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Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 2: Volume 12 Chapter 4, Shuten Douji

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Information that the administration team was going to work along with them to deal with this flood was immediately disseminated to the participants.


What Floria said had disseminated to even the lower rungs.


At first, the team was frustrated that their advance had been stopped, but the atmosphere changed drastically after this news.


After all, the administration team included those who had conquered Amamiya Tower.


Who here would not be curious to know how strong they were?


Everyone was in anticipation to see how much strength this group would show when facing the massive monsters of this Great Flood.


“How will they attack?”


In the command tent, Abelardo asked Floria after Hermann had left.


It had been more than a decade since Amamiya Tower was conquered, and only in the beginning did the administration members come out into the open.


No one doubts their abilities. After all, they had the strength to conquer Towers. However, till this day, few of them had been witnessed in battle.


“Well… I don’t know about that either. One thing I know is that you most likely would not be able to refer to this as a battle.”


“Is that so?”


Abelardo tilted his head, which surprised Floria.


She was not convinced that Abelardo, as the head of the strike force, would not be able to make his own guesses.


“Well, I think it’s normal to think that they would set up a transfer gate right next to their leader and challenge it  to a confrontation, right?”


When Floria said this, Abelardo’s expression clearly hinted how he had not thought of this.


Seeing this, Floria inwardly held her head.


“No, no matter how little information we have on the administration team, I would have hoped you would have at least guessed such a plan, right?”


As for the transfer gate, it should be possible to predict this move just from the information that was already out in the open. After all, as far as the number of gates were concerned, there were already a number of them working outside the Tower.


It would be more difficult to think that they could not be freely installed inside the Tower when they could be installed outside of it.


After being pushed by Floria, Abelardo bowed his head with a confused look on his face.


“You are right. I truly did not think of this.”


Floria looked at him and let out a sigh.


“Well, if the entire military had such limited knowledge and foresight, then we have a problem.”


“…Yes. I will do my best to remedy this as soon as possible.”


“Well, I don’t think you will be hostile to those from the administration team.”


Abelardo was taken aback by these words from Floria, the Queen, which hinted at the possibility of hostility to the administration team.


He displayed an expression which highlighted how he had not even thought about such a thing.


Abelardo was speechless, and Floria chuckled.


“Don’t look at me like that. We don’t stand a chance if we make an enemy out of them. That was just a reminder.”


Even Floria doubts that Razequa Amamiya would want to antagonize the Tower administrators, i.e. Kousuke.


However, she could not predict what would happen in the future generations, if not now.


Floria, for her part, did not intend to continue staying directly involved in politics.


She was thinking that since her life expectancy had been extended because she had become High Human, it would be a waste of her time if she gets involved in politics forever.


“…. Understood!!!”


Abelardo, who had shown a certain amount of conviction to Floria’s words, gave a short reply.




At a corner on the 41st Floor, where forested areas spread out, there was a leader species that was at the center of this Great Flood.


It was an Ogre, but had evolved to become an Ogre King.


The Ogre King was a species that could lead Ogres to fight, but this particular being had become a leader species that could also lead other species.


Incidentally, it was confirmed that Ogre Kings all had chances to become leader species.


Around the Ogre King were many Ogres.


There were other different species as well, led by leaders of their own kind, all of which submitted to the Ogre King.


If an adventurer had seen the scene, they would have been surprised to see monsters showing such a high level of coordination.


It had been a question if this was the ability of the leader species, to be capable of leading thousands of monsters.


However, a reality that could only be described as a disaster awaited them.


Unaware of their fate, the Ogre King was thinking about how to eliminate the human forces deployed ahead of them.


Unbeknownst to them, someone was watching them from far above.


It was Mitsuki, who had come to confirm the situation under Kousuke’s orders. She was checking the situation from the sky while using concealment magic.


She was using Divine Power Communication to report on the monsters’ condition.


[Are you done with the preparations?]


[Yes. I’m ready, so you can set it up soon. Follow up as planned.}


[I understand.]


As soon as Mitsuki replied, a transfer gate appeared at the planned location.


The Ogre King and the surrounding monsters seemed to be completely unaware of the transfer gate, as their focus was on the mixed troops.


“No matter how much they evolve and become leader species, they are too careless.”


Mitsuki muttered, but naturally, there was not a single monster that noticed.




This time Kousuke did not intend to assign Kouhi and Mitsuki to defeat the leader species.


Both of them would participate in the battle, but he had only asked them to monitor the situation.


So, who was tasked with defeating the leader species?


It was Sol. She was now a <Shuten Douji>. Since no evolution had occurred from that point on, they hoped that by defeating the leader species, she would evolve further.


The nominated Sol was initially nervous and stiff.


But it was not so much that she was nervous about the battle, but rather she was overawed by Kousuke’s nomination.


Seeing Sol’s tense state, Mitsuki stated, “It’ll be fine. We’ll help.”


Sol immediately recovered.


Kousuke did not see what happened after that as she walked through the gate. He chose not to say anything. He believed that Sol was going to take out the enemy as planned so no word was needed.


Thinking of this, he looked at the transfer gate, and the members appeared from the gate as planned.


Mitsuki, who had confirmed this, immediately rushed to the monsters where the leader species was located.


This time, Kousuke had not only Kouhi, Mitsuki, and Sol, but also Nana’s wolves, go out to the field.


He had asked them to get rid of the small fries.


The closer they get to the leader, the stronger the monsters become. Kousuke took a hands off approach. He decided to leave the decision on what to do to the team leader.


Though he left the instructions to Nana, he told them that their first goal was to make sure they did not die.


The question was to what extent this would be adhered to. Since it was an opportune moment, Kousuke wanted to find out.


Sol and Kouhi were the first to emerge from the transfer gate.


They immediately went to the leader.


By the time they reached the leader, Mitsuki, who was in the air above them, had also rushed to their side.


The frontal assault from these three had confused the leader and the surrounding monsters. In the midst of this the wolves acted.


They emerged from the transfer gate and quickly made their way to the group of more than 2,000 monsters.



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