Let's Manage the Tower

Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 2: Volume 4 Chapter 1, Rumor

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Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Kabur & Silavin


The Vampires currently gathered at Vermilion Castle belonged to two races, the Vermilion Clan and the Tarrega Clan


The Tarrega Clan came later, but from Kousuke’s point of view, they seemed to be living together well with the Vermilion Clan, with no quarrels.


Ammad, the head of the Tarrega Clan, always talked about how wonderful the clan was whenever he met Kousuke or Shrein, but this was within the scope of his role as the head of the clan.


On the contrary, he enshrined Shrein, the True Ancestor Vampire, to a magnificent degree.


It was not in a bad way, but in the purest sense that he was worshiping the True Ancestor, who was at the highest rank as a Vampire.


It seemed that both the Vermilion Clan and the Tarrega Clan shared a common understanding of this.


Kousuke and Shrein visited Ammad’s mansion at Ammad’s invitation.


After listening to a long story as usual, Ammad finally cut to the chase.


Ammad’s long stories were sometimes quite interesting to Kousuke, who did not know much about this world.


Ammad called them over to talk about Vampires other than the Vermilion Clan and the Tarrega Clan.


“Another clan?”


Shrein frowned at Ammad’s mention.


In gathering the scattered Vermilion Clan members, there were of course stories about other Vampires.


One of them was the Tarrega Clan, so they decided to protect them in the Tower.


However, although there were stories about Vampires living apart, they had never heard of a clan being united.


“Yes. But I have only heard rumors about them in the past. I don’t know if they are still living together.”


Shrein shook her head, as if not satisfied with Ammad’s words.


“I’m certainly not saying that all the rumors are not true since there was not enough information available, but I still think we at least needed a significant number of rumors to investigate.”


Ammad nodded his head in agreement with Shrein’s words, but still continued speaking with a certain conviction.


“I suppose so. Otherwise, there would be no information about them. But I think they are unconsciously being left out of the search.”




Ammad’s words were met with a skeptical look from Shrein.


Ammad looked at Shrein skeptically and nodded his head to confirm his suspicion.


“Perhaps it is as you suspected. From what I’ve heard, they have a settlement on the northern continent.”


“No way…!”


Shrein was surprised to hear Ammad’s story, and for good reason.


When vampires were persecuted in the past, the northern continent was said to have been the most active in attacks against them.


Historically speaking, of the five continents, the North Continent was and still remained the continent where the church was the most powerful.


It would be difficult to imagine Vampires existing as a clan on the northern continent, where the church, which did not recognize the existence of Vampires as people, was still so prominent.


Because of this historical background and the limited number of people involved, Ammad was also right when he said that the northern continent was not included in the search for their brethren, who were scattered around the world.


Understanding Shrein’s thoughts, Ammad agreed with her.


“I know how you feel. I felt the same way when I heard about it.”


Ammad heard the story that was told to him more than a hundred years ago.


The Tarrega Clan was looking for a safe place to live together as a clan.


At that time, they could not believe the rumors and left it at that without any investigation.


“But there was something I couldn’t dismiss.”


“…What is it?”


“It was said that the clan that remained in the northern continent was the Prost Clan.”


Shrein, who had heard of the Prost Clan, groaned one more time and assumed a pondering frown.


Kousuke replaced Shrein, who remained silent with a groan, and asked a question.


“The Prost Clan, who are they?”


“Oh, I’m sorry, Kousuke-dono, you didn’t know about the Prost Clan…”


Ammad prefaced his question with the following statement.


The Prost Clan was considered to be the most ancient of the Vampire clans.


Their power was considered the most powerful among the Vampires because of their origins.


They were created by the children of a True Ancestor Vampire couple, and their power as Vampires was purely superior to that of other Vampires.


However, they were not an exclusionary clan that eliminated other Vampires, but rather they actively accepted Vampires who had been persecuted for a long time.


There was a reason for this, of course, and it was not only because of the True Ancestor Vampire couple, but also because other True Ancestor Vampires had gathered with them.


Because of the combination of these factors, they had established a powerful clan.


It was also said that because of this, the church’s attacks on the clan had been more fierce than when attacking other clans.


However, it was also because of their strength that they believed that the Prost family was able to survive, which was incredible considering the history of vampires.


That was the reason why Shrein was really trying to think about the situation.




Kousuke, who had finished listening to everything, nodded his head.


“I see.”


From Kousuke’s point of view, it was more like a myth, but that was probably why both Shrein and Ammad were still in doubt.


“Can’t we just go there and investigate?”


Kousuke said, and the two stopped moving.


Ammad then immediately chuckled.


“Oh dear. Kousuke-dono, that’s your style, isn’t it?”




Shrein and Ammad looked at each other and chuckled at each other.


For these vampires, the northern continent was still a dangerous place, and they really did not want to go there.


Although the persecution of Vampires might have decreased in recent years, it had not disappeared at all.


This was especially true in the northern continent.


Kousuke, sensing these thoughts, offered a helping hand.


“If it’s too difficult for the Vampires to go there, why don’t we go and investigate?”


“Will that be okay?”


Kousuke nodded at Shrein’s confirmation.


“I was planning to go there at some point. It would be even better if I could have a purpose in going there.”


Since going to Flores Kingdom, Kousuke had not been able to enjoy a full-fledged trip, although he had taken some short excursions.


Then, he thought that it would be a good idea to travel around the northern continent with the added purpose of searching for the Vampires.


“I see…. Then I must somehow think of accompanying you this time.”




“Well, if the Vampires are hiding in earnest, they won’t be so easy to find, you know? You have to be as skilled as the hunters who hunted vampires in the past.”


Vampires weren’t just hunted, either.


Sometimes they fought in groups, but sometimes they were hit individually from their hiding places.


In such cases, there was a specialized profession called Vampire Hunter.


If a Vampire used special magic, then it would be much more difficult to find them.


“I see. Well, I don’t have a problem with you following me, but are you sure you’ll be okay?”


If they were going to the northern continent, there was no guarantee that there would not still be some strange people around, as the two of them had just indicated.


“Well, as long as we stay as close to Kousuke and Mitsuki as possible, we should be able to manage, right? I don’t intend to be beaten so easily, either.”


“If that’s the case, I’ll give it some serious thought.”


With Kousuke’s decision, it was decided to conduct a survey to see if there were any Vampires left on the northern continent.



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