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Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 2: Volume 12 Chapter 2, Results

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The occurrence of the great flooding on the 40th Floor came as a surprise to Kousuke and his group.


It would be understandable if the flood had been caused by something unexpected and unnecessary. However, this had not happened in the past few years, even when adventurers had been exploring the 40th Floor.


It was not only Kousuke who didn’t expect this, but others as well.


Floria and Sylvia have done little to manage the Tower since Razequa Amamiya was built. The other members of the group rarely touched Amamiya Tower. If they did, it was only when Kousuke told them to do something.


Despite this, a major flood occurred.


To determine the cause, to confirm that there was no human involvement in this, they checked the logs for the last three years.


It was not impossible for his children to have installed equipment without knowing anything about it while the adults were not looking.


As for the logs, they only have logs up to three years ago, so there was nothing they could do if something had been done before that.


First, they decided to go back three years to investigate whether anything strange had happened.




In the control room of Amamiya Tower, members were working silently.


It was tiring to stare at the screen all the time, so they took turns checking the three control panels.


“Well, there’s nothing wrong over here.”


What Kousuke was examining were the records for the past years, going back three years.


But there had been almost new installations of anything during that time.


Kousuke turned to Shrein and Peach, who were operating the other two terminals.


“There aren’t any over here either~”


“Same here.”


Shrein had checked a whole year of logs two years ago, and Peach had checked the logs from a year ago till the current time. However, there were no strange discoveries.


“It’s nice to know it wasn’t artificial… I wonder what caused it?”


For now, Kousuke was relieved that it was not a major flood caused by something on the management side. Now, he was wondering why it had occurred.


“Hmm… It might be that the target of our search might have been wrong in the first place”


Shrein’s words brought a frown to Kousuke’s face.


Kousuke had considered this possibility, but he did not want to think about it. He felt it hard to accept and let out a sigh before speaking.


“Originally, you said that a flood or major flood had never occurred on a Tower Floor, right?”


“That’s right.”


Shrein said and Kousuke nodded as he responded.


Until now, Kousuke and the others had thought that a flood would not occur in the Tower. This was simply because no such event had ever appeared in the Tower.


However, this incident made them realize they were wrong. To begin with, it was not unusual for a flood to occur in the same place every few decades, even on ordinary land that was not inside a Tower.


If this was normal though, it would not be surprising for Amamiya Tower, which had 100 Floors, to have floods at some random Floor each year. But, no floods had ever occurred in Amamiya Tower.


The mechanism of how the flood was triggered was not well understood. But, at the very least, this made them aware their previous assumption was false.


From now on, the management of Towers had to assume that a flood would occur at some point.


Kousuke’s head ached when he thought about it.




The mixed force took a long time to arrive at the site.


The number of people alone was close to 700.


The breakdown of the number of people in the mixed force was about 500 for the strike force and 200 for the adventurers.


Because of the sheer number of people, it would take a lot of time and effort if they did not use a transfer gate. A large transfer gate, which had only been used to bring in cargo previously.


Even with that, there was a limit to the number of people who could be moved at one time, so it took a considerable amount of time to just move to the Floor.


Although it was not necessary for a large group of people to move from one transfer gate to another, it was necessary for a certain number of people to be moved into the Floor where the flood was occurring.


When they arrived at the 40th Floor, it would be meaningless if they were crushed by a group of monsters, so they would need a certain number of people to be on lookout.


Considering all these factors, it took more time than it usually takes adventurers to move from one place to another.


As Floria waited at the castle, Kousuke sent her a message.


[Floria, are things okay now?]


[Yeah. Did you discover something?]


Kousuke rarely used the Divine Communication, but in this case, it was used without hesitation because of the urgency of the situation.


It was not that relevant compared to a Divine Oracle, but since Kousuke was using it, others might think it was an oracle if they found out about it.


Since Divine Communication did not need to be verbalized, it could not be detected from the side. It was difficult to notice that he was having a conversation.


[Well. At least we can say that it was not artificially triggered. As it turns out, it’s better to assume that it occurred naturally.]


[I see.]


With this, they could conclude that floods could also occur even in Towers.


Thinking about this, Floria became somber.


[But I think I might have spotted something.]




[The Divine Power that we’ve been receiving has been decreasing recently. I thought it was just the usual fluctuation, but maybe it has something to do with the flood.]


There was usually a fluctuation in the Divine Power that Amamiya Tower was storing each day.


Some days it was more, some days it was less.


Kousuke had assumed that this was a normal occurrence, but he now had an inkling that this phenomenon might have something to do with the occurrence of a flood.


To find out, he would first have to deal with the current flood.


[I see. That’s good news…?]


[I don’t know. If that is due to the flood, maybe it is a precursor event that we can look out for…]


[If so, that’s somewhat of a relief.]


If they knew the signs of a flood in advance, they might at least be able to control it from becoming a major flooding event like this one.


It would be natural for Floria to hope for this.


[We won’t know exactly until it is verified.]


[I know, I know.]


[So, another reason I contacted you.]


[Hmm? What? ]


Floria twisted her head, unable to think of another reason.


[Regarding this flood. Can I join in as well? ]


[What? ]


Kousuke’s unexpected suggestion took Floria by surprise.


As an administrator, she had never been involved with the Floors where adventurers come and go, but this time Kousuke wanted to lift the ban.




Kousuke’s proposal was questioned by Floria.


[One: to verify if the flood that occurred inside the Tower is the same as what is happening outside.]


[What else?]


[Two: we have all these talented people here. I just thought I would have them see what we’re capable of.]




Ten years have passed since Kousuke conquered the Towers, and more and more adventurers were taking on reckless challenges.


Thanks to this, the number of adventurers who die in the Towers was increasing.


In a dry sense, the deaths of those who die inside the Towers were converted into Divine Power, which was a blessing in disguise for the Tower Management, but not in terms of the population of the Town on the 5th Floor.


Since this was a unique opportunity, Kousuke thought that it would be good to show them what was necessary to conquer the Tower.


[…I see. You certainly have a point.]




[All right. I’ll contact Crown right away, and we’ll discuss it.]




It would be just a little while before the mixed unit arrived at the site.


By then, there would be enough time to have a meeting with the Crown’s upper management.


And as a result of the meeting, it was decided to allow intervention of the Tower Administrators.


Apparently, Crown was concerned about the recent failure rate among adventurers.


Kousuke’s proposal was, in a sense, a godsend.


Thus, for the first time at Amamiya Tower, the true capabilities of the administrators were exposed to the public.



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