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Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 2: Volume 13 Chapter 2, Teacher Authority (Part 1)

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Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Silavin


The first school in the Kingdom of Razequa Amamiya, St. Amamiya Academy, was running smoothly with many children of noble families.


It was the first time such a large-scale educational institution was launched. Still, classes had already begun at various locations without any major disruption, despite the concerns of those involved.


It had to be noted that classes were held only in the morning. As for the afternoon, students had

‘free time’.


‘Free’ as in they were free to take classes of their own choice. A tricky choice for them.


Classes in the morning were classroom lectures, and were made mandatory. As for those in the afternoon, they were for specialized classes, such as art or martial arts.


Of course, students could graduate without taking specialized classes. In fact, during the afternoon, they could hold tea parties if they wished.


Some of their parents consider these tea parties to be more important since most of these children were nobles. Connects could determine the future factions of their children.


However, the youngest gathered here was only 10 years old. It was truly doubtful they understood the importance of these tea parties.


Nevertheless, since this was the first time so many were being gathered, some were 15 years old.


If they were of that age, they should be aware of the importance of such matters. Some might already be actively helping their parents.


The school judged it to be fine. Of course, there was no official endorsement. Rather, just a tacit approval.


Razequa Amamiya also felt that it was better for the students to start forming groups at an early age. Therefore, they had taken an attitude of not prohibiting it unless they deemed it necessary to prohibit.




Two months after school had started, Towa, who had been socializing well as royalty, was walking through the school’s corridors with several friends in tow.


Now that the morning classes were over, they were about to head for a lunch break.


The school had a well-equipped cafeteria that served meals.


An incident occured when he was on his way to the cafeteria. A small crowd had gathered in one of the classrooms.


One of his friends, who was standing nearby, noticed it and pointed at it.


“What’s with that crowd?”


Towa tilted his head.


Since they had been walking together, there was no way the others would have known.


“I wonder what happened? Was there a fight or something?”


If the commotion grew too loud, he might have to make a move.


In a school where nobles gather, Towa, the Crown Prince, might be called upon to mediate.


Towa approached the group on his own, assuming that he would be involved anyway. This would definitely be a troublesome situation, but he could not avoid it.


“What’s going on?”


Towa casually spoke to one of the students standing near the classroom door. The student was so absorbed in the commotion that he did not even notice that it was Towa who had spoken to him.


“I heard that the heir to Marquis Nico is complaining to Cecil-sensei.”


“Cecil-sensei? Why?”


“Why, you ask, isn’t it because she was a slave who shouldn’t be a teacher… Eh?”


The student was about to continue, saying that it was not appropriate, when he was startled to realize that it was Towa who had spoken to him.


Over the past two months, Towa has become well known.


At the same time, the student noticed that Towa frowned at the content of his words. He wondered if his words had put Towa in a bad mood.


One of his friends, noticing the situation, followed up with the student.


“Oh, don’t worry. It’s not your fault.”


The student looked relieved upon hearing this.


Towa nodded once more, no longer showing his annoyance.


Besides, there was more for him to do now than be annoyed.


To solve this problem, Towa pushed through the crowd.




The classrooms in the academy have desks that could seat about 20 people.


In the center of the crowd, there were two people who were the topic of conversation.


One was a boy of the same age as Towa. He was the heir to the Marquis that the student had mentioned earlier.


The other was Cecil, whom Towa had met many times over the past ten years.


Cecil was one of the teachers who had taught Towa Spirit Arts before he entered the school. She had been assigned as one of the teachers of the Spirit Arts, to coincide with Towa’s enrollment.


“Why must I take instructions from you, huh?”


“Because, as I have already told you, it would be dangerous if you do not follow my instructions as a teacher.”


Towa instantly understood the situation.


Cecil’s expression was not so much annoyed but more of exhaustion.


“I will not be in danger! That will only happen if I follow you!”


Cecil let out a sigh at the boy’s stubbornness.


The boy, who saw this, continued,


“What is with that attitude!? Is that the right attitude of a slave toward someone like me!?”


Cecil said nothing more, knowing that she would be accosted, no matter what she did.


It was just then that Towa appeared.


“Can you stop at that?”


The boy was startled when Towa suddenly interrupted him. He knew who Towa was at first glance. However, his surprise was fleeting, as his expression soon became more reserve.


“Well, his Royal Highness the Crown Prince. I hope you are well.”


Towa simply nodded and returned the greeting without showing any emotion, as he had learned from his parents and tutors.


“So? Can you explain the reason for all this commotion?”


“It’s nothing to worry about, Your Highness. I am just administering discipline to this one…”


The boy tried to continue, but Towa stopped him by simply raising his hand.


“Discipline? What are you talking about?”


“Do you think a slave is capable of educating us, Your Highness?”


The boy gives a mocking look at Cecilia before looking back at Towa. He didn’t hide his emotions, as befitting his age.


Normally, such a look would not lead to any good outcome when in front of royalty, but Towa let it pass. He understood that school was a place to learn such values.


Towa let out a sigh at the boy in front of him.


Incidentally, at this point, he is no longer interested in confirming the boy’s name.


“Heir to Marquis Nico, that should be enough. Cecil-sensei is indeed a slave, but she is one of the teachers chosen by this school. I think she can do her job well, don’t you think so?”


“Wha, what!?”


“And, it was not just the school that chose Cecil-sensei as a teacher, but it is the Royal Family that runs the school. Do you have a problem with the decisions of the Royal Family?”


“No, that’s not…!”


Towa sighed again as the boy shook his head frantically from side to side.


“Since that is the case, I don’t think words like the ones you’ve just said should have been spoken against her, right?”


“I’m sorry…”


The boy was about to bow, but Towa interrupted him.


“You are apologizing to the wrong person, you know?”


Hearing these words, the boy gritted his teeth as he understood what Towa was trying to say.


“I’m sorry!”


After saying this in a manner that did not seem to indicate whether he was apologizing or enraged, the boy immediately ran out of the classroom.


From his attitude, it was clear that he was not the least bit sorry.


Towa thought it was fine for the moment.


For now, it was more important to clearly convey the policies that had been decided by the Royal Family to the students who were watching this than to the boy himself.


“Well, on this occasion, I will be informing you all regarding this matter. Everyone should know that you will be punished by the academy if you treat the teachers here in such a nonsensical manner, so be sure to keep that in mind.”


Towa said to the group watching. He also further stressed how the teachers here have strong authority within the academy to teach the noble children here. Otherwise, they would not be able to teach them.


Towa hoped that he had been able to make his fellow students understand this to some extent.



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