to go either way, said this as if he were somewhat of a stranger to the situation.


In fact, he probably thinks it is someone else’s business.


As for the Salani Kingdom, it is already in a position where it doesn’t matter which way it goes.


They don’t intend to do anything more than they have to.


All they can do now is to wait and see what happens.


However, the fact that they cannot act militarily is also narrowing their response to Razequa Amamiya.


Both the Blue Patriarch and as Yvgeny, were in agreement that the current state of affairs is a wait-and-see situation.


The fate of the uncontrolled territories for the last Razequa Amamiya of the Central Continent would depend on the response of the northern city.



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