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Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 2: Volume 11 Chapter 4, First Level Up in a Long Time

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Just to be certain, Kousuke looked around the Floors where the dependents were located one by one to see if any new evolutions other than the Wind Tiger had occurred.


Even if it had the smallest number of dependents, the Northwest Tower still had quite a few dependents, So, Kousuke couldn’t say that he had not missed any. But so far, he was unable to find any new evolutions other than the Wind Tiger.


So far, the only thing Kousuke could find that triggered a Tower level up was the evolution of the Wind Tiger.


After confirming this, Kousuke and his team returned to the Administration Floor of Amamiya Tower.


“Oh, how was it~?”


Peach greeted Kousuke and the others as they returned.


Peach was managing the Northeast Tower and was curious about the evolution requirements.


“Yeah. I’ve been looking around for a while now, but I don’t think there’s been any change except for the Wind Tiger.”


At Kousuke’s words, Haku, who was standing next to him, nodded cockily.


“I see~. Then, the evolution must be the trigger.”


“I guess, but I don’t think evolution is the only condition, considering what has happened so far.”


“That’s right~.”


Peach twisted her head as she said that.


[Considering how Amamiya Tower has leveled up so far, I guess evolution can be a trigger. But, I still don’t know what the conditions are. Evolution itself has happened in various ways over the past decade, but it is unclear why the Northwest Tower’s level increased when a Tiger had evolved into a Wind Tiger.]


“Hmmm… I don’t really understand even if I think about it here. Let’s go back to the room for now.”


Kousuke and his group entered a room from the Northwest Tower, which had a transfer gate installed.


Peach suggested that they return to the relaxation area to think things over.


“Yeah, I guess so. Let’s do that.”


Kousuke nodded in agreement. However, before they did anything, the transfer gate got activated. 


“Someone is coming.”


“Yeah. I wonder who?”


Kousuke tilted his head along with Haku.


No one should have set an appointment here at this time. At least, not for the whole of today. It was why Kousuke and Haku could easily head to the Northwest Tower to investigate.


While they were guessing who it might be, a little girl came out of the transfer gate. She immediately noticed Kousuke and went to hug him.


“Ah. Pa Pa. You’re here, does that mean you’re going somewhere?”


It was Mia. The daughter he had with Floria. She was the one who came.


Shortly after Mia, Wanri, in fox form, came out of the transfer gate.


Apparently, Wanri brought Mia with her.


“Mia, what’s wrong? Have you been studying well today?”


Mia’s expression changed as Kousuke picked her up in his arms.


“I’m resting today! That’s why Wanri brought me here!”


Kousuke looked at Wanri who approached him, who was frantically nodding her head.


It would be quicker to answer in her humanoid form, but she seems to have something on her mind and didn’t humanize, nor intended to do so.


“Why are you looking at Wanri!?”


Mia, noticing Kousuke’s gaze, pouted and got adorably angry. Apparently, she was dissatisfied that Kousuke did not believe her.


“Haha. Sorry, sorry.”




As Kousuke stroked Mia’s head in his arms to distract her, Mia moon eventually lightened up..


“Pa Pa, why are you here? Are you going somewhere?”


Mia asked the same question again. She was hoping she could accompany them. She was looking forward to seeing Floors’ various environments.


“No. We just came back. We just got back too.”


“Oh, I see. What a pity…”


Kousuke chuckled at Mia’s obvious disappointment.


“If you want to go somewhere, I can take you, okay?”




Mia’s eyes lit up.


“Yes, but where would you like to go? But where do you want to go?”


When Kousuke asked her, Mia started tilting her head from side to side.


The Floors of the Tower have various environments. Even if Mia chose at random, they would likely end up in a unique environment since there were many Floors with unique environments.


“I’ve seen deserts… I’ve seen snow… Mmm-hmm.”


The adults around Mia look at her with mild amusement as she frantically ponders over it.


Meanwhile, Kousuke moved into the relaxation area with Mia in his arms.


Mia had been thinking for a while, but suddenly tilted her head and asked Kousuke.


“Speaking of which, where did Father go?”


“Hmm? Oh. One of the Towers has leveled up. I went to check it.”


“Leveled up! Where is it!?”


Mia, who had a thirst for knowledge when it comes to Towers, already knew about Tower levels.


Kousuke was the same way, but that was because of his knowledge of games.


“It’s the Northwest Tower, the one Haku manages, right?”


“Ah! The Tower of Wind! That’s wonderful Haku!”


Haku shook her head slightly with a puzzled look on her face at Mia’s exuberance.


“I didn’t really aim for it.”


“Really? Then how did the level increase?”


“We don’t actually know right now.”




“Yes, that’s right. We are just trying to figure out why.”




Mia tilted her head curiously at Kousuke’s words.


“Ah, yes, there are dependents that have evolved into a new race, want to go check it out?”


Kousuke made that suggestion since the original conversation was about Mia wanting to come see the Tower Floor.


He figured that if they talked here, they wouldn’t be able to decide forever.


He had already shown Mia some of the dependents, but not all of them.


Kousuke had chosen those dependents that he was willing to bring outside to the Administration Floor.


“Yeah! Let’s go!”


Mia, who had completely forgotten her original purpose, cheerfully replied to Kousuke’s suggestion. We went back to the Northwest Tower.


Mia was excited to see the evolved Wind Tiger.


“Is that the Wind Tiger?”


“Yeah, that it is.”


“Wow, that’s cool! It’s so cool! It’s truly a monster from the Tower of Wind. The name.”


“Ha ha. I guess so… Hmm?”


Mia casually commented, but something stuck in Kousuke’s mind.


Wind Tiger.


It was the name of their race, but it had a name that indicates its Element.


“It could be that, huh?”


Kousuke tilted his head and Mia tilted hers at the same time.


“Father, what’s wrong?”


“Just a guess thanks to Mia. I think I may have found out why the Tower’s level got raised.”




“I don’t know if that’s the right answer yet. I’ll have to check it out.”


Kousuke was convinced that he might not be wrong.


He could not be sure until he checked the other three of the Tower of Four Attributes, but he could not think of anything else.


Later, after Mia had had enough fun with the Wind Tiger, she returned to the castle.


She wanted to ask about the conditions of the level up, but Kousuke assured her that he would tell her when he was certain. 


Soon, Wanri dragged her back to the castle, looking sorrowful.


After Mia returned to the castle, Kousuke immediately investigated the remaining Towers of the Four Attributes.


He was looking for any evolved dependents that might be showing the attributes of each Tower.


There was no doubt that Wind Tiger was of the Wind Element.


However, there was not much else to go on. The other three Towers had no dependents that showed such a coincidence. So, it still could not  be verified.


Since there were already numerous different dependents on the other Towers, he could not say that he did not miss anything, but he was sure that he would get the same response if he asked the other members who managed them.


Even if he knew the conditions to level up the Tower, he had still not discovered the conditions for the evolution.


He had never done any focused evolution after all.


For now, he decided to set an environment to promote evolution in at least one of the three Towers according to their Element.



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