Martial Family

Martial Family – Chapter 5 Appearance

Author: Silavin

After Shi Yan washed his face, he looks for Shi Yin. “Shi Yin, are you done? Let’s take a bath.” A high pitch voice sounds off enthusiastically, “eeeyah” as Shi Yin runs towards him.


“Shi Yin stop running! what if your wounds reopen?”


Shi Yin ignores his nagging and jumps into his arms. Her aim was to comfort Shi Yan or at least make him forget about Li En for awhile.


With the cute little fox in his arms, snuggling and licking his hands, he could not bear to scold her anymore. Instead in a low defeated voice, pleading “Shi Yin please don’t run anymore. I don’t want to see you in pain again.”


The clever fox tries to console him, “eyah”, telling her overprotective `mother` that she’ll be obedient from now on.


“Haiz” Shi Yan lets out a sign. He knows that one is at the mercy of this fox.


At the side of the river, Shi Yan was stripping down. When he was just about to take off his shorts, Shi Yin loudly scolded “eyyyahh”. “alright, alright, I’ll leave it on. It’s not like this is the first time you’ve seen me naked. When I first met you”


“Eyahh! Eyahh! Eyahh!” in attempt to stop him, Shi Yin cries out in anger.


“fine!… I get it!… I won’t say any further. Let’s just get in the river.”


50 minutes later, in the late afternoon.


“Shi Yin, did you find anything?”


Signalling her victorious findings , Shi Yin lets out a loud “Eyah!”.


“hold on, let me see…” discovering a fresh rabbit carcass, Shi Yan was jumping with excitement. He normally only eats vegetable with rice. Meat was too expensive for an orphan to savour. As he holds up Shi Yin, he kissed her repeatedly. “Shi Yin! you are really my lucky star”


Receiving Shi Yan’s kisses, Shi Yin cheerfully licked his face. Returning the affection.


After Shi Yan’s face was covered in saliva, he places Shi Yin down and picks up the rabbit, preparing to head back to the cave. However, a faint rustling sounds could be heard.


Initially, Shi Yan thought that it could be another rabbit. However, the rustling was getting louder by the second.


Something’s not right. A rabbit cannot make the bushes rustle so much… Could it be there’s more than one rabbit?


Shi Yin, noticed the threatening presence moving closer desperately screams “eyyyahh!”, warning Shi Yan to run.


Shi Yan noticed Shi Yin’s fear, and started to bolt. He trusted this little fox more than his own senses. With the rabbit under his left arm, he grabbed Shi Yin with his right hand and ran straight to the river.


Once Shi Yan started to run, the ground started to tremble as the rustling sound became sharper. That thing was getting closer.


Shi Yan dare not look back. The thing chasing him was too frightening! He dares not slow down as the feeling of death gradually got stronger.


Shi Yan was not an ordinary child. He started stealing from a young age of 5 after Li En died. Each time he stole, he always risked getting caught and killed. After 2 years of thievery, his nerves had been hardened.  However, the feeling of danger right now was unprecedented. His was getting scared and desperate.


His hands started to tremble. Shi Yin, in his arms tried to calm him down but it was useless. He lost his grip on the dead rabbit. As it falls onto the ground, he prays that the thing chasing after him would stop for the rabbit.


In just two breaths, the sound of bones breaking could be heard but, there was no sign of the thing stopping.


Did that thing just eat it in one gulp?


Hopelessness sets in. There was no way I can outrun this thing. At the very least, I need to make sure that Shi Yin gets away.


As Shi Yan pulls together is courage for his final stand, a bright light shone through a gap between the trees. He was about to reach the river!


Maybe, if I dive into the river, I could swim to the other side and run away. Let’s just hope that thing can’t swim…


The river could be seen. Just a little further! Just a little more! Please work! Please!


As Shi Yan approaches closer to the river, a loud piercing screech could be heard. Instinctively, he turned his head around to look behind him. At that moment, he saw the thing that was chasing him. Two meters tall, seven meters long, it has six brown legs, sharp and crystal like. It’s body was like an insect’s, except it had six sections instead of three. It’s green crystal like body hold just beauty that if a person were to sell its corpse, they would certainly live nine generations without worry. Its head had a pair of pincers however, one was broken and leaking out a white liquid. Likewise, its pair of ruby eyes and butt were secreting a white liquid.


When Shi Yan saw this crystal insect, he knew that it was a demonic beast. Although it was injured, one cannot let their guard down. These creatures could kill him effortlessly. Even when injured, one should not think that they can contend with a demonic beast.


Shi Yan only stopped for a breath’s time. However, during that short duration, Shi Yin jumped out of his arms. While running towards the river, she was screaming “Eeeyyah! Eeeyyah!” pleading Shi Yan to run.


Feeling his arms become light all of a sudden, Shi Yan was shocked to find Shi Yin missing from his arms. Hearing her cries immediately after she jumped out of his arms, he ran towards her. In this short span of time, he completely forgot about the crystal insect. Instead, his thoughts were entirely filled with concern for Shi Yin.


“Splash!” the little fox jumped into the river. Alerting both Shi Yan and the crystal insect.


Strangely enough, Shi Yin’s actions saved Shi Yan.


The crystal insect only stopped for a second to roar. It was clever. It knew that its weak human prey would stop moving out of fear from its roar. However, it did not expect the human to recover so quickly. Once Shi Yan started to turn around, it knew that the human would start running. Therefore, it immediately gave chase. Only by half a second, Shi Yan managed to dive into the river, escaping from its grasp.


Rage and humiliation. Although the crystal insect was injured, it was still outdone by a mere human. If only it could see, it would be able to give chase. However, currently, it could only rely on its sense of smell and hearing to track the human.


Once Shi Yan entered, the entire river shook, while a loud discordant sound could be heard. This was the crystal insect’s roar. Hearing anger in its roar, Shi Yan’s heart loosened. He knew that the crystal insect was unable to pursue him inside the water.


He regains his focus. At this point in time, his main priority was to find Shi Yin and get out of the river. However, the river current was too strong. This made it hard for him to swim, as he was forced downstream. Luckily, a small shadow could be seen 15 meters in front of him.


Immediately propelling himself forward, he found the cute little silver fox desperately paddling for air.


Shit! She’s going drown if this continues.


Swimming next to her, Shi Yan used his arm to push her up the water, allowing her to grasp for some air. Then, he maneuvered himself to start trap-watering. Although his head was above the water, he was unable to see what the river had install for Shi Yin and him.


What? Why is the water current getting faster? “Shit! NO NO NOOO!!!”


It was too late. Being unable to swim to the side of the river, Shi Yan and Shi Yin were at the mercy of the river as they entered a river rapid. The river current was so chaotic that Shi Yan could hardly keep his head above the water. As he struggled, he used all his might to ensure that at least Shi Yin could breathe.


After a few minutes, Shi Yan’s eyes becomes hazy as he was exhausted and breathless. Soon, he could no longer stay conscious and fainted.


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