Martial Family

Martial Family – Chapter 16, Her Name   

Author: Silavin

“Selene? Where are you?” Shi Yan shouted but did not get any response.


[Maybe she’s still angry that I didn’t allow her to shower with me? I thought she apologized… Argh! Girls can be so petty sometimes… ]


Shi Yan was looking for her to discuss on food for the little tiger. Although there were 8 rabbits, he knew that it would not be long before they have to search for food again. He thought of raising the rabbits inside of the enclosed space for food. Likewise, other species should also be kept. He was unsure if the little tiger would accept eating the same meal over and over again. Seeing how she doesn’t know how to hunt, Shi Yan could only assume that Byakko pampered her to the extremes. Byakko probably provided her with all sort of possible delicacies or at least varieties. Since she was going to stay for an unforeseen period of time, it was best to prepare for her needs.


Although Shi Yin could smell out where Selene was hiding, she did not bother helping Shi Yan. She does not want both of them to become any closer.


Shi Yan eventually gave up. He looked up into the enclosed world’s sky to see that it was turning dusk. He and Shi Yin headed out for dinner. They only came back to the rabbit’s cage at night. They checked on the little tiger, who still wanted to stay inside the rabbit’s cage and left for the bed field.


[“*sigh*” it seems that Selene is really angry… She’s not even on the bed even though it’s time to sleep. Well, maybe if I wait for tomorrow? she should have cooled down by then right?]


Shi Yan prepared the bed and blanket. It was a good opportunity to sleep early tonight, especially for Shi Yin. She loves to sleep early and wake up early. However, she doesn’t go to sleep without Shi Yan at her side. She has gotten used to sticking in his arms while falling asleep.


Both Shi Yan and Shi Yin fell asleep in less than 5 minutes. Shi Yan fell asleep early today due to mental fatigue. His train of thoughts kept him up till midnight yesterday. This made him all the more ready for bed.


Deep in Shi Yan’s sleep, he appeared in a white world. The world was entirely empty, with only himself. It was a lonely world. Naturally, Shi Yan does not suspect a thing because it was in a dream. He walked around the white space aimlessly. That was until he hear a familiar voice “Boy, you’re finally here”. The voice was powerful, and confident. A familiar stature, 50 times the size of Shi Yan, soon appeared in front of him. It was Byakko.


“Haha! Finally, you slept deep enough to be able to come to this world!” Byakko exclaimed.


Shi Yan was not surprised, it was after all a dream. He had no reaction to Byakko’s appearance as though it was a natural occurrence. Byakko wasn’t taken aback by Shi Yan’s reaction but he got a little irritated. Byakko stomped his paw down and roared, “BOY! Look at me!”.


Shi Yan soon regained his awareness and said in a surprised tone. “What? Byakko? What are you doing here? Aren’t you suppose to be dead?”. Shi Yan could not believe that Byakko was in his dreams. Although Shi Yan was in shock, he wanted to try something since this was his dream world.


Byakko got offended by Shi Yan’s remark and swiped his claw. Shi Yan vanished and reappears on top of Byakko’s head. “What are you doing in my dreams? You damn oversized cat, even in the afterworld you still cling onto me. Let me see how you would die again!”. Shi Yan stomped his foot down and Byakko’s head crashed down onto the floor. There was no time for the white tiger to counter his fast attacks. The white world soon became a dungeon with chains. The chains gripped onto the stunned white tiger’s limbs, preventing it from moving. Shi Yan jumped off of his head, and sat down in front of him.


Byakko soon became sober from the attacks. He realized what had just happened and was in utter shock. This 7 year old boy manages to control the dream world to such an extent that even he could be defeated. This was unprecedented. The dream world was normally controlled by the host but to varying degrees. It depends on the subconscious of the host to control the dream world. If one’s will surpasses the host, he could take control of the dream world and the host’s subconscious. Resulting in complete control of the host’s thoughts. However, to enter the dream world of a host, the invader would need to leave his body and enter the host. Exposing his vulnerable soul to invade the host. If the soul were to receive damage inside the dream world, it would take countless years to recover. Such risks would normally not be taken by any cultivator or Demonic Beast.


Although Byakko had already been weaken to a large extent, he was after all still one of the four divine beast. His age and experience should give him an unsurpassable will when compared to a 7 year old boy. “Boy! Release me this instant!” Byakko roared.


Shi Yan gave a contempt look towards Byakko, “Shut up! There is no reason why I should let you go. What I want to know is how were you able to come inside my dreams”.


Byakko sneered “Ha! You think I would naturally just tell you? You should take into account how much you have already insulted me before asking questions”.


Shi Yan gave a loud laugh ”You think that was a question? You actually think I was playing nice? Hahaha! Ridiculous! I’m only nice to those that are nice to me. Fool! If you still had power, I would listen to you. However, now, you are weaker than me. Unable to do anything on your own. Have you forgotten that you threatened to kill me yesterday?”.


Byakko’s face turned dark. He did not expect Shi Yan to be so ruthless. When he first met Shi Yan, he could tell that the kid was smart and cunning.


In actuality, Shi Yan does not like to kill but he does not mind hurting others. He believes that all lives should have an equal chance at redemption. The beggars on the streets could one day become rich merchants, the nobles could one day be kind. Of course, part of this idea was due to him being naïve, another was due to his childish optimism.


Shi Yan looked at Byakko’s dark face and stood up. He did not want to hurt Byakko any further. Although he displayed a dark personality earlier, it was a form of revenge for Byakko threatening him. He does not wish to go too far with his vengeance. Byakko didn’t end up hurting Shi Yan or Shi Yin, thus he wanted to leave the tiger alone.


When Shi Yan turned around to exit the dungeon, Byakko sneered “Shi Yan, I admit that you had scared me for a moment. I didn’t expect you to have such control over your dream realm. However, aren’t your previous threats just empty words? Although you could hurt me, but you can’t kill me”.


“Byakko, you misunderstand me, all I wanted was to scare you like how you’d scared me yesterday. It’s not really a matter of threat, as long as you felt a hint of fear, I’m satisfied with that”. Shi Yan said in a cold and calm voice.


Byakko laughed “ haha for a minute there, I thought you were a ruthless person. You sure are kind!” his laughter stopped and he became more serious. “However, kindness is not appreciated in our world. People in our world betray, murder, steal, rape, blackmail for their own self benefits. Repaying kindness in only a facade. If there was no benefit to the one repaying, he will not bother to do so. Do you think I will be thankful for your mercy?”


Shi Yan did not understand matters of the world of cultivation and Byakko was aware of this. Shi Yan turned around and stared at the chained up tiger “I’m not sure why you are telling me all of this but I thank you for your warning. I also only seek to act kind to feel good, is that wrong? I never wanted your thanks Byakko. You don’t have to see my actions as mercy. It more of making myself satisfied”. Shi Yan turned around again, trying to head out of the dungeon but was stopped by Byakko.


“Hahahaha! You sure are an interesting boy! Being kind just for the sake of feeling good! Good! I’m beginning to like you more and more”. Byakko’s face turned into a grin “Shi Yan sit down. At first I was contemplating whether I should tell you anything but I’ve taken a liking to you”.


Shi Yan naturally was still skeptical about Byakko. “Are you sure? Won’t it be better for me to leave?”


Byakko shook his head “Boy, don’t you want to know how I entered your dream world? If so sit down and I will start speaking. Don’t worry, with these chains here, I can’t do anything even if I tried”.


Shi Yan of course sat down but was quite a distance away from Byakko. This was to ensure that he had enough time to react if Byakko tried anything funny. He was extremely curious to find out how Byakko managed to get in his dreams.


Byakko noticed Shi Yan keeping a safe distance and did not verbally comment on it. However, In his heart, he praised Shi Yan for being so cautious.


Byakko coughed “ *eh-hum* remember that I forced you to shallow my core? Well, that core contains my cultivation and soul. That means that my soul is now inside your body. But don’t get me wrong, I do not need you as the host of my core. What I need is that pendant’s ability”.


Shi Yan nodded his head but kept silent, trying to analyze everything Byakko has said.


Byakko continued since Shi Yan was not speaking, “That pendant of yours is a much more precious treasure compared to the cloak and that little fox’s bell. To be honest, even I don’t know everything about that pendant. Well, it’s common for everyone to hide their strength in our world. Even friends do not easily share information about their abilities or treasures”. Byakko saw Shi Yan lost in his thoughts and couldn’t help ask “Are you listening?”


Shi Yan gave a quick response “Of course. I have to ask, if you do not actually need me to be your host, why are you helping me? Certainly, even if you like me, you wouldn’t go through so much for me”.


Byakko gave a cold snort “Boy, you are really sharp aren’t you? Yes! Even if I like you as a friend, I would not tell you so much unless there is a something in it for me.”


Shi Yan grinned, as though he won a victory and confidently asked “You are hiding from someone aren’t you? That’s why you need me, and the pendant.”


Byakko’s face displayed mixed feelings. One was fear for Shi Yan’s deductive abilities; another was happiness in finding a good seedling. Byakko couldn’t help but warn “Boy, don’t probe any further! They are an existence that you cannot hope to beat… currently”.


Shi Yan obviously understood, Byakko’s meaning. There was no need to provoke or seek this current enemy. It would be best if their existence was treated as non-existence. Imagine if there were monsters that could kill you in a single breath. If a person were to not come into contact with those monsters, would it be better to know of their existence or not? Of course not knowing would be better. What’s the point of knowing? Just more unnecessary worries.


[If that’s the case, it seems that Byakko is assured that these people will not be looking out for me. Or, they at least are not going to put me in their sights. Well, I guess that’s really one less thing to worry about.]


Shi Yan took a deep breath. It was filled with a sense of relief. However, he suddenly recalled a problem and asked with panic. “So, while you are here! who is going to battle that ape?”


Byakko could obviously see the fear in Shi Yan’s expression and gave a light chuckle “Ha Ha! You don’t have to worry about that. My body is still there with my remnant soul. Once the body dies, that soul would naturally disappear.”


“Remnant soul? How is it possible to have more than one soul?”


Byakko did not have any reaction to his question. He already expected Shi Yan to ask more about these types of things. Especially since he was new to the world of cultivation. Regaining his sense of superiority, Byakko gave a dignified response. “Well, you haven’t started cultivating so your wouldn’t know. Once you’ve passed the narvada stage, your body and soul will split apart. You will be able to leave any number of remnant soul in another body. However, these souls are formed from the main soul.”


Seeing Shi Yan’s baffled expression, Byakko quickly changed his explanation. “You don’t have to understand too much but know that, anyone who leaves behind a remnant soul will also weaken their own soul. All remnant souls can be sensed and controlled by the main soul. Thus, right now I’m actually talking to Ha… I mean Lumi”.


Shi Yan was shocked. He was able to communicate with Lumi from here? His eyes were further opened to the mysteries of the immortal’s world. He stood up and urged “What did Lumi say?”. Shi Yan knew that he could never get Lumi to talk but, there was a chance that Byakko could.


Byakko hesitated for a moment. Although he wanted to help Shi Yan, he respected the tomb owner’s will. The tomb’s challenges were made from the person’s last dying wish and desire. If he were to help Shi Yan, he would be trampling on the tomb owner’s dying wish.


Eventually, Byakko sighed as he made up his mind. “I don’t know anything. We are only catching up, talking about the past. Whenever I mention you, he would slyly change the topic of discussion”.


Of course, Shi Yan did not believe Byakko’s words. Feeling slightly irritated, “Are you sure?”


Byakko only gave a nod and spoke no further.


Shi Yan sighed and turned around. It was only then that Byakko remembered something. “Boy, before you leave, can you tell me how’s my daughter?”


Shi Yan spoke without bothering to turn around. “she’s fine. Currently, she’s learning how to hunt for rabbits”.


Byakko closed his eyes and let out a breath of relief. He muttered her name with tender loving care, “Reina…” wishing one could continue to protect her. However he knew that that was impossible. Once he said her name, Shi Yan’s shadow grew smaller as he disappeared from the dungeon.


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