Omni-Magician – Chapter 107, Isn’t this the Dark Forest

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The use of a [Teleportation Scroll] would take some time to process. After successfully activating the scroll, the user would automatically be teleported. However, that is only with the condition that teleportation destination is located somewhere in the same world. If not, the process of both invoking the teleportation spell and the process of teleporting itself would take a much longer time.

Ye Chui firmly believed that this move was his checkmate. But, it was not long before he noticed that even if Bedwick had been enveloped by white light, the teleportation has not completed. It needed more time. There, at this crucial juncture, he realized the fatal flaw in the [Ancient Tomb Sealed Technique]: the time required.

It only requires two seconds but these two short moments were enough for someone like Bedwick to make his escape.

When Bedwick felt his arm quickly become cold, he turned to look and found that a familiar white light bit by bits, engulfing him. As a veteran, it took him no time to make a resolute decision. So, with his eye staring without a sign of hesitation, he took up his dagger. One simple move took place. One swing and that was all it took for his arm to be lopped off. However, as though danger had not been completely averted, Bedwick once again returned to his digesting form and hid underground.

The left arm that got chopped off gradually disappeared in white light. Thankfully, the Gatling which was held by that arm did not get caught in the white light and fell to the ground.

“AHHH!!!” From the ground, Bedwick cried out in agony. The little mound was no longer interested in continuing being around the pair as it hastily sought for an escape. The loss of his arm had made Bedwick lose all aggression. It was as though his affinity with mice made him have the share the same instinct as them.

There was a loud roar in the vicinity; the Wind Wolves howled and a bigger wolf appeared. It seemed like it was the leader of the pack and true to its appearance, a single howl from it made its members alert, ready to initiate an attack.

Though they were fast, Debbie was the first to take a step. She ran towards her Giant Sword which was sunk into the ground and plucked it out with one hand.  With vigilance of a hawk, her gaze stuck to the wind wolves as she headed towards her Gatling. Once she grabbed hold of both weapons, she aimed the Gatling at the Wind Wolves while slowly backing towards Antano’s body; actions like a soldier.

At the same time, Ye Chui sighed within his heart. He stood at the back of the little girl, entrusting his back to her while facing the surge of Wind Wolves.

“What should we do now?” Debbie asked, peeked nervously at Ye Chui. She had not thought that their battle would end with Bedwick escaping. Now, facing 40 Wind Wolves after such a tough battle was incredibly difficult. It was especially so since there were only two of them here. The last time, they could only manage to get out of an encirclement due to the knights protecting their flanks while Debbie opened up a way out. Since there was only the two of them now, that sort of tactic could not work for long.  

“Let’s use the same technique we did; the one that allows us to stay airborne.”  Ye Chui but once he looked up, he saw that the sky had become a gathering of Wolf Hawks. They previously ran off but now, they had returned and secured the skies. “TSK … It seems like that plan will no longer work. Now, we can only hope for the best using a Teleportation Scroll”.  Ye Chui quickly took out the scroll from the space ring.

The King of the Wind Wolves was aware that Ye Chui was capable of using such a scroll and immediately howled for an immediate attack.

“Buy me some time.”

Ye Chui and tore the scroll apart. He then focused the teleportation direction to where Alfea was headed.

[Although we cannot appear next to them, this will allow us to break free from the encirclement.]

Debbie took a deep “haaa” and opened fire, taking down the first few Wind Wolves that charged at them.

The scrolls had been activated and the familiar white light shone down from the sky.


Two Wind Wolves pounced on Ye Chui so fast that he didn’t even get the chance to breathe. When he inhaled, the stench from the wolves’ mouths almost choked him.

Damn it!”

Debbie cursed. In one hand, she held her Gatling while on the other, her sword. Controlling the recoil with ease, she was capable of swinging her Great Sword to cleave two wolves into four. However, with her back facing Ye Chui, and the wolves running towards her, she had to keep her Gatling facing forward. Therefore, the two Wind Wolves that were rushing towards Ye Chui could not be reached by her Great Sword. Nonetheless, she took a desperate swing, and something unexpected happened.

A miracle; when the wolves had their claws inches away from Ye Chui’s throat, they were blown away by a strong gust of wind. Strong wind produced by Debbie’s Great Sword. But since the user had not known of her new found ability, Ye Chui was unfortunately caught up in the wind and blown away with it

“This is…” Debbie muttered as both she and Ye Chui were caught with their mouths gaping open.

Even if an Elementary Swordsman was given the best sword in the world, it was not possible for them to achieve such results.  Elementary Swordsmen can feel Sword Aura and possess a certain level of knowledge about it but it was not possible for them to utilize Sword Aura to attack. Instead, they were able to use Sword Aura to strengthen their bodies, enabling them to be sturdier. However, the heart-pounding moment earlier forced Debbie to take action and unconsciously broke through the defining gap between Intermediate Swordsman and Elementary Swordsman.

Therefore, at that very moment, Debbie evolved into an Intermediate Swordsman.  With this promotion along with her Gatling, she was equivalent to 5 Level 6 Swordsman.

White light shone from the activation of the teleportation scroll started to spread out and under Ye Chui’s control, all three of them started to be wrapped inside the light; even Antano’s corpse, which was lying on the ground next to them. As the light covered every aspect of their body, they started to fade.

Unfortunately, fortune was not on their side as the King of Wind Wolves made a deafening roar: “WWoo!” Its voice loud and deep but that was not the worrying aspect. The roar contained some kind of power that started to affect the space around them. The light surrounds the three was no exception as ripples started a form in the light.

Then, the group disappeared from sight.

The pack Wind Wolves growled in agitation as their King repeatedly gave outraged roars. Although their kind was by no means as intelligent as humans, it was by far the smartest and strongest in its pack. Therefore, it was well aware of the devastation its pack had faced. From hundreds of wolves to a number close to 40. Such losses were enough for its eyes to grieve. However, now was not the time for grief. The King took a glance in the Dark Forest’s direction before howling once again. The pack, in response to the howl, started to move off. This time, they were following the mound on the ground; the direction Bedwick was headed to.

A white light flickered and the three of them appeared.

Instantly, the hairs on Ye Chui’s body stood on end as this was not the place he targeted their teleportation too. There was hardly any light here but it was obvious that the outlines were that of a thick forest.

[Isn’t this the Dark Forest?]

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