Martial Family

Martial Family – Chapter 1, The boy named Shi Yan

Author: Silavin

“Huuff … Huuff…” the loud sound of panting  could be heard as a young boy with black hair ran for his life. He was seven years old and his arm holds a silver coloured fox. Its fur, naturally enchanting, now stained with blood. The fox whimpers in pain while the boy in tears cries “I’m sorry Shi Yin… I’m sorry…” repeatedly.

“Bastard child! How dare you steal from me!” behind the boy, a middle age woman screeched. This woman was well-endowed, wearing a red dress embroiled with a black snake, her curvature was highlighted. Although pass her prime, her looks still remained youthful.

As the pair runs along the decrepit street, the street dwellers stares at the woman. Her beauty, although not the top in the empire, is still considered stunning to most. However, her beauty is not the main focus of the street dweller.

Here in the streets, the status of the people poor. Majority rot in the street, without shelter and food. The people, without hope for the future, resort to thievery or begging. Seeing the woman clad with a silk woven dress and a jade ring on her ring finger, the beggars’ eyes filled with greed.

Her alluring riches hinted that she was no simple woman. However, the black snake embroiled on her dress symbolises her noble status. The beggars knew that such characters cannot be offended.

Nobles mostly spend their lives in the capital city of the Nan dynasty, Xiashan. Xiashan was located at the foot of four huge mountains. These mountains were considered sacred and only people of special statuses could enter. Even amongst the nobles, only a few were permitted to enter.

A ranking system differentiated the nobles. Their power and status was determined by their ranks. All nobles own a piece of land but only the higher ranking nobles were granted a personal army.

Noble families each have their own symbol. The black snake on the middle age woman symbolises that she was from the Cheng clan.

The boy looks back. Noticed that the distance between them slowly close up.

This woman just doesn’t give up! How is it possible for her to still continue running. It has already been thirty minutes. Everyday, she spends most of her time just sitting in her room! How can she still keep up with me! Damn it! If this keeps up she’s gonna catch me.

Glaring spitefully at the woman, he took out a gold coin from his side pouch and threw it towards her. The coin lands on the ground; produced a sharp “ching” sound. Like a trigger, the beggars lose their senses and rush towards the gold coin. In no time, they form a barrier between the boy and the woman.

The boy chuckled. Looking at the distressed woman, he shouted “ Madam Cheng. Thank you for your hospitality and patronage. I will make sure to take care of your gifts!”

The sarcastic remark stroke a nerve in Madam Cheng. Being unable to proceed forward and humiliated by the boy left her fuming. “ Shi yan! Wait till I catch you!”



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11 thoughts on “Martial Family – Chapter 1, The boy named Shi Yan”

  1. a true harem is where the mc end up with two or more females. a harem is just when he ends up with one female while the rest are just hangs on or ends up alone or with someone else.

    1. LOL welcome. Haha. It’s best to actually type in that post rather than here but ok! Anyways… yeah if you’re looking for an ending where all his lovers end up with him, then this is definitely that kind of novel. Although midway, they will have to split off here and there.

    1. Xianxia, smart male lead, fantasy <-western + Eastern cultures mix. action, adventure, psychology, (comedy in the later chapter still trying D:), … still got more but can't think of it now.

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