Let's Manage the Tower

Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 2: Volume 9 Chapter 1, Life with children (Towa age 3, Mia age 2)

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Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Kabur & Silavin


While Kousuke was relaxing and sipping tea in the relaxation area, Towa asked him with a curious look on her face.


“What is this?”


Kousuke narrowed his eyes and patted Towa on the head as he asked with wide eyes.


“This? This is green tea. It’s a drink called Kutur.”


“Green tea? Kutur?”


Towa tilted his head in wonder as Kousuke said the two names.


“Both are correct. I’m used to calling myself green tea.”




Towa’s reply could be taken either way, whether he understood Kousuke’s explanation or not.


He was more interested in the green tea and immediately turned her attention to the teacup.


“I want to drink it! Can I?”


He had seen Kousuke drinking it earlier, so he knew it was a drink.


He seemed interested in the drink his father was drinking.


“I guess it’s fine. But I’ll put it in a small teacup, so wait a minute.”




Mitsuki, seeing Towa’s reply, filled the child’s teacup with a new cup of green tea.


The Crown Prince Christophe knew that they were expecting a child and had sent it as a present.


Towa stared at Mitsuki as she prepared the green tea.


This was probably because he was not used to having things prepared in front of his eyes when he was at the castle.


Meanwhile, Mitsuki offered Towa a teacup of green tea.


“It’s ready. It’s hot, so be careful.”




Towa replied cheerfully and excitedly tried to lift the teacup that Mitsuki had put down.


“Hot… Isn’t it good?”


Towa touched the teacup for a moment, and was scared, but soon he touched the teacup again in the same way and tilted his head.


Knowing that Towa, a child, would drink it, Mitsuki had filled the teacup in advance at a temperature that would not burn him.


Holding the teacup, Towa huffed and puffed just like Kousuke earlier and then carefully drank the tea.


“… Hmm?”


“What do you think?”


Kousuke asked with a laugh as Towa tilted his head back after taking a sip.


He swallowed with a gulp and looked a little surprised before smiling.


“The sweet taste in my mouth is gone!”


Now Kousuke was surprised to hear that.


While waiting for Mitsuki to make tea, Towa ate some of the tea snacks that had been prepared.


Specifically, it was a kind of steamed bun.


Towa could feel the sweetness of the bean paste was offset by the tea.


Of course, there were drinks other than green tea in this world.


But basically, they were usually sweetened like fruit juice and left a sweet aftertaste.


Towa seemed to properly understand that green tea had none of that.


“Oh. That’s great that you can understand that. Then, try this one more time?”


Kousuke said and offered the bun to Towa.


“….It’s sweeter than before?!”


Towa looked surprised.


“Isn’t it?”


Towa understood and Kousuke smiled.


Of course, it depends on the individual that the sweetness seems to increase after drinking green tea, but Towa was able to sense it.


In fact, the sugar content of the buns did not increase, it was just an illusion on the tongue, but this was one way to enjoy the sweetness.


“…Is it true?”


Perhaps interested in their exchange, Floria, who had been listening to their conversation earlier, took the teacup from Kousuke and drank the tea.


After taking a sip, she frowned at the astringent taste of the tea.


“I don’t really feel any changes…”


“Does it taste good?”


Kousuke laughed and said while patting Towa’s head, who tilted his head at Floria’s reaction.


“I think the crown prince over there said that, but if you’re not used to it, you can’t help but notice a bitter taste at first.”


“Is that how it is?”


Floria said and took another bite of the bun.


“That’s just how it is.”


“That’s just how it is.”


Towa said happily as if following Kousuke’s words.


It appears that his mother, Floria, was happy that he could drink something she couldn’t taste.


“I see.”


Floria returned a wry smile at such a Towa.




Towa, satisfied after drinking her fill of green tea, next turned his attention to Nana, who was lying down beside Kousuke.


Unlike the foxes who had been by his side since he was a baby, it was rare for him to see a wolf.


For Towa, wolves were a rarity, as he can only see Nana if she was around to see Kousuke.


Since he had already met her many times, he did not show any signs of being afraid of her.


The first time Nana met him, she was the size of a large dog and which frightened Towa.


But after that, he got used to it right away.


“Nana, let’s play!”


Towa approached with her hand, but Nana quickly avoided him.


Of course, she did it on purpose.


As expected, Towa groaned and attempted to touch Nana again.


Nana avoided his hand.


As they repeated this, before they knew it, it had become a game of tag.


Naturally, Towa was the one chasing, and Nana was the one being chased around.


The two individuals were running around in the relaxing space.


There was no one here who warned them that they were being too noisy.


They knew that if they played to their heart’s content, they would quiet down.


Above all, the management did not have any other space for children to run around.


As a result, when children visit, the relaxation area is quickly transformed into a place for them to run around.


Incidentally, Nana was running on a course that she had chosen so as not to bump into Mia, who was now able to walk.


The foxes beside Mia were also looking out for her.


Knowing this, Kousuke and the others did not need to pay too much attention.


Kousuke picked up Mia, who was approaching him, looking happy.


“Mia is getting bigger again, isn’t she?”


Like Towa, she was getting bigger every time Kousuke came to see her.


He didn’t get to see her every day, so each time he did, he would notice.




Kousuke narrowed his eyes at Mia, who raised her hand in happiness.


Mia, who just turned two years old, seemed to be steadily increasing the number of words she could speak, and recently, she was able to combine multiple words.


Both Towa and Mia were of a higher species than humans, but there did not seem to be any noticeable difference in their growth.


They did not know whether their growth in childhood was the same as that of normal humans, and whether they would grow slowly after that, or if their growth would continue and then stop when they finished their secondary sexual characteristics, so they had to be on guard.


Kousuke was optimistic that at least Eris would let him know if their growth was going to be different from normal humans.


Of course, Kousuke had also informed the nannies about this, who have a lot of contact with the children, to watch them carefully.


They were also told who the father was and have cautioned them not to give any special treatment to the fact that they were children of a God.


Kousuke believed that this would not be good for the growth of the children, so he would choose people who could properly understand this.




Both Towa and Mia were tired of playing and were now in their nap time.


The foxes were firmly lying down beside them in the same way, so they would let them know if something happened.


They have been firmly babysitting Towa and the others ever since they were born.


“Are they asleep?”


“They seem excited to see their father for the first time in a long time.”


“Is that so?”




Gazing at her sleeping child with a peaceful expression, Floria nodded.


“… I’m sorry.”


Kousuke’s eyes twinkled at Floria’s sudden apology.


“Why apologize all of a sudden?”


“I wish we could have raised them together with you.”


“We have discussed that already. That for the sake of the children’s growth, we had no choice but to do it this way.”


As a living god, Kousuke could not live in the castle as Floria and the others do.


If Kousuke was in the castle all the time, there was a possibility that those who work in the castle would inevitably have a strange attitude toward Kousuke, and that would not be good for the children.


They didn’t know how this would affect the children’s development.


Since that was the case, they concluded that Kousuke should not be at the castle from the start.


Kousuke had been convinced of that story since the birth of the children.


“Yes, but when I see him frolicking like this, you know.”


Floria had a lot on her mind when she saw the children today.


“We can’t raise the kids here, so we don’t have a choice. Besides, I will find more time to come here like this, so it will be okay.”




Kousuke’s lips suddenly met Floria’s as she nodded with a complicated expression.


“Hey, what!”


“You shouldn’t look like that in front of your child, mother?”


Kousuke laughed teasingly, and Floria, who was still unaccustomed to being caught off guard even after having two children, blushed.



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