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Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 2: Volume 13 Chapter 5, Development of the Divine Blessing

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Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Silavin


Kousuke had visited the Sanctuary so many times that he had lost count since he had been visiting the Sanctuary at least once a month for the past ten years.


For Kousuke, regular visits to Sanctuary have become a part of his life.


Over time, the Goddesses that awaited his visits have completely lost their initial vigor. They started spending time interacting with him – normally.


The nature of the gatherings had thoroughly changed from the first time. It had transformed from being a place not only for Kousuke to interact with the Goddesses, but also for the Goddesses to interact with each other.


Asura was pleased with this unexpected result.


Before Kousuke’s arrival, the Goddesses were very individualistic, and there was very little interaction among them except among those who knew each other.


But through these gatherings to meet Kousuke, they became acquainted with each other, and new connections were formed that had never existed before.


Kousuke’s presence was a good medium for the Goddesses to interact with each other.


While he was watching the Goddesses deepening their relationships, he was enjoying his time chatting with Clara and Midir, in addition to the Three Great Goddesses.


However, Kousuke rarely spoke, even when he was a participant in the conversation.


Kousuke’s activities during his stay at the Tower were almost completely exposed to the Goddesses.


At first, he was troubled by the fact that his life was always being monitored by the Goddesses, but they were Goddesses after all. There was no point in hiding from them.


After he had accepted it, he was more open about it.


Though, for this reason, Kousuke rarely spoke about his daily life.


When Kousuke came to Sanctuary on his regular visits, he mainly listened to the Goddesses talk about what happened in Sanctuary while he was in the Tower. In other words, their gossip.


However, the Sanctuary was not a place that really changed, not by much. Most of the stories were about familiar topics that happened to the Goddesses. For example, Jal was discovered by Eris when she was attempting to prank her, and Eris got angry with Jal.


It was interesting for Kousuke. These stories enable him to understand what the Goddesses did in their daily lives. Their banter was not so different from that between ordinary women.




Clara, who was talking about something that was, to put it bluntly, unimportant, suddenly came up with a certain story for Kousuke as if she had just remembered it.


“Oh right, Kousuke, there is something I want to ask you.”


“What is it?”


Clara suddenly started speaking with a serious expression on her face, and Kousuke suddenly realized that the topic was different from what they had usually been talking about. His expression also switched.


It was a common occurrence when speaking with the Goddesses that the topic of conversation would suddenly change and switch to a serious one.


Over the past ten years, Kousuke had grown accustomed to this.


“About your daughter, Kokoro…”




Kousuke was a little defensive at the mention of his daughter. She had just collapsed the other day because of an outburst of Divine Power. After hearing Clara bring Kokoro up, Kousuke started wondering if something was going on.


“Don’t need to be so defensive. I was simply going to ask if I could offer her my Divine Blessing.”


“Divine Blessing?”


“Yes, with my Divine Blessing, the growth of her Divine Power can be controlled to a certain extent.”


Kousuke’s eyes involuntarily turned to Eris since he heard this for the first time.


Eris nodded her head in assurance as Kousuke looked at her.


“That’s right, Kokoro’s Divine Power has been increasing considerably as she grows, but if the increase in Divine Power cannot keep up with her vessel, she will be in the same situation as the other day.”


“So if we put our Divine Blessing on Kokoro, the growth of her vessel will be able to keep up with her Divine Power.”


Jal added to Eris’s explanation.


“I see. Well, I do think this is necessary so I will agree, but… Is it all right?”


“Are you really okay with this, Kousuke?”


Jal said, somewhat taken aback, and Kousuke nodded in agreement.


The Divine Blessing of these Goddesses, who were considered one of the ten most powerful Goddesses in the world, had rarely been performed. Nevertheless, Goddesses continued to grant Divine Blessings to Kousuke’s Dependents.


For the Goddesses, the granting of Divine Blessing to Kousuke’s dependents was nothing new. It was just that Kokoro was strictly speaking not Kousuke’s dependents.




When it comes to giving Divine Blessing to Kokoro, the question was whose Divine Blessing would she be receiving?


Kousuke’s Divine Blessing was out of the question, right from the start. His children all have the title of ‘Kousuke’s Family’. This was almost the same thing as him granting them a Divine Blessing.


In some cases, it had a stronger effect than Divine Blessing.


In Kokoro’s case, however, it caused her to faint.


This was the main reason why a Divine Blessing was needed to be given to Kokoro.


As soon as the idea of Divine Blessing being given to Kokoro was mentioned, the surrounding noise quieted down.


The other Goddesses didn’t actually hear the full story, but they were listening to Kousuke’s conversation.


“So? Whose Divine Blessing do you want?”


“Well, it would be wrong to ask me that, wouldn’t it? I have to get her approval first.”


Kousuke laughed at Jal’s question.


He was not going to avoid asking the girl and decide on his own, no matter how much of a concerned parent he may be.


Kokoro was now eight years old, and she was not so young that she could not choose her own friends.


Whether a Goddess who would give her Divine Blessing could be called a friend was a different matter, but children sometimes have a better grasp regarding such things.


As a parent, Kousuke was sometimes surprised to see this kind of reaction from his children. Moreover, all children have good sense in such matters. Kousuke noticed that Kokoro has a particularly strong sense in such matters.


She even talked about this with her mother, Sylvia.


“So long as we get her approval, right?”


“I think we also need Sylvia’s permission, but I’m not sure. I don’t think Sylvia would refuse either way.”


As a priestess, Kousuke didn’t think Sylvia would refuse Divine Blessing from any Goddess. However, that was only if it was for herself. She might think differently about her children.


“Well, if you tell her that it would help with Kokoro’s growing Divine Power, I don’t think she would refuse.”


“Okay, I understand. I’ll talk to them about it, and we’ll let them decide after the talks.”


“That’s fine, but don’t impose it upon them as the will from a deity, okay?”


“Of course not.”


Sylvia was also marked by Eris’s Divine Blessing. If Eris asked her, it would be difficult for Sylvia to refuse.


Since Eris was the one who had given Sylvia Divine Blessing, there was no need to worry about that, but as Kokoro’s father, Kousuke made sure to remind them.


“So, about the Goddesses who are candidates for the Divine Blessing…”


The tension in the room rose as we finally got down to business.


Kousuke felt the atmosphere and shrugged.


“That’s precisely what I’m not going to talk about. As I said before, it’s a matter of choice.”




“Yes, that’s right. But that doesn’t mean you can all bombard the two with your oracles all at once.”


Kousuke reminded her of the reality that might happen if she didn’t manage it properly.


“I’m not going to do something that insane, no matter what.”


After all, it would be like a bunch of adults coming together to talk to a child. If they did so, they might be denied permission to grant their Divine Blessing. None of the Goddesses had any intention of causing such folly.


“I think that we will most likely choose between the five pillars first, and if none of them are chosen, we will choose more.”


“Right. That would be fine, wouldn’t it?”


Kousuke agreed to the safest method he could think of.




In the end, with Sylvia’s permission, Kokoro was given a new Divine Blessing.


As Kousuke said, when they talked about Divine Power increasing with growth, Sylvia immediately gave her permission as well.


In the end, it was Clara who was to grant Kokoro her Divine Blessing.


Clara was the first of the Goddesses to be granted the right to speak to Kokoro, and she immediately obtained Kokoro’s consent to grant her Divine Blessing.


It appears that the Three Goddesses were also involved in the lottery to win the right to speak to Kokoro.


When Asura told Kousuke about this later, Kousuke’s face turned a little dismayed, wondering what they were doing.



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