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Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 2: Volume 13 Chapter 1, Black Out

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Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Silavin


It was often said that bad news does not come alone, and Kousuke received this bad news less than a week after the end of the Great Flood on the 40th Floor.


That day, he had been feeling restless. He had a bad premonition since morning, and he could not concentrate on his work.


Recently, Mitsuki, who was always by his side, could not bear to see him in such a state and urged him to stop working.


This was the first time Kousuke was in such a state, so even Mitsuki was tilting her head, wondering what to do.


She had forced him to stop because Kousuke had been so distracted he was about to injure himself while making magical tools.


After hearing her plea, Kousuke accepted Mitsuki’s advice.


Even he had noticed that something was wrong with him.


Still, he did not know what. He was thinking with his head tilted.


Soon enough, a fox came to Kousuke, who was restlessly thinking in the relaxation area.


“Oh? What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”


Kousuke opened his eyes when the fox rushed in with a panicked look on its face.


He soon realized that this fox had come to inform him about the cause of this morning’s awful premonition.


“Oh? Oh? Oh?”


The fox bit on Kousuke’s pants as he got up and tugged.


“Hold on a minute” Kousuke continued, “just calm down and explain the situation to me.”


Kousuke then handed the fox a large towel that Mitsuki had given him.


This fox, who was raising one of Kousuke’s children, could humanize. It could do so and talk to the child.


Once the fox was given the towel, it remembered this fact. It immediately humanized.


The fox had changed into an adult woman and immediately explained why she had come to the Management Floor.


“Ko… Kokoro is! Kokoro has suddenly collapsed!”


Hearing these words, Kousuke’s eyes narrowed.


Suppressing the urge to immediately jump out, he took one deep breath.


“Hold on. Let’s calm down first. When did Kokoro collapse?”


“Earlier this morning. When she was playing with me, she suddenly…”


This morning was the same time when Kousuke had lost his composure.


Kousuke’s heart fell when he heard his hunch had been right.


“So? And Sylvia?”


“Of course I had informed her. She immediately rushed over.”


The woman in front of him had calmed down somewhat, probably because Kousuke was speaking without panic or fuss.


Hearing those words, Kousuke let out a sigh of relief.


If it had been important, Sylvia would have sent him a reminder using Divine Power.


The fact that there was no such thing meant that the situation was not at its worst.


Kousuke thought about that, but immediately tilted his head.


“Huh? Why did you come here in a panic when Sylvia is already there?”


“What? Sylvia-sama asked me to immediately inform you.”


“I see. I do wish you would have told me that earlier…”


Apparently, the fox in front of him had come to bring Sylvia’s message.


It would have been better if Sylvia could use Divine Power telepathy, but it sometimes didn’t work when they were on the 5th Floor, where there were many people.


Kousuke never had any trouble using it in a crowded place, but that was not the case for Sylvia or Floria. For them, it sometimes did not connect properly. Therefore, when there was an urgent message that needed to be sent but Divine Power telepathy was not available, they sometimes used the foxes to contact each other.


This seemed to be what was happening.


Kousuke finally understood the situation and immediately contacted Sylvia.




[Dear! ]


That was Sylvia’s first words when Kousuke contacted her.


Kousuke, whose voice sounded slightly urgent as he broke out in a cold sweat.


“Sorry I’m late. How’s the situation?”


He heard Sylvia take a deep breath, as if she had calmed down after getting in touch with him. She then explained Kokoro’s condition.


[That’s… she doesn’t seem to be suffering from anything. She doesn’t have a fever either. The doctor said it doesn’t look like a normal illness.”]


“So, she’s not sick?”


Kousuke tilted his head, not quite understanding the situation. He didn’t understand how there was no fever or no signs of a typical illness.


[He isn’t. But for some reason, she had not regained consciousness…]


“I see. Unconscious, huh?”


That would certainly be a situation that would make even a doctor wreck their brains.


After carefully listening to the whole story, Kousuke learned that Kokoro had been acting as per usual since she woke up. But for some reason, she suddenly lost consciousness and collapsed.


When the fox nanny contacted Sylvia and she rushed over to Kokoro, Sylvia found her to strangely be in a very normal state of sleep.


Afterward, she took Kokoro to a doctor, but as mentioned earlier, the doctor had no idea what the cause was.


The doctor could not diagnose this as a disease. Kokoro truly seemed to just be sleeping.


“I see. So that’s how it is.”


Kousuke, satisfied in now understanding the situation, muttered to himself. He immediately asked Sylvia for confirmation.


“So? Does the fact that you contacted me through a fox mean that you suspect the cause to be Divine Power or something like that?”


[Yes. Something seems out of the ordinary, but I don’t know what it is. It’s best to be cautious.]


“Alright. I get it… Should I head there?”


Sylvia answered Kousuke’s question after a moment of pondering.


[… If possible, I would appreciate it if you can come over]


“Okay. I’ll be right there.”


Sylvia’s reply took a moment because she was concerned about him being seen.


However, she realized that if Kousuke remained in her private room, which had few people coming in, it would not be a problem for him to stay for a prolonged period of time.




Kokoro was awakened by the sensation of something touching her forehead.


When she opened her eyes, she saw someone’s arm.


When she followed the arm, she found it to be the arm of someone she usually did not see frequently.


“Ah, it’s your father~”


Her voice was a little lisp, as if she was murmuring in her sleep.


Hearing her voice, Kousuke narrowed his eyes and slowly patted Kokoro’s head.


“If you’re still sleepy, just stay in bed a little longer. I’ll be here until you wake up.”




Kokoro closed her eyes again as her   father, Kousuke, told her to do so.


She was relieved when she realized that it was Kousuke who touched her forehead.


Feeling Kousuke’s warm palm, Kokoro soon fell into a deep sleep.


Sylvia, who was standing by Kokoro’s side, also watched as Kokoro woke up and went back to sleep.


“So? How is it?”


“Well, she’s fine. She just needs to get some sleep and rest for now.”


Kousuke, who had just been convinced about the reason why Kokoro had collapsed, assured her.


Sylvia, hearing those words, also breathed a sigh of relief.


“Thank God. Is it related to Divine Power?”


“I believe so…”


Sylvia’s expression clouded.


“Is there something wrong?”


“Well. It’s fine this time. It’s the same symptoms I have with Peach.”


“With Peach? With Peach… Ah!!!”


Sylvia tilted her head but soon realized what Kousuke meant.


She remembered that Peach had fallen ill in the same way when they had just started working with Divine Power.


The reason Sylvia did not immediately think of it was because she did not expect Kokoro, who had not learned how to use Divine Power, to have the same symptoms.


“I guess we’ll just have to keep checking up on her and see what happens. Since she woke up once, Kokoro seemed to be on the road to recovery. It would be better to let her recover naturally than to do anything that might worsen her condition.”


“Yeah. As far as this time is concerned.”


Sylvia tilted her head at Kousuke’s answer, which for some reason was filled with doubt.


“Anything else?”


“Hmmm. This is just a hunch… but…”




“…Maybe you should teach Kokoro how to handle Divine Power in the Lower Floors.”




“If she doesn’t learn how to manipulate Divine Power properly, I have a feeling she’s going to run out of control or something.”


It was only Kousuke’s intuition, but considering what had happened this morning, he could not ignore it.


Worse, he didn’t feel like he was off concerning this hunch and what was about to happen.


“Hmmm… I feel like we can also let the children visit the Administration Floor soon.”


“Would it be better for them to do so? Well, just in case, you should discuss this with Floria, as well.”


For Kousuke, there was no problem with the children visiting the Management Floor. However, if the children want to come to visit the Administration Floor, then some problems might occur.


“With this, I think we will have to have a productive meeting with Floria.”


“Yes, you’re right.”


Sylvia nodded and made up her mind to talk to Floria immediately.



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