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Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 2: Volume 10 Chapter 8, Seeking Asylum

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Translator: Kazumi

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Amamiya Tower was the symbol of Razequa Amamiya.


Inside the tower, Lucas was taken to a room in the castle where the Queen resided.


Lucas made a proposal to the kingdom of Razequa Amamiya.


Despite the state of the northern town, which he was supposed to rule, Lucas, the lord of Razequa Amamiya, had come directly to negotiate with the Queen.


At first, the representative who had conducted the negotiations at that time handled the situation.


However, upon hearing Lucas’ proposal, the representative immediately arranged a meeting with the Queen.


Under normal circumstances, the opinion of a representative with the status of a diplomat would not have been immediately accepted, but Razequa Amamiya, who was aware of the situation in the northern town, moved quickly.


As a result, Lucas entered the tower using the transfer gate in the northern town branch and is now waiting to meet with Queen Floria.


The gate that Lucas used is located at the branch office in the northern town.


It was already an open secret that the branch had a transfer gate.


Since the number of gates known to the public has increased considerably over the past decade, there is no longer any need to keep it a secret.


The representative understood the importance of this matter and obtained permission to use the transition gate, which was immediately granted by the Razequa Amamiya side.




Contrary to Lucas’ expectations, Queen Floria arrived soon after.


Normally, the Queen, who was the representative of a country, would not be able to make time like this so casually, so he had expected to be kept waiting yet again.


“Did I keep you waiting?”


Queen Floria spoke to him in a surprisingly light tone.


This was the first time that Lucas had actually met Queen Floria, but strangely enough, he felt no discomfort.


“No, that’s not true.”


The Queen, an outstanding person who had captured 80% of the continent in just ten years, did not waste any time.


After exchanging a formulaic greeting, she immediately suggested that we sit down facing each other.


At the Queen’s side was a man who looked to be approaching his first year of age.


It was Alec, Prime Minister of Razequa Amamiya.


“I have already received a report, but just to be certain, I would like to hear it from your own mouth.”


Queen Floria suddenly spoke up without any introduction.


Since he was allowed to meet with the Queen right away, he had expected that a report had already been made.


Rather, otherwise, there would be no point in opening up the subject of what was to come.


It was Lucas who was short on time.


He immediately broached the requirements.


“I would like to request asylum in Razequa Amamiya regarding myself, my family, and any relatives who have requested it.”


Queen Floria was silent for a moment as Lucas began.


“Let me ask you something… Are you insane?”


Queen Floria looked at Lucas doubtfully, but Lucas smiled.


“I might be.”


Until he actually met Queen Floria like this, he had thought it would be a fine line whether it would work or not.


But now that we have met properly, he was confident that the odds had improved.


Normally, conditions were rarely placed on an asylum application, but Lucas had requested a face-to-face meeting with Queen Floria at the floor where he was going to bring his asylum proposal to her.


The fact that this request was granted suggests that Razequa Amamiya is interested in this story.


Normally, a meeting with the leader of a country to exile would be unthinkable.


The fact that Razequa Amamiya was willing to meet with Lucas on such absurd terms indicated that Razequa Amamiya was interested in what was conveyed to him through the representative.


The rest will depend on Lucas’ negotiations.




Currently, the northern town was on the verge of revolt.


It was often the case that those who were forced to abandon their homes and leave the country would seek asylum in other countries.


But the question now was where they stand.


Inhabitants of the northern town have been up in arms to have the northern town added to  Razequa Amamiya.


The head of the opposition, however, was trying to defect to Razequa Amamiya.


Under normal circumstances, such a proposal would not be acceptable.


Queen Floria first made that point.


“There is a rebellion going on in your town right now, isn’t there?”


She said that much, but did not elaborate on the nature of the rebellion.


He only informed Lucas that the kingdom’s top officials were aware of the rebellion.


Lucas understood exactly what Queen Floria was trying to say.


“Indeed, I have no intention of hiding that. Therefore, all I want is the safety of my family and the families of my entourage. As for myself, you can boil me, burn me, or do whatever you like with me.”




At Lucas’s words, Queen Floria’s expression of interest changed.


She turned her gaze to Prime Minister Alec.


“What about the safety of your family?”


“In a word, I want them to be kept out of the hands of this latest commotion.”


For Lucas, this was the minimum requirement.


Otherwise, there would be no point in going into exile.


“Are you sure it’s just this one time?”


Alec’s question was asking if the Razequa Amamiya would protect Lucas’s family forever.


Lucas chuckled at the question.


“I won’t demand anything else from you. It’s simply this one time. Well, if I may, I would like to pass the position of head of the family I hold to my son.”


If the Grevilius family name continues, all the better.


But even if the northern town would later be incorporated into Razequa Amamiya, the Grevilius family would not be able to return.


He did not know if it would make sense for the name of the Grevilius family, which had been with the northern town, to continue in another place.


“So you are saying that we can do as we please?”


“Yes, I suppose so. Although, I don’t want to die for this one either, if I can help it.”


With that, Lucas shrugged.


He thought that his life, as a lord, would be lost when the commotion occurred.


If that was the case, then it would be better to have them use it to Razequa Amamiya’s advantage.


If things went badly, his entire family could be destroyed, but since he wanted to get them out of danger by defecting, he was prepared to do that much.


“What’s going on in the northern town?”


Queen Floria asked, wondering if it wasn’t irresponsible for her lord Lucas to be here.


“It has been a bit of a trick.”




This was a first for both the Queen and the Prime Minister, who both looked at him with interest, as if this was the first time they had heard of this.


“Once my asylum is accepted, the rebellion that I favored would lead to the incorporation of the town into Razequa Amamiya…. No, it is to be announced by the liberation side.”


Lucas dared to restate it as liberation, not rebellion.


He had already shown that the northern towns were prepared for the fact that they would not return to the same order as before.


“I see.”


Queen Floria muttered and meditated for a while.


She is sorting through the information so far and thinking about how she should respond as Razequa Amamiya.


After a few jittery moments, Queen Floria opened her eyes.


Then she turned her gaze to Prime Minister Alec.


Alec met her gaze and nodded in agreement.


There was no conversation between them, but they must have known how the Queen had made her decision.


Queen Floria then started telling Lucas about the decision.




It had been about a decade since the Kingdom of Razequa Amamiya was founded.


The northern town, which was the last remaining town in the Central Continent, was settled when the residents rose against the upper class.


As a result, the residents were victorious, and Razequa Amamiya accepted the northern town as they wished.


In doing so, the nobles of the northern town’s upper echelon were all expelled from the town.


Their destinations varied: some clung to the northern town to the end, had their property confiscated, and were thrown out, while others quickly abandoned it and fled to the northern continent.


Among them, the most notable was the movement of Lucas, the lord of the town.


Lucas took a position in favor of the rebellion as soon as the inhabitants started to revolt, and requested asylum in Razequa Amamiya.


He abandoned the aristocrats in the upper echelons of the city with aplomb.


However, this was the last time Lucas’ name would appear on the front page of history.


Except for a few, no one knew what fate befell him.



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