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Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 2: Volume 13 Chapter 6, Adventurer Training School

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Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Silavin


Not far from the Crown headquarters on the 5th Floor was a building with a lively group of children.


The children were just about to leave through the building’s entrance.


“Arisa-sensei, good-bye~”


“Yes. Good-bye.”


One of the children greeted Arisa standing near the entrance and left.


Starting with that child, the children greeted and left one after another.


After making sure the last child was gone, as she was about to enter the building, Arisa noticed her colleague grinning and watching right beside her.




Radda, who was close to Arisa’s age, was one of the first coworkers she had. They have become friends after Arisa started working here.


“Inya~~ nothing. I was just thinking that the kids all adore you…”


Arisa shrugged at Radda, who gave her a teasing look.


“…I’m an orphan, too. It’s easier to talk to them.”


At Arisa’s words, Radda’s expression turned to one of embarrassment.


Arisa was originally an orphan who had fallen into slavery after failing to earn her way through adulthood. For some unknown reason, she was picked up by Kousuke, but Radda didn’t know about that.


After they became friends, Arisa told Radda about the time she became a slave when she was drunk.


Radda, who unintentionally heard about Arisa’s past, still regrets it.


However, Arisa, who was asked, did not care at all.


After all, she believes that it is because she fell into slavery that she was able to meet Kousuke.


Like Cecil, Arisa could never forget what Kousuke had granted her. He held the great position in her heart. Incidentally, after Kousuke was Collete, who taught her the art of spiritism.




Arisa frowned at Radda’s sudden apology.


As for Arisa, she didn’t mind at all, but when Radda apologized to her, it made her feel uncomfortable.


“So, like I said before, I don’t care. You don’t have to apologize every time this topic comes up.”


“….I understand.”


Radda gave a small nod to Arisa, who said it particularly cheerfully.


After that, Arisa smiled as usual.


“Good. Then let’s get the paperwork done, shall we?”


“That’s better. The kids are waiting for you, right?”


“Yes, they are!”


Arisa’s words finally made Radda realize this, and she hurried to the room where her work desk was located.




Arisa was now in an adventurer training school, one of the vocational training schools established by Crown.


Children who have passed the basic course were assigned to a specialized training school after hearing their wishes.


The Adventurer Training School was one of these specialized training schools. There was also a crafts department and a merchant department.


Since most of the children in vocational schools were orphans, many of them went to the adventurer training school because it was a quick and easy way to earn money.


Compared to the other two training schools, the Adventurer Training School had the lowest debt load during the training period.


The adventurer training school offered classroom lectures in the morning and supervised practice in the afternoon. All the materials from the monsters produced during the training become the property of the training school.


The cost before graduation was less expensive because part of the training school’s operating expenses were also covered from such materials.


It was only natural that children, who were orphans and had nothing to live on but their own body, would go to a training school for adventurers, where the debt they would hold was lower.


All children studying at training schools have to pay tuition fees. Of course, if they could pay the tuition in one lump sum, there would be no problem, but it was not an amount that orphaned children could afford.


Crown would pay the tuition in the form of a loan, which would be deducted from their income later on when they became independent adventurers.


However, it was difficult to say that most children fully understand such a system.


So why do they attend the training school? The simple answer was that it provides a full lunch.


Kousuke’s suggestion to serve lunch was being put to good use here.


For orphans, who sometimes had no food to eat, the fact that they could eat lunch was enough to make it worthwhile for them to attend the training school.


Unfortunately, the training school had only just been established, so there were no graduates yet.


It would be a while before graduates would become active as adventurers.


At the training school, Arisa teaches the art of spiritism. Even if the children could not use it, just knowing how to deal with it makes a big difference.


After all, Spirit Arts was not it was not the sole privilege of humans and elves. Some monsters could also use Spirit Arts.




Arisa was compiling the results of today’s class into a document, when she noticed a hand other than her own reaching out to the stack of papers beside her.




“Oh my. Does that girl seem to have a talent for the Spirit Arts?”


Radda, who was bored with her own paperwork, had come to mess with Arisa.


“Well… We haven’t had enough time to find out yet. So far, it’s just a ‘maybe’.”


“Hmmm. That’s great.”


“Is it?”


Arisa tilted her head and Radda let out a sigh.


Arisa, whom Radda had known for some time now, was sometimes out of the box, especially when it came to her own abilities.


Even at this time, Radda could not help but think of Arisa as the standard, which was why she had such a low opinion of the children.


Still, comparing the children to Arisa, a B-rank adventurer who was said to be the closest to A-rank as could be, was wrong.


“That’s right. It’s a big deal just to be able to use Spirit Arts in the first place, isn’t it?”


“I haven’t been able to use it yet, though.”


“It’s great that you might be able to use it.”


The elves had a monopoly on Spirit Arts, and it was rarely used by humans.


Cecil and Arisa were rare examples.


If they were not in the position of slaves, they would undoubtedly have been recruited from other countries.


Crown, which was known to others as their owner, had received many inquiries about their transfer of rights. Naturally, the true owner was Kousuke, and he had not the slightest intention to allow them to be slaves for someone else. Naturally, all of such requests were refused.


It was not difficult to imagine what would happen if it became known that there was a child who could use Spirit Arts.


“Not only this child, but some of the other children are already quite skilled, right?”


“Yes. I guess, It’s great that they can be trained before they graduate and enter dangerous territories.”


Radda’s eyes narrowed as she recalled her earlier days. It was not only her, but any child who aspires to be an adventurer was expected to run around in the field without any basic training.


It was a great environment for aspiring adventurers to be able to train safely under the watchful eye of a teacher.


For Crown, it was helpful enough since it could help reduce the loss of beginner adventurers.


Aside from the children, those who became teachers at the training school were well aware of this. Therefore, many of the teachers became much more enthusiastic than Crown had expected.


Those children who continued to grow while in the training school would be less likely to die once they graduate.


The training school for adventurers has only just been established and there are no adventurers on their own yet, but the teachers were already convinced of this.



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