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Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 2: Volume 12 Chapter 7, Closure

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Translator: Kazumi

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After successfully defeating the Ogre King, the wolves only had to reduce the number of remaining monsters.


At that point, the number of monsters, which originally exceeded 2,000, had been reduced to less than one-third.


The monsters had not been able to work together properly because they could not receive instructions from the leader species. After the Ogre King was defeated, they had turned into a ragtag band, ripe for the wolves to slaughter.


In this case, the rest was a monotonous task. Still, the wolves could not lower their guard.


They still needed to fulfill their role and not get harmed as they culled the remaining monsters.




The mixed forces that had been watching the forest from a distance suddenly became noisy.


They were watching with admiration as the wolves buried one monster after another. That was when suddenly, a large shadow leaped out of the forest.


This shadow easily climbed over the barrier and headed straight for the military base.


Considering its appearance, it was clearly one of the wolves that had been killing monsters that made up the Great Flood. Unfortunately, even if it was a supposed ally, it was still a monster.


As expected, men started preparing their weapons in preparation for an attack.


However, it was only Razequa Amamiya’s band of hunters who took up arms. The adventurers were those that tried to stop them.


After all, all adventurers knew of this tale.


There were stories of adventurers about to be killed by monsters until they were saved by a giant wolf.


That wolf had been called the guardian beast of the Tower.


Such stories were thought to be the delusion or hallucination of the adventurer. After all, they have been fighting for their life, at the edge of battle. Misunderstandings was bound to happen.


Naturally, those saved by wolves swore they were not lying.


Even till this day, adventurers did not take such stories seriously.


Even so, such occurrences were not rare and all the adventurers would have at least heard such stories at least once. When they saw the wolves fight, the adventurers were immediately convinced these wolves were the subject of these stories.


The wolf in front of them was that same kind of wolf, with a Familliar collar around its neck as proof of its amicability.


As incredible as the wolf in front of them had been, it was knowingly being kept as a Familliar by someone.


Even those of the Subjugation Force, who were unaware of those stories, quickly noticed the collar as the wolf approached.


The debaters were puzzled as to what to do, and a command was given.


“Remain completely still!!”


The order, which echoed throughout the large base, was a command for the forces to immediately lower their guard.


The army followed the order unconditionally.


This was because the command was given by Abelardo, the commander.


In the military, orders from their superiors were absolute.


Furthermore, the Queen, their leader, was standing right beside Abelardo.


Floria was not only the focus of attention from the army, but also from the adventurers.

She continued to walk forward, protected by Abelardo and his guards. Eventually, she made it to the edge of the group and even came out in front of Nana.


“Queen Floria.”


Abelardo, keeping a wary eye on Nana, tried to ready his sword in front of Floria.


Stopping him with her hand, Floria slowly advanced further to Nana.


Nana also approached Floria, being aware of her surroundings.


At this point, the people around her had let their guard down.


The wolf had been on a rampage until a few minutes ago.


If it wanted to attack, it would have jumped at them in a single leap.


It was obvious at first glance that the wolf in front of them had no intention of attacking.


“Good work, Nana, are you done?”


Floria casually ran her hand over Nana’s neck and began stroking it, ignoring the surrounding gazes.




Nana replied to Floria’s question.


“I see. Mm? Your once clean fur is now stained with blood, huh?”


Floria found monsters’ blood on a spot on the neck that she was stroking.




Nana noticed this and started to lick the area with her tongue as if in shame.


Looking at her reaction, the wolf’s actions were not at all different from a dog.


It was challenging to believe that this was the wolf that had just been running across the battlefield devastating everything in all directions.


Abelardo, who was watching this, tried to approach Floria.


But Nana snarled, not allowing it.


It was difficult to believe she would act like this from the way she was usually around Kousuke. But, Nana was very particular about who could approach her.


“Abelardo, don’t approach carelessly.”


“Yes… But…”


“Fool. The only reason I am able to do this is that I am usually by ‘that person’s side’. I won’t be able to stop her if she is provoked and moves to attack, you know?”


Abelardo’s expression changed at Floria’s honest words.


Despite not really being aware of the difference, he at the very least understood that if the giant wolf in front of him really attacked him, his life would be reaped in no time.


“Sorry, Nana, any more of this is going to cause trouble. You can leave the rest to me.”




Floria suggested to Nana, who saw that the surrounding tension was reaching its limit after seeing Abelardo’s reaction.


Hearing this, Nana replied shortly and quickly left the scene.


Her movement was very fast, but only fast enough to catch up with the others.


Nana was watched by the others as her huge body leaped into the forest.




After Nana disappeared, the mixed forces had to conduct postwar processing.


Even though it was called postwar processing, the wolves were the ones who did most of the killing.


What the mixed forces did was to dismantle the corpses of the defeated monsters.


After all, monster material was an important resource for the Tower.


Even if it was due to a Great Flood, the materials obtained from monsters remain important.


It was an important source of income, especially for adventurers.


The stripping of materials from defeated monsters and the disposal of their carcasses were to be done primarily by the adventurers.


The strike force, meanwhile, was to investigate the cause of the Great Flood.


However, just like any other Great Flood, the investigations were done after everything was settled, and the cause had never been discovered.


This time, however, based on the stories from the adventurers, it was known that there had not been many adventurers entering this area recently.


It was concluded that this might have led to territorial disputes among monsters. A leader species may have been born out of these disputes.


This was only a speculation, but no other cause could be found.


The Tower was thoroughly investigated, checking to see if there were any other causes. Specifically Tower functions. Unfortunately, no such causes were found as well.


To put it bluntly, there was no difference comparing a Great Flood occurring outside the Tower to the ones occurring inside.


When Floria checked the report a few days after returning from the 40th Floor, she let out a sigh.


She did not expect to find a clear cause, but she thought she could at least get some clues.


However, there were no noticeable details!


She could not blame her subordinates for this.


Kousuke and his team also tried to find out if the cause was due to the Tower. They also didn’t find any information that helped.


They thought that if they could find out what caused the Great Flood, it would make it easier to deal with the situation. However, it seems fate had a different opinion.


[The history of the Central Continent has been involved in fighting off many of such Great Floods. This seems to continue to be unchanged in the future.]


Floria’s prediction was not wrong. The Kingdom of Razequa Amamiya would continue to fight against the flood of monsters.



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