My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms

My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms – Chapter 1, Could this Group of Jokers Actually be Gods?

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Translator: Silavin

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


Jiang Nan University, in front of the girls’ dormitory.


“Let’s break up,” Wang Ting said in a cold manner without a hint of emotion.


Opposite her, Lin Hai was standing there confused, it took him a while to force out a smile.


“Ting Ting, what are you saying?”


“Who would even bother with you, to tell the truth, I was just dating you to get a long term meal ticket. But you don’t even qualify to be a meal ticket, I really was blind in the beginning!”


“Ting Ting, this joke isn’t very funny…..”


“Enough!” Lin Hai’s words were cut off by Wang Ting’s sharp yell.


“I’m not going to waste my youth on some poor country boy!”


“Don’t bother me anymore! Leave me alone!”


Watching Wang Ting walk away, Lin Hai’s heart broke.


Back in the dormitory, Lin Hai noticed that the people around him seem to not bat an eye when he walked past them.


[Haa… even the few roommates that I have do not even care about my existence… lol…] Lin Hai sighed.


Lin Hai laid in bed, staring at the ceiling with glazed eyes.


“Ding Dong!”


A sound from WeChat.


Lin Hai picked up his phone and looked at the screen.


A new version of WeChat is available, would you like to update?




Lin Hai dispiritedly accepted




As the update is completed, Lin Hai received an invite from Lord Lao Zi to join the High Heaven Trading Circle.


At the same time, several others joined the chat as well, these were Tai Bai Jin Xing, Erlang Shen, Lei Gong, Lei Mu, Dragon King of the East, Tie Guan Li, Ju Ling Shen, Jiu Tian Xuan Xu, Chang Er, and Li Jing….


All these names…  They were characters from fairy tales!


Lin Hai couldn’t help but chuckle. These people must be playing a prank.


Just before Lin Hai was about to leave, someone spoke.


Erlang God: Who is the owner of this group? Send a red envelope. If you don’t, I’ll let the dog bite you! *mischievous smile


Xiao Tian Dog: Woof woof woof!


Ye You Shen: Waiting for the red envelope *drooling


Lord Lao Zi: I am the leader of the group but this is a trading group, not a red envelope group. If you want a red envelope to please @Cai Shen Ye


Cai Shen Ye: Why the hell should I care, the owner of the group should be the one handing it out. *rolls eyes


Hong Hai Er: Stop wasting our time! Hurry up and give it or your beard will catch fire!


Tai Bai Jin Xing: Yeah, that’s right. Hurry up and hand them out @Cai Shen Ye.


Monkey King: Bag of bone, quickly give them out and stop bickering!


Lord Lao Zi: If you agree with Having Cai Shen Ye send out the red envelopes, please press 1!


Erlang Shen: 1


Lei Mu: 1


Lei Gong: 1


Chang Er: 1


Mo Li Qing: 1




The group was instantly filled with messages


Lin Hai was speechless, these people had too much time on their hands.


Cai Shen Ye: Don’t spam! Can’t I get a break? Bunch of idiots! *anger


“Ding Dong!”


Suddenly a big red envelope appeared on Lin Hai’s screen.


Lin Hai poked it suspiciously.


“You have been gifted a red envelope from Cai Shen Ye.”


1 merit point?


Merits and virtues? What kind of nonsense was this? It left Lin Hai confused.


When Lin Hai opened his bank account there was an extra category in it called “merit” and its balance was 1.


It must be a game prop, perhaps it’s supposed to be a new function that came with the WeChat update.


That’s the only reason Lin Hai could think of.


At this time, the group chat was flooding once again.


Yue Lao: Only 0.1 merit point depend on @Cai Shen Ye to be miserly.


Jiu Tian Xuan Xu: I have greatest luck 1.1, miserly @Cai, Shen Ye.


Ju Ling Shen: @Cai Shen Ye Miser+1


Erlang Shen: @Cai Shen Ye Miser+2


Feng Bo: @Cai Shen Ye Miser+3




Shou Xing: @Cai Shen Ye Miser + 10086


Cai Shen Ye: You are a miser, your whole family is misers! Geez.




Group Chat: Cai Shen Ye is depressed, vomiting blood and has sustained heavy injuries, his life-span has been reduced by ten years!


Erlang Shen: Haha! Not only are you a miser but you’re also weak! @Cai Shen Ye.


Dragon King of the East: I say, you’re vomiting too much blood, it’s dying my East Sea. red. Send me a private package or I’ll tell everyone you’re polluting the environment! *smile


Lei Shen: @Cai Shen Ye fool, this is what happens when you send out more red envelopes than you should! *contempt


Ne Zha: @Cai Shen Ye Fool+1


Yu Main Huli: @Cai Shen Ye Fool+2




All of a sudden, these guys in this group were lining up to tease this person.


“Haha, this sure is interesting.”


Lin Hai’s depressed mood had lightened significantly by watching this funny group.


Lord Lao Zi: Well, back to the topic at hand, this group was made to facilitate your trading in various items, skills, and treasures. Everyone can take out anything for sale, allow me to start.


Lord Lao Zi had interrupted the teasing, otherwise, Cai Shen Yi would vomit blood again.


Lord Lao Zi: One Nine Meridians Golden Elixir, the effect of this elixir is to give you ten years worth of cultivation, name a price.


Erlang Shen: 50 merit points!


Monkey King: 100 merit points!


Tai Bai Jin Xing: 150!


Monkey King: @Tai Bai Jin Xing Old man, do you want to teach your grandson a lesson? I’ll come to your house and fight it out with you!


Tai Bai Jin Xin: Ah, Great Saint, I dare not. I dare not. I’m still very busy so I’ll be leaving first.


“Haha this Monkey King, the character imitation is quite good.” Lin Hai watched with excitement at his mobile phone.


Lord Lao Zi: @Monkey King You Monkey head! Don’t make any trouble!


Erlang Shen: 200!


Monkey King: 300!


Erlang Shen: 400!


Monkey King: 500!


Erlang Shen: 600!




Then two men completed, the rest of the group did not disturb them.


Cai Shen Yi: 1000!


Suddenly a dark horse appeared,


Erlang Shen: Come on, you uncle! @Cai Shen Yi.


Monkey King: You old man, are you itching to vomit blood again?! @Cai Shen Yi


Chang Er: @Cai Shen Yi, wow! You’re so rich! I want to give birth to a cute little monkey for you *shy *shy *shy


Monkey King: @Chang If you want to give birth to little monkeys, you should be looking for me. I will be waiting under the peach tree. *deceit


Lei  Mu: Rich Man, I am a young girl who can warm your bed at night @Cai Shen Yi *drooling


Lei Gong: @Lei Mu, Ah Mu, I am sad *crying


“I’ve made a big loss” Cai Shen Yi ignored these funny comments and directly traded with Lord Lao Zi and left.


He had to make up for the damage he took from vomiting blood.


Next, the people that were doing the teasing started trading


Dog food for wheezing dogs, the private diary of Lei Mu, the history of love affairs of Tan Sanzang, The tale of 8 immortals, all kinds of things were traded making the group crowded.


Especially when Zhu Bajie unexpectedly put Change Hao’s used panties up for auction, but now it’s said that he is on the run.


Laughing and scolding, after a night of being busy, the group quieted down.


Lin Hai’s mood had improved significantly, he seemed to be happy to be in such a group.


“Ding Dong!”


Yu Tu requests to add you as a friend.




Lin Hai was somewhat fond of these jokers


“Great Immortal, the [Moon Palace Fairy’s Song] is on sale for 10 merit points. As soon as Yu Tu found out she rushed over!”


“I only have one merit point, I have just started getting them.




What the fuck!


Yu Tu was was so happy that Lin Hai thought he was being tricked.


Received [Moon Palace Fairy’s Song] X1, please check your wallet for confirmation!


Lin Hai opened his wallet and there were rows of small squares on the interface.


On the interface, in the top left corner, there was a picture of a book with a light blue cover.


[Moon Palace Fairy’s Song]: the exclusive singing method of Chang Er, The Moon Palace Fairy, handwritten by Yu Tu when she was bored.


Do you want to extract it?




“Big news, big news!”


The dormitory door slammed open and Fatty Wang Peng rushed in,


“The flower of the school, Liu Xing Yue of the music department, is performing at the candy bar!”




“No way! Liu Xing Yue is too pure, how could she be performing at a bar?”


“Liu Xing Yue is the goddess of my dreams, how could she have fallen?”


Boys always concern themselves over school flowers and pretty girls, so when it comes to Liu Xing Yue, a few guys in the dormitory immediately stopped what they were doing and began to talk about her in full swing.


Usually, Lin Hai would have joined the conversation.


But now, Lin Hai couldn’t say a word


He was in shock at the moment!


Look at the empty [Moon Palace Fairy’s Song], his heart sunk.


Lin Hai shivered and opened the group chat, he read from beginning to end and looked at those weird names.


He then thought of a ridiculous idea, one which he could not believe.


Could this group of jokers actually be Gods?


Silavin: Yo, starting a new series here. This one has been planned for a while but I got triggered by people mistaking this novel as the same as Red Packet Server.


They are not the same!!!!

Though, the plot is similar. But this one is more readable!!!


Anyways, I can’t really work on this full time and will probably only be uploading one chapter a week. I still got Martial Peak and Omni-Magician to keep going as well as my job. So, I’ll be shamelessly asking for volunteers to help translate this novel. Though be warned, this novel is much harder to translate than MP and OM through MTL.

Anyways, any volunteers?



email me here: [email protected]


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  1. Interesting so far. But I don’t get why he suddenly wondered if those people in the chat group were gods. It feels like I missed something. 🤔🤨😔

      1. But why would I suddenly wonder if they’re real gods instead of people who chose those usernames? I mean, Lin Hai extracted “Moon Palace Fairy’s Song,” then his heart sank (for some reason) and then he wondered if they were real gods.😖

        1. It was just the references that hit him. The manner they were speaking as well as the nouns.
          Think about it.
          If you entered a chat group full of people who were using God’s names, which isn’t exactly popular unless they are closely tied to what is popular right now, and they use terms, which you know refer to something special but it should not even be spoken of in a regular basis.

          Of course, naturally, you would think of it as a joke. However, as the conversation goes on, you might have a sudden thought. Maybe they are real? Of course, you dismiss it but it is a fun thought to think about.

          At this point, he still doesn’t really know if they are Gods. It is more of an interesting thought that popped into his mind.

    1. I think the fact is that after he got the item of the jade rabbit, he extracted it, and then the inventory was empty, indicating that at that time the thing went to his brain, and he was stunned.

    1. Nope. Both are similar but this one has even more chapters out right now and has its own manhwa. The other one is called Red Packet Server. Even the authors are different.

      More differences can be seen after the second chapter. The stories really diverge from there.

    1. Most translators out there use MTL to translate.
      If you really wish to translate, you really just need to be capable of understanding MTL and be fluent in English. The former is easier to do once you get a hang of it.

  2. as a reader of your hard work for free, I can only say thank you very much ………………………… T_ ^

    and keep spirit in doing your work …

    hey is this same as cultivation chat group…..?

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