Martial Family

Author: Silavin


Shi Yan was a lonely orphan boy. That was only till he met an injured fox hiding under the bushes, whimpering. After much care and concern, the fox soon became his irreplaceable kin. When the situation was just starting to turn colourful, Mistress of the Orphanage found the little fox hiding under Shi Yan’s bed. After the little fox faced relentless torture and abuse, Shi Yan took revenge. The youth stole from the Mistress and ran off. With only the fox in his arm and a small pouch of stolen goods, he never looked back.


*Well, I tried… This story is written in my spare time just for fun. It’s very experimental so readers; do note. There are major changes in writing style within the series as I keep testing things out. Of course, that does not mean that the story actually deviates from its intended progress. It just means that your reading experience may fluctuate quite often…

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this story. 😀


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