Omni-Magician – Chapter 159, A Match Made in Heaven

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Translator: Satya

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Early in the morning Ye Chui, who was sleeping sound suddenly felt his chest heavy forcing him awake. When he opened his eyes to look down what greeted him was that the piglet was sleeping on him. The cute little thing was laying on his chest with its pudgy little arms spread out and it’s head resting on Ye Chui’s chest. It was snoring with snot bubbles growing out of its nose…


Ye Chui scratched his head thinking how he would explain this piglet running to him. He made a deal with Miss Dawkins yesterday that he would let her have the Dragon Baby for as long as she stayed at Stan City only for this piglet to run back to him before the sun rose?! Ye Chui tried to get out of bed without waking up the baby, but when he tried to lift him up the Dragon Baby woke up rubbing its nose and opened its eyes. When it saw Ye Chui it cried cheerfully, “Gu Ji Gu Ji.”


“How did you get back here at night?” Ye Chui asked with a smile.


Dragon Baby: [Of course, this baby will come back to the master’s side to protect him.]


“Protect the master…” Ye Chui shook his head feeling that that was the funniest thing he heard. He knew that the reason for such thought is definitely because of any warm feelings between the Dragon Baby and Ye Chui but because of the Slave Contract that is active between the both of them.


Since Ye Chui still felt a little lethargic, he carried Dragon baby on his shoulder downstairs. By the time he finished his wake-up routine Debbie and Vivian returned from their morning exercise.


The moment Dragon Baby saw them his eyes shone bright and jumped into Vivian’s bosom and started to play cheerfully with her. Vivian carried the little rascal into the kitchen with a smile to cook breakfast.


While Vivian was doing that Debbie took her Great Sword and started practicing. She was preparing to take the Swordsman assessment. This young lass with great ambitions is in a rush to reach Level 6 Swordsman from her current status as a Level 3 Swordsman and considering her current skill set she has a chance at getting recognized as a level 6 Swordsman.


And naturally, Ye Chui was also thinking of taking his Intermediate Magician assessment around the same time Debbie would take her Swordsman assessment. Like Debbie, he is also planning to rush through to the Level 6 Intermediate Magician assessment from his current Level 3 Magician status. Naturally, since he already knew he was at that level, there will be no suspense when he takes the assessment.


When Alfea heard of Ye Chui and Debbie’s intentions, she was shocked speechless, [ These two monsters are made for each other. There has not been a single case of any Magician or Swordsman in Stan City since its establishment who rose from Level 3 to level 6 in a single sitting…] But Alfea is already a Level 5 Swordsman, and now that she had tempered her skills in the Beast Tide. Therefore, she too is prepared to take the Level 6 Swordsman assessment, so she decided that she would take her assessment alongside Ye Chui and  Debbie together. She too believes she will not have any trouble entering Level 6.


Once Debbie was finished with her practice and then took her bath and sat at the table and soon the breakfast was done. Once breakfast was done Vivian started to frantically search for something all over the kitchen with an anxious face. Looking at this strange scene Ye Chui asked: “Vivian, what is it? did you lose something?”


“Boss, did you see my Holy Bible anywhere? I can’t find it anywhere…” Vivian said with worry.


“Eh…” The night the day before yesterday, after the supper was finished, Vivian forgot the Holy Bible on the table, which was then taken by Ye Chui who studied it the entire night. On that day the Holy Bible has conveniently forgotten thanks to the Dragon Baby fiasco. But then again, the Bible is Vivian’s best friend and now that Vivian has discovered that the Holy Bible is lost…


[Without it, how can I reach the Trainee Bishop Level?]


“It’s with me. The night of the day before yesterday I noticed that you forgot it on the table. So, I took it with me and yesterday I forgot to give it back to you.” Ye Chui took the Holy Bible and gave it to Vivian.


Vivian’s face lit up with happiness when she took the Holy Bible from Ye Chui’s hands: “Thank you, Boss, I thought I lost it forever. I could not imagine how angry Bishop Faria would have been if he found out about it?”


[How many times did this Miss lose the Bible…]


[Oh… I thought that a follower must read the Holy Bible during the evening prayer before bed. How come you have only noticed it now?” Ye Chui asked feeling a little strange.


“Ah… I have memorized every sentence in the Holy Bible by the time I was eight.” Vivian said with a proud smile, “So I do not need to look at the Holy Bible during my prayers.”


“Really?” Ye Chui’s curiosity peaked, “Then, can you use the Saint Word without the Holy Bible?”


“No, the Holy Bible is the bridge between the Seven Gods and the believers. It is the medium through with we display the power of the Saint Word…: Vivian replied immediately, and then she suddenly remembered that outsiders should not be told of the secrets of a follower and quickly closed her mouth. then she gave an awkward smile and spoke to Ye Chui, “Boss, Sorry… but I ran into another follower while making the morning jog, and she said that Bishop Faria wanted to meet me for something. So, I need to make a trip to the church.”


“Hmm, OK.” Ye Chui nodded, [No wonder she was so worried when the Holy Bible was missing. She needs to go to the church, so there might be a chance that they discovered she lost it.]


After she had her breakfast, Vivian changed to her Priest Robes, said goodbye to Dragon Baby and left Anthony’s Magic Cottage.


Debbie was happily preparing to open the Magic Store and Ye Chui was dreaming about the 4,000 Gold Coins he was going to get when he met Alfea today for the Ancient Tomb style of Swordsmanship. However, Alfea arrived in the yard in her official attire with a ‘somewhat unusual’ expression on her face.


Ye Chui was shocked when he heard Alfa’s reply when he asked her what brought her here.


“Oupu died last night,” Alfea said.


When Ye Chui learned of this news, he was relieved and also a part of him regretted that he did not handle the issue personally. But then again, thinking that this was the result of what happened yesterday, he decided to let it go.


Then, that feeling of relief was blown away when Alfea explained further, she spoke while avoiding looking at Ye Chui: “Oupu did not pass away because of Dawkins’s attack. He was killed last night by Dark Magic… because of <Darkness Devours>. A Dark Magician attacked Guild Master Oupu!”


“What?” Ye Chui is startled. Naturally, Ye Chui knows what a Dark Magician was.


it is common knowledge that there are seven primary elements Wind, Fire, Electricity, Earth, Water, Space, and Light which are also considered to be the basis of all Magic. But the fact is that there is another primary element that exists and that is Dark Magic.


Because of its eccentricities and apparent evil usage, Dark Magic is not recognized by the world and anyone that practices Dark Magic is shunned by society. It is said that a Dark Magician is the evil incarnate and that is an established fact as they use spells like <Soul Sacrifice> and <Darkness Devours> which are evil spells that violate the orthodox beliefs of society and increased the Magician’s power rapidly.


“Who did that?” Ye Chui asked hastily.


Alfea shook her head: “Guild Master Oupu, as well as Steward Mattis’s shriveled up corpses, were found this morning. It has been almost 50 years since a Dark Magician incident happened in Stan City. This even alarmed Mr. Booth. He went to investigate the case along with father and they are currently at Oupu Mansion.”


Alfea then continued, finding it difficult to say, “and we are suspecting Dakkins to the culprit.”


“Dawkins?” Ye Chui gawked hearing that, “Dark Magician? Her? How is that possible?!”


“What are you getting all surprised at that?” Alfea rolled her eyes, “I have not yet finished speaking… you are the second suspect. Bishop Faria has issued a warrant for your arrest.”


Ye Chui: “……WTF?!”



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