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Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 2: Volume 11 Chapter 5, Progress

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Translator: Kazumi

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One day, about half a month after Kousuke confirmed the evolution of Wind Tiger at Northwest Tower, an unusual visitor came to the Management Floor.


“Kousuke-sama! We did it! We finally did it!”


It was Isnani, the head of the Crown Development Department, who came to him in an excited state.


She was so excited that Mitsuki, who was standing beside her, had to stop her from approaching Kousuke.


Isnani, seeing Mitsuki’s state, realized her current condition and blushed.


“Oh, I’m sorry. I just wanted to…”


“No, it’s fine, what’s happened?”


Kousuke tilted his head. It was rare for Isnani to show this much excitement.


“Oh, yes it was! Finally, Danchi has succeeded in creating the prototype!”


“Oh! Really!?”




Isnani’s report made Kousuke stand up in surprise.


She was referring to the creation of the prototype of Golem that Kousuke and his team had created.


Ten years ago, Schmidt and Dulles, who wanted to somehow spread the technology that Kousuke and his team possessed, opened a development division headed by Isnani.


At first, the department was composed only of those who originally possessed Golem-making skills, but when Danchi was discovered to have a talent for developing magical tools in the magical tool-making unit Magic Tool Division, he became an apprentice to Isnani.


Since then, Danchi had been trained in the art of Golem creation under Isnani.


Danchi had been taught the technique from scratch, and it appears that the fruits of his labor have finally borne fruit.


Incidentally, Kousuke had never heard a report of a person, who was originally in the development department, succeeding in creating a Golem.


It could be said that Danchi had truly become the leader of the Golem Creation team.


At first, Danchi was treated with near-jealousy by those around him, as he was apprenticed to Isnani without much accomplishment to his name. However, thanks to Isnani’s guidance and his own effort, these negative reactions disappeared soon after.


Just as Isnani was reporting, Kousuke wondered if he could ask Danchi to teach him more about this.


“So? Have you reported this to Schmidt and the others?”


Isnani’s expression turned somber when Kousuke asked her about it.


“No? Not yet.”


For Isnani, Kousuke was naturally the person she had to report to with the highest priority.


Isnani had not thought of reporting to Schmidt and the others.


Kousuke, who could tell from Isnani’s expression, smiled wryly and shook his head.


“Crown funded your research, so you have to report it properly.”


Kousuke believed it was nice of her to put him first, but there was an order to things.


Still, neither Schmidt nor Dulles would blame Isnani for her current behavior.


“… Yes. I understand.”


For Isnani, she wanted Kousuke to see the Golem that Danchi had created as soon as possible, even if the research was only possible with the sponsorship of Crown. It was certainly horrendous to leave Schmidt and Dulles, who supported them, behind. But, as far as Isnani was concerned, she was simply acting as herself – too focused on one thing.


“Why don’t we just do the unveiling here in the conference room? We can ask Schmidt and Dulles about their schedules, and set up a meeting at a convenient date?”




Isnani nodded, and Kousuke seemed relieved.


Danchi was filled with tension as he brought the Golem he had fabricated himself to the side.


“Master, is everything alright?”


“Yeah, I’m fine.”


Currently, Danchi was in front of a Transfer Gate.


The gate had already set the destination.


Isnani, Danchi’s mentor and boss at the company he works for, had set the destination herself.


There were already many residents in Amamiya Tower, but only a limited number of people could set the destination of the gate as they wished. Isnani was one of those few.


Danchi and his team were going to the Administration Floor, which was the heart of Amamiya Tower. It was rumored among the residents of Amamiya Tower that there was a place where the Tower’s administrator lived, and that kind of place was precisely where they were going!


Since they were about to meet the living god, it would be impossible not to be nervous.


“Hey, are you okay?”


Isnani asked with a wry smile, noticing Danchi’s expression.


“I’m fine.”


“Well, I asked because you don’t look okay. You’ve met him before, you know?”


Danchi did meet him before, but that was when he was still too young. He was just a kid at that time and did not really understand a lot of stuff.


“That was when I was a kid, you know?”


“Oh, now that you mention it, it sure was. It’s fine. He’s not the kind of person who would be bothered even if you say something rude.”


Danchi wasn’t worried about that either.


Of course, there was the fact that he was dealing with a living god, but the more important issue was the fact that he was also a magic tool developer whom Isnani respected.


The living god was famous as the Goddesses, but he was also being praised by some as the God of Magic Tool Creation. The mere thought of meeting such a being made him nervous.


Currently, he was envying Andre, who usually meets with him with a nonchalant expression on his face.


If he asked Andre about it, he would probably say that he would still be nervous, but that would be a bold lie. He must have already gotten used to it.


“Come on, we can’t keep you waiting forever, so let’s get going.”


Waiting a bit, but somewhat dismayed at Danchi’s unchanged state, Isnani quickly urged Danchi.


Knowing if she went in first, Danchi would not be transferring anytime soon, so she decided to ‘let’ Danchi go first.


Noticing Isnani’s slightly scary expression, Danchi had a change in his expression and was ‘ready’ to go through the transfer gate.





These were the first words of Schmidt and Dulles when they saw the Golem produced by Danchi.


Of course, compared to the Golem created by Kouhi and Mitsuki, there was a difference between what an adult and a baby had made.


Nevertheless, it was a far cry from the Golems currently available on the market.


This was quite understandable, considering the reaction Schmidt had when he saw the Golem that Kousuke and Isnani had made ten years earlier.


The fact that Danchi, an ordinary human being, had created a Golem, rather than Kousuke or Isnani, who were questionably not human, was a feat in and of itself. 


Danchi, somewhat relaxed by the reactions of Schmidt and Dulles, turned his gaze to Kousuke.


Kousuke was talking to Isnani in a technical manner while staring at the Golem.


Hearing words that even Danchi could not understand, made him aware that he was not quite there yet.


Afterward, he and Isnani joined Schmidt and the others to talk business.


The first Golem would not be sold as a prototype, but future Golems would be offered for sale to those who want them.


Regales of development of a new Golem or conducting research, money would be necessary.


Danchi was not opposed to selling the Golem he had created. After all, selling them meant that he could make another Golem.


It was absolutely necessary for him to strengthen his skills in Golem creation.


After some discussion, Kousuke spoke to Danchi for the last time.


When Danchi replied nervously, Kousuke slightly twitched and showed a wry smile.


“You don’t have to be so nervous…”


“I can’t help it!”


Danchi replied firmly, and Kousuke let out a sigh.


“Alright. Guess it can’t be helped. Let me show you something, Danchi, after all your hard work.”




Danchi tilted his head, not understanding the meaning of Kousuke’s words.


However, Danchi’s complexion changed when he saw who came into the conference room after Kousuke called out to him.


Danchi had become an expert to the extent that he could be called a leading expert. Thus, he immediately recognized the person who entered.


“Master, you wished for my presence?”


The one Kousuke called was a maid Golem that was usually kept out of sight of everyone but the management members.


“Oh, I just want you to stay here for a while.”


“Yes, sir. As you wish.”


The gesture of tilting her head just a bit and quickly bowing her head was very unlike a Golem.


Only the maid’s outer appearance could be seen. However, it was obviously made using a much more advanced technology than the one Danchi had used to create his Golemn.


Kousuke grinned at Danchi, who stared at the maid Golem.


“What do you think? Do you think you can reach this level, Danchi?”


At his current level, this was not something he could reply to immediately. However, it would be unbecoming of an engineer to lie when presented with something made with the highest technology in front of him.


“… Yes.”


Hearing Danchi’s reply, which was filled with various thoughts, Kousuke nodded his head in satisfaction.



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