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Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 2: Volume 11 Chapter 3, Wind Tiger

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Translator: Kazumi

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There have been changes in the Tower over the past decade.


One of the changes had been in the Tower of Four Attributes.


It had already been a decade since the last time the Tower level was raised, with it now finally having increased another level.


One of the reasons may be because all members had become busier and had less time to be involved in the management of the Tower. Though, it certainly took a lot longer because the conditions were completely unknown.


Haku, who had relatively little time available among the members, came to Kousuke just a few days ago when they had just talked about the establishment of the school.


“Father. The Tower has evolved.”


Kousuke was about to dismiss the conversation while on the breakfast table, when he suddenly jumped from the news.


“What? Really?”


“Yes. I checked this morning. It has really gone up.”


Hearing that there had been a change in the Tower level, which had not been raised for the past ten years, Kousuke’s tension began to rise.


“I’ll go check it later after we finish eating.”


“Okay. But it didn’t say anything in particular about the details.”


“That’s fine. I’ll have to check the current situation first.”




Haku nodded, and they decided to clean up their breakfast first.


Leaving the cleaning up to the maid golem Kouhi & Mitsuki made, Kousuke took Mitsuki and Haku to the control room of Northwest Tower.


“Oh. You’re right. It really did go up.”


Kousuke couldn’t help but exclaim in astonishment. 


Haku seemed to have misunderstood him and pouted.


“Haku wasn’t lying.”


“Oh, no, sorry. That’s not what I meant.”


Kousuke’s expression faltered, and he gripped Haku’s head and patted it.


Haku, who had accepted it while squinting like a cat, tilted her head a little.


“What do you mean?”


“Hmm. It hasn’t increased in a long time, so I was caught by surprise.”


“Long time? It’s only been ten years?”


Kousuke couldn’t help but chuckle at Haku’s comment.


As a Dragon, Haku was a long-lived species. Their sense of time was much different from that of Humans.


In this case, however, it was not that Haku was strange. After all, Kousuke, a living god, already had a much longer lifespan than Humans. In fact, he might not even have a lifespan.


He had not checked this out because he was afraid to verify it.


Anyway, it was possible that the sense of time was not the same for different species. It was only Kousuke whose sense of time was off in terms of his kind, and corresponding lifespan.


Though, to be fair, Kousuke, who had only been a living god for ten years, would probably not feel the difference in his lifespan until some more time had passed.


“As a former Human, ten years felt like a long time to me.”




“Yes, it does. Well, maybe that will change little by little.”




Kousuke looked a little sad, but Haku, who had sensed this, didn’t press the matter any further.


“More importantly, I wonder what happened for the Tower to level up?”


Kousuke knew he was blatantly changing the topic and he continued to do so.


“From what I’m seeing, I can’t really point out anything particular. You didn’t do anything unusual, did you?”


“Yeah. Nothing different from usual… Ah…”


“What? Tell me if something happened.”


Haku tilted her head and answered.


“Yesterday, I confirmed a new species of dependents.”


“A new race? Did they evolve?”


“I’m not sure.”


Haku tilted her head back at Kousuke’s question.


Naturally, Haku did not have the power of Kousuke’s left eye. She had a magical tool to check the races of the dependents, but she did not take it with her every time, so she only checked from time to time.


“I need to check up on them. Let’s go. Can you guide me there?”




Haku nodded and headed for the place she had confirmed yesterday.


Not only in the Northwest Tower, which was managed by Haku, but also in other Towers that had already reached the limit that could be summoned.


Summoning multiple types of dependents to the same Floor rarely caused disputes among dependents.


However, this did not seem to be the case if the summoning circle for food was forgotten or lost.


Once, Kousuke forgot to instruct a golem to place a food summoning circle on the ground, and when he checked on the golem, he found that the dependents were fighting over the feeding grounds as well as with the monsters that could be hunted in the vicinity.


Kousuke was relieved to find that the situation had improved when he had properly set up the summoning circles for food.


Kousuke had summoned almost all the dependents in Amamiya Tower, and he found out that not all the dependents had evolved.


Maybe it was because of the environment in which he had summoned them, but there were some species that did not evolve even when he placed a <Spirit Stone> in their territory.


In this sense, he concluded that it was merely luck for the wolves and foxes to evolve so early on.


Kousuke’s hypothesis was that it was easy for monsters to evolve if they could be found in any environment.


If a monster was found living in a limited environment, it would not likely evolve even if it was placed in an environment entirely different from where the previous environment it was living in.


For example, if a species that only lives in the desert was summoned to a forest, it may survive, but it would not evolve.


This was what Kousuke had learnt over the past ten years of experimenting with various things.


However, he could not say with utmost certainty that this was the absolute rule.


It was possible that over a longer period of time, or with the passing of generations, they would be able to adapt to their environment and evolve.


Though, it would take a lot of time to confirm this.


Haku brought Kousuke and his group to the floor where the Hell Tigers were.


Originally, the species White Tiger evolved from the Hell Tiger.


Haku confirmed that the Tiger, which seemed to be a different species from them, had appeared as a dependent.


Incidentally, it was easy to tell whether the monsters were dependents or not. Dependents were those that did not attack when approached by managers.


It was not clear how the dependents distinguish between non dependants though.


Haku pointed to a spot where the Tigers were huddled up.


“That one.”


Kousuke checked the spot Haku was pointing at, and sure enough, there was a Tigress with a different coloured coat compared to the ones in the surrounding area.


Kousuke immediately checked its race with his left eye.


“This one, huh? … Oh, it’s definitely a new species. A Wind Tiger. Are there others?”


Haku shook her head at Kousuke’s question.


“No. The only Tiger species around are the Hell Tiger and that White Tiger.”


“I see. Then this is definitely a new species.”


“So, does that mean it has evolved?”


“Hmmm. That still needs to be confirmed. I don’t remember a species that has evolved this way before. We’ll have to check more carefully.”




Kousuke explained, and Haku nodded in agreement.


In fact, the evolution of dependents had occurred in all Towers, not just the Northwest Tower.


However, the other Tower levels have not yet increased.


There might be some other condition that could cause a species to evolve.


Kousuke knew he had to investigate this further.


He was not even sure if the Wind Tiger’s evolution was the only factor that caused the Tower’s level to increase.


“Well, anyway, now that the level has been raised, we have a lot more things to try, right?”




The Tower’s level increase meant an increase in the number of installations.


This meant there were even more things to test.


Both Haku and Kousuke have time, so they could continue researching with time.


Kousuke thought about that as he watched Haku happily nodding her head.



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