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Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 2: Volume 12 Chapter 1, Unexpected Events

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The 40th Floor of Amamiya Tower.


The adventurers were gathered on the 2nd Floor, counting from the 5th Floor, where the town was located.


It was not only adventurers, but also members of Razequa Amamiya’s strike force.


Among the adventurers, there were also high-ranking parties.


In a sense, the best of the Central Continent was here.


What was it that these members were doing here for?


There were signs of a major flood on the 40th Floor. Basically, there was no flood in Floors where adventurers were working in Amamiya Tower.


In fact, it had not ever happened in the past decade.


This was because many adventurers were usually involved in subjugating monsters, and the monsters were thinned out.


Basically, such a situation would only occur when a leader species was born.


It was not known how a leader species would appear. Nevertheless, there was hearsay. It was said that if the number of monsters were small, such leader species would not be born. It was this very hearsay that made many believe a leader species would not appear in the Tower. After all, the Tower was where monsters were constantly being hunted down.


However, as if to overturn such common knowledge, information contradicting this was brought to Crown Headquarters.


It did not come from a single adventurer party.


It was determined by synthesizing information from multiple adventurer parties.


According to them, there was something wrong with the movements of the monsters on the 40th Floor. Monsters that normally would be found by skilled adventurers in response to a request were not being found. The feeding grounds for certain monsters were being eaten up.


There were also other signs as well.


Clearly, this was an omen of a flood.


After more information entered, Crown immediately dispatched an investigation team.


Since no flood had ever been confirmed in the Tower, the best party was selected as the members of the survey team.


Crown took this situation very seriously, and asked the highest-ranked party to do the job, disregarding the profitability.


If it was just a coincidence, then so be it.


If it was not, it was possible that a party of modest rank would not be able to handle the situation.


As a result, the request was made to the best party at that moment.


The result was the worst possible situation.


The leader species had already appeared, and the scale of the flood was probably close to that of a major calamity.


The upper management of Crown Adventurers’ Division was confused by this news. It was shocking to think that this was occurring even though the adventurers were constantly culling down monsters on that Floor.


Gazeran gave the upper management a notice and ordered them to gather the adventurers immediately.


Gazeran not only did this, but he also made sure to report to Razequa Amamiya.


After all, the revenues from the Tower were also an important source of tax revenue for the town of Razequa Amamiya.


This was the kind of situation to which a strike force would be launched in the first place.


Their Strike Force had already succeeded in containing several floods many times before.


And so, the strike force was immediately mobilized.


In addition, recruitment of adventurers from other crown branches were also set up for such a time as this.


When word of the flood spread among the adventurers, there were so many who expressed a willingness to participate that Crown need not bother even raising a compulsory recruitment.


For Central Continent adventurers, Amamiya Tower was already a major source of income.


They would not want to see that source of income destroyed.


Of course, there was also a desire not to lose a place that had become a comfortable place for adventurers over the past decade.


While the combined forces of Razequa Amamiya’s Strike Force and Crown’s adventurers were assembling, a detailed investigation was conducted by those with scouting skills.


The cause of the flood was still unknown, but there was no doubt that it was on the scale of a great flood, and many monsters were said to have gathered.


The number of monsters was close to 2,000.


This was the largest flood in the history of the Central Continent.


The location was said to be north of the transfer gate leading to the 42nd Floor.


The mixed forces of the defeated army and adventurers were to deploy a temporary base beside the transition gate from the Sixth Floor.




Kousuke tilted his head at Floria’s reaction, which was unusually flustered.


“What’s wrong? It’s unusual for you to come at this hour, isn’t it?”


It was not unusual for Floria to come to the Administration Floor, but it was usually at night when she had finished her work.


Other than that, it was mostly during meetings with high-ranking officials.


It was rare for Floria to come alone in the daytime without prior notice.


“Kousuke, what have you done?”


Kousuke’s eyes blinked at Floria’s abrupt question.


“What are you talking about?”


Floria looked unusually flustered, and Kousuke could tell that something was wrong, but he didn’t know what was making her flustered.


Kousuke urged her to calm down with a look.


Floria immediately realized the meaning of his gaze and took a deep breath.


“I’m sorry. It seems like I’ve rushed into it without explaining.”


“It’s alright. It’s unusual for you to be in such a hurry. What happened?”


“A Flood. A flood was about to happen, and the worst in history.”


At this point, Kousuke still did not believe that something like this could happen inside the Tower.


Even for Kousuke, a flood in the Tower was not something he had expected.


“That sounds grim. Where did it happen?”


“In this Tower.”


There was a pause at Floria’s simple answer.




“That’s right, a flood is going to occur in this Tower. To be exact, on the 40th Floor.”


“That’s ridiculous!”


Kousuke unintentionally shouted.


There had never been a hint of such a thing happening before.


It was so unexpected.


“It has been confirmed!”


At Floria’s calm words, Kousuke hurried to the control room.


It was to check the condition of the 40th Floor.


Meanwhile, Mitsuki, who was listening to the conversation, went to call the other members.


This was because she judged that something serious had happened to the Tower.


Kousuke had no intention of objecting to that.


“How’s it going?”


Kousuke rushed into the control room, and of course, Floria followed him.


Kousuke shook his head as he looked at Floria.


“Well, nothing has changed. It’s true that there appears to be many monsters, however.”


“You mean it’s all going according to the Tower’s usual flow?”


“I could only assume so. Well, I don’t really know.”


Kousuke was also new to this experience, so he had no idea.


The only thing he could assume was that it was not abnormal for this to happen in this Tower.


If there was an anomaly, it should have been in the log.




While Kousuke was painstakingly investigating, the other members gathered around.


Floria also stayed behind in the hope of discovering something, but she did not find anything in particular.


“Floria, are you sure you want to stay here?”


Shrein asked Floria, who was still checking things to find something.


For Razequa Amamiya, the flood was of great importance.


It was not right for Floria, the Queen, to be away for such a long time during such a crisis.


“Yes, but…”


“If we find anything, we will let you know immediately. For now, you can go back to the castle.”


The humanized foxes were recognized by those who have known them as caretakers of the children.


Therefore, they were the perfect liaison in times like these.


Of course, they were also given something for them to prove that they were Kousuke’s messengers.


“Okay. I’m going back for now. Please let me know if you find anything or need my help.”


“Oh, of course.”


Shrein assured Floria.


After Floria left, Peach and Shrein joined her in the control room to carefully examine Amamiya Tower for any anomalies.


However, no abnormalities were found in the end, and they were left to wait for the mixed forces to take down the Flood.



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