Omni-Magician – Chapter 157, Who are you trying to fool boy? Just tell me next time

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[That is a peak Level 9 Magicians attack?!] Ye Chui had personally experienced its might.


Ye Chui thought that the <Earth Fissure> that Booth cast during the beast tide was extremely powerful and estimated that that was what a peak Level Nine magician’s attack would likely be. But never in his wildest dreams would he have thought that he would be so off the mark in his estimations. His face paled with shock as the cold winter wind blasted his face , he stood there with the Dragon Baby, who was wide-eyed looking at Miss Dawkins standing at the center of seven lightning balls that kept orbiting her and new lightning balls appeared as she kept bombarding  her target in a tight net of lightning balls like artillery shells. This wanton bombing reminded Ye Chui of a saying “Better destroy the fish than let them slip the net.”


This bombardment lasted for over half a minute nonstop leaving a charred and smoking pile of rubble.


The first one to get to the place after the commotion ended was steward Mattis, who went out to prepare coffee for the guest, and when he witnessed the aftermath of the incident his body shivered and the tray in his hands fell to the ground, shattering the cups.


Dawkins looked at Mattis and judging that he posed no threat, she asked Ye Chui: “How is he now? Oh, wait… I have a Healing Scroll with me, but I am not sure if it is of any help!”


Saying that Dawkins ran towards Ye Chui, nearly flying past the boy.


However, before she could fly past him, Ye Chui quickly moved in front of her to stop her from continuing. “It looks fine now. It had regained some vitality. Thank you very much for your concern, Miss Dawkins.”


“Gu Ji Gu Ji” the Dragon Baby grumbled twice and jumped into Dawkins Bosom and buried itself into her hug and held her as if he was scared to death a moment ago and is asking her to comfort him…


Dawkins relaxed and held the Dragon Baby with a smile on her face.


Once forcing himself back to his ‘home’ the Dragon Baby turned its chubby face towards Ye Chui and gave cunning smile, and Ye Chui nodded with a smile in response. He was extremely satisfied with the first-ever master-servant teamwork.


“What Happened here…?” Booth appeared in a flash of white light and asked about what happened in the courtyard. He hurried here when he felt a strong wave of magic from here and was relieved to find that Dawkins and Ye Chui were fine. He was the first to arrive here and when he observed the scene, he could still recognize this half-destroyed courtyard to be the Oupu Mansion which made him even more surprised, “What exactly happened here?”


Just when Booth finished asking another silhouette appeared in a flash, and the person that arrived this time was Eric. After seeing the condition, the courtyard was in shock appeared on his face and with doubts ringing in his head he looked at Ye Chui for an explanation.


He too felt the wind elemental energy from the spells before…


Ye Chui stepped in front of Booth and Eric with a face filled with remorse: “Teacher, City Lord Eric, I never thought that things would turn out like this. All I wanted was to bring Miss Dawkins here for her to visit Guild Master Oupu but never thought that the Guild Master would be so drunk in the middle of the day. All it took were a few words and he started to fight with Miss Dawkins… ah… it was my blunder for all this mess. I knew Guild Master Oupu was grieving and in a foul mood. Why did I bring Miss Dawkins here and disturb him?”


Booth and Eric looked at Dawkins to confirm what they heard, to only find her playing with the dragon Baby uncaring of whatever Ye Chui was spouting. They turned to Ye Chui looking at him with doubts  [Who are you trying to fool boy! You brought Miss Dawkins here intentionally to cause trouble with Oupu and say it was a mistake! Knock it off!]


Booth and Eric looked at each other and felt a huge headache coming. They knew that Oupu had a dispute with Ye Chui, paying off Bedwick to assassinate Debby, ambushing Ye Chui and all the other stuff. They also knew that Ye Chui would not let it go based on his temper, yet they never expected that he would bring Dawkins to wreck Oupu’s house… and turn into ruins… If this incident gets blown up and it is investigated, then things will be hard to handle.


While they were brainstorming on how to solve this mess, Dawkins suddenly spoke: “I am the one to do all this so naturally, it is my responsibility to face the consequences.” facing the tree nearby, “not to mention that Guild Master Oupu should still be alive.”


“He is still alive?!” Ye Chui was startled and quickly looked towards the charred courtyard that was bombarded with lightning bolts.


Sure enough, he saw a pitiful body charred and lying on the ground breathing heavily with his legs twitching occasionally proving that he is alive. That was Guild Master Oupu who was almost dead and in front of him what should have been a couple of enchanted gear. Upon closer inspection, they turned out to be two Puppet Swordsmen, that were destroyed to the point they could be recognized. It seems he used the two puppets to defend against the random barrage of attacks from Dawkins, yet he had suffered grievous injuries.


It seems Dawkins controlled her attacks to not cause any fatal injuries.


Eric rushed to Oupu and checked him. He turned his head to Booth and nodded. He felt relieved that Oupu was still alive even though he was seriously injured.


Booth looked at Ye Chui blaming him, he then walked near Miss Dawkins and asked in a soft voice: “Miss Dawkins, I would like to get a confirmation from you. I take it that you visited Guild Master Oupu since he did not attend the banquet in the afternoon, but when you arrived, he was impolite, and you chose to teach him a lesson?”


Dawkins gave an indifferent nod and spoke facing to Booth’s side: “Mr. Booth, I’ll be leaving, you can take care of other issues.”


Once saying that she left holding the Dragon Baby and walked towards the door… and there was a wall there…  and there her wand waved and now there was a gaping hole there.


Booth wiped the sweat from his forehead and looked at Ye Chui: “Next time you do something idiotic like this tell so that I might be able to handle some of the aftermaths.”


“Teacher, thank you.” Ye Chui felt touched.


“I too do not like how this Guild Master, Oupu acts at all.” Booth sighed, he looked in the direction Dawkins left and said, “It looks like you are getting along well with her. She does not like to involve herself with anyone and yet you managed to get her to act against Oupu and teach him a lesson!”


“All the credit goes to the Baby.” Ye Chui said with beads of sweat falling from this forehead.


“I watched that little lass grow up. Although she seems cold on the outside, she is in fact very naïve. You should not have used her in helping you take revenge. Her life is already pitiful enough…” Booth became hesitant to speak any further, “hurry along… get to her and make sure she does not get lost and tear down half the city.”


“Ok, I’ll go find her…” Ye Chui said hurriedly. His mind had a torrent of doubts. Did Dawkins truly have a pitiful life? Seems this person had many stories behind her…


The Oupu Mansion was a huge complex and must pass through many subsidiary courtyards to get to the main road so Ye Chui was worried that Dawkins would get lost and instead would directly blast her way through, exploding everything in the way. Though, one had to admit that her methods were crude but effective.


Once Dawkins stepped onto the street through a large opening in the wall that was still smoking, she turned her head towards Ye Chui with an icy stare and said: “This matter had nothing to do with the baby. You had personal enmity with Oupu, and you used me to deal with him, right?”


“He He…” Ye Chui let out a hollow laugh and admitted: “He sent someone to kill my Debbie, sent someone to assassinate me. I would have gone to settle accounts with him sooner or later. Please do not misunderstand, as I can kill him personally, but he is the Magic Guild’s master and killing him would be troublesome, so I had to rely on you to take care of him. If this bothers you then you can treat it as a contract, and I can pay you with Gold Coins.”


“I do not lack Gold coins.” Dawkins rejected and looked down at the Dragon Baby playing in her arms, “But, I will keep the Baby for a while as a punishment.”


“No problems.” Ye Chui complied immediately. He looked at the Dragon baby in Dawkins’s bosom and thought that the baby would not accept leaving his master and would hesitate to go with Dawkins… but that was not the case as the piglet was happily buried itself in her bosom. He could also see that although Dawkins was not happy at being used, she did not mind it too much. just as Booth said, she was quite a naive girl. Even though it has only been a short few hours since he met this nearsighted miss, he understood her character and said, “Miss Dawkins, let me show you the rest of the Stan City.”


“Oh, where are we going next?” Dawkins asked as she teased the Dragon Baby.


“Well… let us see which other enemies I have…”




“For god’s sake, I was just joking, and you draw your wand at me… and I AM TO YOUR LEFT!”


They left as they joked about, all the while Ye Chui kept thinking of how after all that bombardment, Oupu still managed to survive. 


[I must find a way to take care of him…]


What followed took Stan City by storm. On that night, Oupu suddenly passed away. He died at the hands of a Mysterious Evil Dark Magic.



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