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Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 2: Volume 12 Chapter 5, Devastating Battle

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Sol was nervous at first, but when she came face to face against the Ogre King, her nervousness was blown away.


Kouhi and Mitsuki had told her that she should not worry about the monsters around him and concentrate only on him.


Thanks to them, Sol had faced the Ogre King with all her might, paying little attention to what was going on around her.


Of course, this did not mean that she was completely ignorant of what was going on around her. She still had to retain some awareness of her surroundings to avoid any mishaps.


Ambushes from the Ogre King’s subordinates were to be expected for a leader species. Even those not Ogre might act. Also, the Ogre King was sure to take advantage of his surroundings in battle.


Sol, however, was originally a Goblin.


The distinction between leader species and ranks, as determined by humans, was almost meaningless to her.


When it came to combat, she let her instincts guide her.


The leader species was originally derived from an Ogre King. He was not an enemy that Sol should have been able to challenge.


But there she was.


If the situation became too dangerous, Kouhi and Mitsuki would follow up and protect her.


In the current situation, the Ogre King seemed to be wary of Kouhi and Mitsuki, as well as Sol,.


He was unable to attack well, only able to throw out attacks of brute force, which was inherent in the nature of an Ogre.


It was probably his intention to eliminate Sol in one decisive strike.


Of course, Sol did not miss any opportunity.


Still, even if the Ogre King exposed a gap, that did not mean the situation was such that it could be decided in one move. Nevertheless, a single attack could turn the tables on both sides, and lead to them having the advantage.


Thus, this battle continued to go back-and-forth.




“What in the world is going on?”


Abelardo muttered to himself.


“This is a lot more flashy than I thought it would be.”


Next to the stunned Abelardo, Floria also had a stunned expression on her face.


Where they were right now was even closer to the area where the Great Flood had occurred than from their base.


The reason for this was to keep an eye on the battle as much as they could. They would hence be able to quickly assess the situation and act if something went wrong.


No matter how many of them had been able to challenge the Tower, they would not be able to defeat thousands of monsters instantly.


If the leader species was defeated some monsters may flee in the confusion.


If these monsters scattered as they escaped, it would be the subjugation force’s turn to make a move.


However, their expectations had been betrayed.


As soon as Floria received word from Kousuke that the battle was about to begin, a change occurred in the forest they were monitoring.


A thin red curtain-like object appeared to cover the area where the monsters were.


Those skilled in magic quickly informed them that it was a barrier.


Kousuke used the Tower’s function to cover the monsters with this barrier so that they could not escape.


The barriers were not originally colored, but Kousuke had taken the trouble to add red so that the troops deployed outside the barriers would be able to see them.


“Captain, you know that I don’t want people to mess with that barrier, right?”


Floria reminded him. Though, it was not like Abelardo was planning to do something to the barrier.


She merely reminded in worry that some of the troops might go a little out of control.


Even more so now that they were a mixed unit with adventurers.


“Understood, but…!”


Abelardo thought about moving the troops if the need arose, but Floria shook her head.


“It seems like you are still underestimating the might of those from the administration.”


Abelardo gulped as Floria sharply said.


“No matter. Continue to watch. You’ll get a glimpse of their power. ”


With that, Floria turned her gaze back to the forest.




While Sol was taking on the Ogre King, the wolves led by Nana were clearing away the surrounding monsters.


The wolves were those who usually defeated higher-ranked monsters on the 19th Floor.


A C-rank monster would not be able to inflict even minor damage on them.


The way the wolves were fighting felt like they were committing a one-sided slaughter.


Some of the wolves were not as strong as C-rank monsters. However, they were taking full advantage of the wolves’ natural ability to fight in groups. Thus, they were killing the monsters one after the other with little difficulty.


The monsters were fanning out around their leader.


The wolves were clearing away the monsters from the center toward the outside.


Meanwhile, their main leader was too busy fighting Sol to give any instructions.


Kouhi and Mitsuki were also able to easily clear out the surrounding monsters.


With no instructions, the monsters were in a state of confusion.


However, since they were originally monsters, they could respond individually even if they could not move as a group.


If any of them attacked, they would be dealt with individually.


At this point, it was safe to assume that Nana and her team’s attack was based on the weakness of the Great Flood.


The characteristic of any flood was that monsters that were not supposed to cooperate with each other had teamed up to attack.


This coordination was achieved when a leader species gave instructions. However, as mentioned earlier, the leader species, the Ogre King, was currently unable to give instructions because he was too busy with Sol as his opponent.


As a result, there was no coordination for the rest.


In this situation, it was almost the same as if they were dealing with monsters as usual, only difference being there were more of them.


Seeing her friends clearing away one monster after another, Nana decided to join the battle herself, leaving the command of the group to another person.


Kousuke told her not to hesitate.


With his endorsement, Nana released her true power and happily plunged into the midst of the monsters.




The first to notice the monster were the scouts who were watching the forest.


With their ability, they noticed Nana fighting in the distance.


“What is that?!”


The scouts shuddered at the sight of the wolves, who were taking down the surrounding monsters at an unbelievable rate.


The sight of the wolves, clearing away one monster after another, was almost divine.


The scouts reported the battle to the others, who also noticed.


Floria and the others in the command post were also informed of the battle.


Floria, seeing the scene, immediately recognized the wolf leading the other wolves. She knew about Nana but she did not mention her name.


Still, she did not intend to hide everything. She had spoken with Kousuke about what she could share before coming here.


“Oh, that’s…?!”


Abelardo was next to her, taken aback. Floria decided to tell him only the information she was allowed to share.


“Haven’t you heard about that? Rumors of wolves appearing out of nowhere in the middle of a battle with monsters?”


“What? No, but that is…”


Abelardo was about to say that it was just a rumor, but Floria shook her head.


“Some of them may be lies but some must be true. Some of those wolves are among those who are fighting right now. Of course, the one leading those wolves is a member of the administration team.”


“Oh, that…?”


Floria dropped more bombshells on Abelardo.


“That’s right. Compared to them, your best can barely be considered half of what they are capable of.”


At Floria’s words, Abelardo was at a loss for words. Even now, he was shaking.


Even just one of those wolves was capable of defeating monsters that he would lose to in a one-on-one fight.


When he reflected on it, he saw it as a joke to say that he could be considered half as good as one of those wolves.


In addition to the wolves who were killing monsters one after another, other wolves gradually started to show up.


The new wolves also started killing monsters in groups, just like the first batch.


“What about over there?”


“Wolves are pack animals. Of course, they are under someone’s command.”


Abelardo and his men were at a loss for words as they watched the battle unfold.



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