Omni-Magician – Chapter 11, Isn’t She Your Dream Lover?

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


As Busca hurriedly left with his son, who was already unrecognisable from all the torture, the surrounding crowd did not disperse. Instead, they gathered around Ye Chui while exclaiming in awe. Magicians were originally a respectable profession, and the numbers were already scarce. Watching them battle was a sight to see for the crowd. Much like Ye Chui’s performance, Hammer’s was astonishing as well. No one would have expected him, a person who chose trashy Magician skills, to be able to beat the Swordsman. He was truly worthy of praise.


“Hammer, since when did your magic skills improve so drastically? I was so worried for you just now.”


“Hammer’s scheming tactics were definitely as impressive as I thought. With his brains and bravery, a level 2 Magician managed to actually defeat a level 4 Swordsman. What’s more, he still conveniently took 100 gold coins. Such skills and talent will definitely bring him far. All is within my expectations.”


“Busca simply got what he deserved. Finally, from all the crimes he had committed, he got his retribution.”


“Although he enjoys talking big and showing off, all of his actions are only possible due to the support from his son. Let’s see how he is going to recover from this!”


“In order to hold a position at the City Lord’s Manor, one must be at least a level 4 Swordsman. Since Carrey took tonic pills to raise his level, his level was extremely unstable. After using Warrior’s Secret Technique: Protection of the War God, he dropped by a level. Now, without his place in the City Lord’s Manor, he can consider himself finished!”


The crowd continued to insult Busca, taking the opportunity to kick a man that was already down – his reputation in the streets was horrendous in the first place, and they were just taking the opportunity to vent their anger.


Debbie, given her petite stature, took some effort to squeeze through the crowd to suddenly appear at Ye Chui’s side. She displayed a smile, as bright and as pretty as a magical sunflower, indicating her excitement.


Looking at her smile gave Ye Chui a sense of joy. He was waiting for the little girl to praise him. Even with his fragile looking stature, he managed to emerge victorious due to his intelligence!


“As for the Platinum Coin Card, I shall keep it!” Debbie extended her small hand towards Ye Chui with sparkling eyes.


“…” Ye Chui did not speak. [Can’t Debbie just focus on something else? Like my wise and brilliant plan?]


Ye Chui passed the Platinum Coin Card into Debbie’s hands, trying not to be so calculative with her.


Debbie immediately examined the cherished card in her hands, then carefully stuffed the card under the chest piece of her armour suit and gently patted her flat chest with a delighted smile plastered onto her face.


After the crowd in the street dispersed, Debbie went back to Anthony’s Magic Cottage, pulling Ye Chui along with her. As she stretched her body, she heaved a sigh of relief after surviving the battle. Not only did she survive the battle, she even managed to obtain a great sum of money. Nothing in this world could compare with what she had just received. Nothing could be more dream-like than now.


Indulging in her own euphoric world to be only broken as Debbie suddenly got reminded of something. She took her hand and placed it on her belly, rubbing it, “Hammer, I’m hungry… After vomiting so much, I feel really hungry now. Let’s eat alright?”


“What do you wish to eat?” Ye Chui asked.


“Hehe, of course we are going to eat in a grandiose restaurant!” Debbie pats her chest, “We are rich now!”


Coming from another world, Ye Chui had no clue how significant 100 gold coins was in this world. When he casually demanded 100 gold coins from Busca, Ye Chui didn’t think much of the amount… until, he saw the anxious look on Busca’s face.


Debbie was forced to borrow 10 silver coins from Busca to pay for her father’s medical bills and funeral arrangements; she even had to put up Anthony’s Magic Cottage as collateral to repay Busca. In that case, 100 gold coins would definitely not be a small amount.


Ever since Ye Chui had reincarnated into Hammer’s body, he had been stuck in Anthony’s Magic Cottage for the whole of three days. Right now, he could not help but wish to explore the place, taking a stroll outside to experience more of what this fantasy world had to offer.


Ye Chui nodded with a smile on his face, “That sounds good.”


After half an hour, Ye Chui was sitting next to Debbie in Stan City’s biggest restaurant, “Moran Flower Restaurant.” They sat at a table by the window, filled with luxurious food that Debbie had only dreamt of having a taste of.  The food was emitting out a fragrant smell, Debbie could not help but feel her mouth water.


Debbie had a white dress on with her hair tied into two ponytails. Accompanied by her small ruddy face, she looked like a small loli. However, if one were to look at her whole figure, they would surely notice the gigantic great sword on her waist. If any sane person were to see a childlike person carry a 50kg great sword, they would definitely be too shocked for words.


Although Ye Chui had been accustomed to such strange sights, he still couldn’t accept such an ironic scene.


“No matter where Swordsmen go, they will never forget to take along their sword. Like a wand to a Magician, it must remain by your side at all times.” Debbie answered with a dignified voice after Ye Chui asked her about the sword she brought along with her. However, when she sized up Ye Chui, her expression changed, “Where is your magic wand?”


Ye Chui started to perspire, “I left it back at home…”


“…” Debbie was left speechless. Whenever she ran around with her great sword, no one would look at her in surprise. It was as though such a scene was already ordinary.


On the way to Moran Flower Restaurant, Ye Chui totally immersed himself in this world of fantasy, which to him, was a somewhat more glamorous version of a medieval style setting. Magical sights and smells could be experienced everywhere, similar to those special effects seen in movies.


Magic was commonly used in daily conveniences. For example, flame magic could be used to light up an advertisement board; wind magic could be used to move carriages without the need of horses, while magic puppets could be used as shopkeepers. Although the human race was the majority in the streets, there were still other races, such as the brutish Beastmen, the beautiful and aloof Elves; and the healthy, vigorous Dwarves.


From Hammer’s memory, 5000 years ago, Beastmen, Elves, Dwarves and Giants all formed an alliance with the human race. Till now, this alliance was still in effect even though all the races had some kind of conflict with the Human race. Beastmen tribes tended to be completely inharmonious when they were with the Human Race. Similarly, relations between the Dwarf race and the Elven race with Humans had been fraught with friction. Even the Giants had not been seen for the last thousand years on the Aigen-Dazs Continent. However, such tension between the races did not hinder their coexistence within Stan City, where Humans and the other races could live harmoniously.


Each of these experiences and bits of knowledge were a novel thing to Ye Chui.


Fortunately, Debbie had a thick skin despite her petite stature. She made no reaction towards Ye Chui’s constant astonished look. In her heart, Hammer would always be Hammer. Even though he was unscrupulous in the battle previously by using magic scrolls to defeat a level 4 Swordsman, he was still the only one that Debbie would marry.


The chef of Moran Flower Restaurant, which was located in Stardust Avenue of Stan City and worthy of the reputation of the best restaurant in town, cooked several delicious dishes. Although those dishes looked unfamiliar to Debbie and Ye Chui, their appetites were not reduced and they ate the meal happily.


Suddenly, something caught Ye Chui’s attention, as his gaze quickly turned to the interesting situation outside the window. He was so engrossed, that this vision did not shift away for a single second.


“Hammer, what are you looking at? This meal cost a few silver coins so hurry up and eat. Don’t let it go to waste.” Debbie mumbled but as her gaze also turned to the curious matter that caught Ye Chui’s attention, her eyes shone with a brilliant light. “It’s Miss Alfea! She must be heading out of town to temper herself!”


“You know her?” Ye Chui looked at Debbie with a strange expression.


Out of the window on Stardust Avenue, a beautiful horse was seen slowly trotting. Cars, horses and other animals were prohibited from travelling along this avenue; however, this horse didn’t seem to have any problems passing through the avenue. Even the pedestrians on the street made way for the horse to travel through; indicating the person on the horse was of respectable status.


On top of the white horse was an extremely pretty girl with wavy burgundy hair. Her whole body was clad with silvery armour, but even the thick metal could not hide her slender and perfectly symmetrical body. She looked to be around 15 – 16 years old, with fair skin, emitting some kind of mystical charm. Even though she seemed aloof, she gave off a strong heroic aura.


Ye Chui acknowledged that he was charmed by the pretty girl, or maybe it was Hammer who was attracted to her, thus affecting Ye Chui as well.


There were four Swordsmen in full body armour following the girl, three of which were of the Human race, and one muscular green-skinned Beastman Warrior.


“Of course I would know. She is the Stan City’s City Lord’s daughter; Alfea, a genius Swordsman who is the same age as us. However, we cannot hope to compare with her… right now, she is a level 5 Swordsman and will eventually become an Advanced Swordsman.” Debbie looked at Ye Chui with a strange look, “Hammer, aren’t you acting a little strange? Isn’t Miss Alfea the sweetheart of your dreams? I even found a portrait of her underneath your bed.”

(Silavin: Exposed!!!!)


“…” Ye Chui could not think of a suitable explanation. However, at least he now knew why he thought of this girl as charming.

(Silavin: Aren’t all pretty girls supposed to be charming? =.= asexual?)


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