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Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 2: Volume 13 Chapter 3, Teacher Authority (Part 2)

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Translator: Kazumi

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Teachers of Amamiya Academy held great authority. It was even described to be ‘high authority’.


After all, there were nobles in this world who held strong authority. If the authority of the teachers fell short, many issues would arise. The fuss caused by the heir to Marquis Nico was a typical example of this.


If students refused to listen to their teachers because of their background, or any form of disdain, no lesson could be held. Thus, teachers were given ‘high authority’ in the school.


It might be better to say that the rights of students as nobles were diminished rather than that the authority of teachers being strong.


In short, noble students were not allowed to use their position to their own advantage.


Normally, such rules were designed to protect teachers who were of weaker social status.


Such rules were firmly explained to students when they entered the school.


It was explained to them that they could be expelled if they were not careful. As such, no student, no matter how they felt, would not cross the line.


Under such circumstances, the commotion caused by the heir to Marquis Nico gave a good indication to the students of their current situation.


Towa, a Royal, interceded and defended the teacher’s position. Moreover, the teacher was a slave, named Cecil.


The school reiterated that it would respect the position of the teachers, even if the teacher’s status was that of a slave.


All concerned were relieved that this did not cause any trouble.


…However, no one had anticipated that those involved would once again have their heads in the sand.




It was during the afternoon. Towa was learning martial arts for self-defense.


He had already been trained by a private tutor since he was a child. Nevertheless, he still attended self-defense classes at school to mainly interact with his classmates.


It had to be noted that what he learned from his private tutor was about half of what he could learn from school. After all, so far, he was only exposed to lower grade classes, and had not been exposed to upper grades classes.


As the future King of his country, it was important for him to interact with his classmates at the school.


Even Floria, the Queen, recognized this fact.


However, the future impact of these interactions would still have to be carefully evaluated.


In addition, as long as he received a passing grade, he did not have to attend the class itself. Therefore, Towa was in a position where he would only take classes that would be required for graduation.


One of his classmates thrust his fist toward Towa. He received it cleanly and threw that classmate straight to the ground.


“Well done.”


The classmate who rolled on the ground said so with a smile.


Hearing this, Towa deliberately let out a frown.


“… I think I’ve told you this before, but if you go easy on me, it won’t help with training”


“What are you talking about? I’m not holding back.”


Although he was a child of a noble family, he was only ten years old. His mastery over martial arts was not as great as Towa.


Nevertheless, Towa’s expression indicated how he knew his opponent was still holding back.


Towa knew it would not be to both parties’ advantage if either party held back in a martial arts class. Therefore, before class was held, he would mention to the students that they should not go easy, but there were some who still blatantly did.


Until now, he had been informing them that they should properly fight back, but it was getting to be too much trouble for Towa to repeat this warning.


Towa was beginning to think that it would be okay to shun those who were only holding back against him after this.


One of the academy staff members approached Towa, who had given up on the idea that today would not be a good day for training.


The academy staff member must have been watching for just the right moment.


“Towa-sama. May I speak with you?”


Towa frowned when he was asked.


Basically, in the school, staff members, including teachers, were not supposed to give honorific titles to students.


The fact that the teacher went out of her way to call Towa with ‘sama’ meant that she was implying his position even though he did not want her to.


In short, something went wrong.


“… Did something happen?”


“Yes. I’ll tell you the details after this class. I have already been given permission, so may I ask you to come with me?”




Towa nodded in agreement and followed the staff member.




The fact that Towa was called in this way meant that something happened that the staff could not take care of.


The most common of these problems, it was believed, was when a problem occurs with a high-ranking noble.


It was already expected for Towa to not take most classes in his first year. Reason being his other priorities. His priorities, when in the academy, was to deepen interactions with his schoolmates and to deal with such problems. Problems which were expected to be prevalent in his first year of school. In fact, those that made the school waited for Towa to grow up before they opened it.


Naturally, Towa held great authority in this school.


Some people said that a 10-year-old child should not be expected to be so capable, but Queen Floria brushed those opinions aside.


The Queen simply warned them, “Don’t underestimate my son”.


Common sense suggested that the opinions of the civil servants around her were correct, but in this case, Floria was the one who was correct.


As a result, Towa was given the highest position in the school.


“I don’t need to speak with you! Go get the person in charge right now!”


As Towa was about to enter the room, he heard yelling from inside.


On the way to this room, he had been told what was going on.


In a nutshell, it was Marquis Nico. He had come to cause this disturbance, not knowing that the heir to the throne was the one in-charge of this school.


“Sorry to keep you waiting.”


When Towa entered the room, the person who looked like the Marquis had a look of ‘What’s this kid doing here?’.


After all, Floria’s three children had not been unveiled to the nobles. Therefore, even though it was known that she had three children, the only people who knew their actual faces were those who had been close to the Queen and to Towa.


The only times he has made a public appearance before the nobles was when he reached the age of five, and when he entered the school.


In both cases, the nobles of the parents only saw Towa’s face from a distance, so it was of no surprise that they did not know exactly what he looked like up close.


Therefore, the Marquis, who did not know Towa’s face, showed attitude.


“What, who are you?”


Even the Marquis, who was a great noble, would not talk like that to the Crown Prince under normal circumstances.


The Marquis did not recognise Towa and had already made a mistake the moment he showed his disrespectful attitude.


“I beg your pardon for this. I am the headmaster of this school and my name is Towa. It is a pleasure to meet you.”


In the Kingdom of Razequa Amamiya, the name: Towa, was one of the rarest names for nobles.


After Floria announced the name of her son, it became popular among parents and was given to their children, but this was only among the commoners. Nobles followed their traditional naming sense.


The name ‘Towa’ ultimately became known as the Crown Prince among the nobles. So, for the first time, the Marquis realized that the child in front of him was the Crown Prince.


Although he was rude with his earlier attitude, he was still a member of the aristocracy. He smiled without brushing off his previous attitude.


“Well, well, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”


The Marquis held out his hand but Towa ignored it and suggested that he sit down in the chair.


Of course, he did this on purpose.


Normally, this would be considered a very rude gesture, but Towa’s strategy was to make this fuss look like a childish mistake.


The Marquis’ expression was distorted for a moment, but it soon returned to a smile.


While staring at the Marquis’ expression, Towa pondered how to proceed with the conversation.



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