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Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 2: Volume 12 Chapter 3, Messenger

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A mixed unit of adventurers and a strike force was deployed near the transfer gate on the 41st Floor.


They were prepared to use the gate to escape immediately if something should happen to them.


The gate could be closed if the need arises.


Of course, this information came from the Queen.


At this point, it was known that the administrators could operate the gate at will, but this was not a problem.


In the past ten years, at least within the area where adventurers were active, the gate had never been closed.


In fact, in the ten years that they have been in operation, they have already earned the trust of many.


It was understandable for the administrators to close the transfer gate in a situation whereby the flood was too much to handle.


As for Razequa Amamiya, which made its money from the Tower, this was a headache.


To prevent this from happening, the flood was a problem that must be dealt with immediately.


Abelardo, the leader of the thousand-man force that had set out with such determination, was perplexed by the ‘wait for us’ instructions from the government.


The original plan was to arrive at the site as soon as possible and begin the subjugation.


The large number of people involved meant that it would take a long time to get there, so they would not be able to do so in the same way as adventurers who travel in small groups.


The same was true for the adventurers accompanying them this time.


If they were traveling as a party, it would have taken longer.


Knowing this, Abelardo was instructed by Queen Floria to move as quickly as possible, and he did just that.


In such a situation, it was indeed strange for him to then be ordered to ‘wait’.




The instructions from above were, of course, conveyed to the Adventurer Corps.


And Hermann, the commander of the Adventurers’ Unit, who received the instructions, came to visit Abelardo.


Looking at his expression, it was obvious what he wanted to say.


Incidentally, Hermann was one of the top adventurers in the Central Continent. Because of his popularity among the adventurers, he had been selected to head the unit this time.


“Let me ask you, what are they intending to do?”


This was Hermann’s first words.


The word ‘condescending’ was a good description of his attitude.


He was not a person who usually talked like this. It was just that the orders made him disgruntled.


Abelardo, inwardly, felt that it was understandable, but he did not let it show. After all, whatever his feelings, Abelardo was a member of the country. He was different from adventurers, who could be described as free or carefree. Even so, there was not much that Abelardo could say.


He too wanted to know what was going on, and so did Abelardo.


“I would like to hear what it’s all about as much as you do, Hermann-dono.”


Hermann frowned at Abelardo’s words.




“Just a few minutes ago, I received a call from the state telling me to wait. As long as it’s an order from the top, we have no choice but to follow it.”


Since the information was not particularly secret, Abelardo said honestly without hiding.


In addition, Hermann was a man who had the good sense to separate the information that should be conveyed to the lower level from the information that should not be conveyed.


That was why he was chosen as the head of the unit.


“So that’s how it is. But why? Will the top be involved in something?”


Abelardo frowned at Hermann’s directness.


Aside from the surrounding bureaucrats, Abelardo had great faith in Queen Floria.


“That’s not the case. Queen Floria is far more powerful when it comes to tactics than me.”




Hermann had won a reputation as an adventurer, but he had never seen Queen Floria in person.


It may happen eventually, though.


“Oh. I can say that with confidence.”


Perhaps because he was speaking with Hermann, Abelardo’s words gradually began to fall apart. Abelardo, who had been in close contact with adventurers for a long time, was almost always like this.


“If so, I wonder what really is the reason for this…”


“Honestly, I don’t know.”


The moment Abelardo said this, the entrance to the tent they were in was suddenly opened.


One of his men entered, looking panicked.


This place was tantamount to a battlefield.


In the case of urgency, courtesy was blown away.


Thus, it was clear there was an emergency.


“What’s wrong? Did something happen?”


“No, no. I’m sorry. I was upset by the sudden changes in the situation.”


Abelardo’s expression turned curious when his subordinate made such a preliminary statement.


He did not understand why he would be upset if he knew that there was no change in the movement of the monsters.


However, Abelardo’s mood was blown away by the next words of his subordinate.


“The Queen is here.”




Abelardo asked in shock, not knowing what he said for a moment.


“Queen Floria has come to this base. She will be in this tent soon!”


At these words, both Abelardo and Hermann’s heads went blank.




Floria saw the expressions on Abelardo and Hermann’s faces, and they seemed to be out of it.


The others besides those two also had similar expressions.


“You don’t have to hold such a dark expression, Abelardo. You’re ruining your looks, you know?”


Abelardo was told such a thing, but he did not change his expression.


If he had made such an expression in a castle, the aristocrats would have been quick to sarcastically criticize him, but there were no such people here.


No one would blame him for the sudden appearance of the Queen.


Abelardo’s expression did not change, and Floria let out a sigh.


“It couldn’t be helped. Don’t look at me like that, after all, I brought information to you myself.”


“Please leave such matters to your subordinates.”


Abelardo answered quickly, and several people around him nodded in agreement.


If he were a military officer of an ordinary nation, he could have been beheaded if he behaved in this manner towards their ruler.


Queen Floria, however, had no intention of doing so.


For better or worse, this was the norm in Razequa Amamiya.


“That said. As for this information, I’m afraid it will lose its credibility if I don’t give it to you myself.”


At Floria’s words, Abelardo’s expression changed for the first time.


He could not think of any information that the Queen herself would have to carry.


Floria turned her gaze from Abelardo to Hermann.


“Is that Hermann?”


Floria, whom he had never met before, immediately recognized Hermann.


Although Hermann was an adventurer in his own right, Floria was the first to spot him among the hundreds of other adventurers.




Hermann’s gaze was suddenly directed at the head of the country. Although he was a bit woozy, as one might expect when faced with the leader of a country, he quickly responded.


Nodding to Hermann, Floria took a few moments to explain the reason why she had come this far.


“I did intend to send a message ahead of time, but I have to tell you exactly why we stopped the march, you want to know, right?”


That was true, but such details should not be enough of a reason for the Queen to move herself.


Abelardo quickly realized that the reason had first-class information, and turned his gaze to Hermann.


Hermann nodded, as if he too understood what she meant.


Floria was pleased to see the two of them, and was satisfied that the two units were communicating with each other, at least at the top level.


Without showing any concern, Floria continued.


“This time, you see, we have confirmed that this was a great flood. The Tower Administrator took the situation very seriously and decided to take direct action.”


The unexpected words stunned everyone present for a moment.




Those who understood the meaning of Queen Floria’s words were astonished.



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