Omni-Magician – Chapter 174, Magic Beast Summon Card and Magic Missile Cannon

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Ye Chui had previously guessed the extent of Dawkins’s myopia, it should have at least been eight diopters, or she would have been able to see the trees nearby. However, it was impossible for him to accurately measure how much her myopic diopters are. He was not well versed in this area, so he had to do some research. After two hours, there were no results. He could only try to supply a few pair of glasses for her,then see which one is more suitable.


Anthony’s Magic Cottage opened at eight o’clock in the morning, and Debbie, Vivian, and Alfea were all busy in the shop. The matter of the Dark Magician did not affect the customers. Because of the intimate relationship between Iron Swordsman and the shop, even those who were not interested to make a purchase would arrive just to see their idol-Iron Swordsman.


Last night, the scene of Iron Swordsman killing a false Iron Swordsman with a single blow made countless people excited and sleepless.


Dawkins obviously couldn’t leave Anthony’s Magic Cottage, so in the morning Ye Chui left the shop alone. Now he had declared war against the church. If he is outside Anthony ‘s Magic Cottage, Faria will attack him in secret. But Ye Chui was not worried about it. Unless Bishop Faria does it himself, he is not afraid of anyone else.


Moreover, Ye Chui still has the invisible wand in his hand… So, no one saw him leaving Anthony’s magic Cottage.


Ye Chui did not rush to go to Dove, but first went to the biggest weaponry: Bell’s Grand Weaponry. Last time Ye Chui bought his armor from here, which cost eighty gold coins. If Ye Chui wants to invent the Iron Swordsman Armor 3.0, a new armor acting as a base was necessary. But this time, he has prepared more than 4,000 gold coins in his space ring so that the new armor will be even better.


In the morning, there were not many guests in the weaponry. A waiter sat listlessly behind the counter, and his face looked a little haggard. This waiter served Ye Chui when he came to buy armor the last time.


At that time, because he was anxious to go home, he did not register Ye Chui’s name in detail. He just wrote a piece of black iron armor, priced at 80 gold coins, and the purchaser was a mysterious rich Magician.


When the Iron Swordsman was well-known, some people found that the armor was sold in the Bell’s weapon shop. Because the armor was created by the weaponry itself, in contact with the Blacksmith, the shape of the armor in every weapon shop was different. It was taken as evidence that the Iron swordsmen used to buy armor at Bell’s Grand Weaponry. However, when people saw the information recorded by this waiter, they were disappointed; questioning the service quality of the weapon store.


The waiter was blamed by the boss of Bell’s Grand Weaponry, since the opportunity to reveal the true identity of the Iron swordsman was missed because of the waiter’s laziness.


So, the waiter had experienced a horrendous time working there.


“If I see him buying armor here again, I will never make the same mistake!” The waiter kept swearing to himself.




The bell placed at the door rang. This was a magic bell that would automatically ring when a guest came in, but when the waiter looked up, there was no one in front of him. [Was that a child pulling a prank?] he continued to be in a daze and talked to himself…


Ye Chui, who was invisible, was currently observing the pieces of armor in the weapon store. People distinguish the quality of the armor with the materials and enchanting on it. Of course, enchantment applied to it was unnecessary for him. So, he directly went to the section without enchantment.


Among the materials used to build weapons and armor, the black iron was the worst. The armor on Ye Chui initially wore was made from black iron, and the giant sword Debbie used was also made from black iron. The white iron was considered to be the second worst – the armor Alfea wore was made from white iron. There were plenty of others:  cold iron, black steel; white steel, cold steel and etc…


In addition, there were special materials such as keel stone and magic steel, but those materials were more expensive than gold, and it was in short supply. It was impossible for ordinary people to own it.


Armors’ marked price, construction materials and characteristics were placed on the shelf. Ye Chui glanced over them, and finally selected a full-body armor made from black steel, which was also mixed in with some copper. In Stan City, the black steel armor was already the highest quality armor, and black steel armor can withstand intermediate enchantments such as <Wind Patrol Walk>. Moreover, it will not break easily.


The entire armor weighed 74 jin (0.5 kg). If it was before the Dragon Blood Baptism, he would not have been able to handle the weight. But now, this was no longer an issue.


In fact, although they are rare in Stan City, it is still possible to find some materials such as cold steel, white steel, etc. So long as these materials were handed over to Dove, he can personally craft armor for Ye Chui, but it would definitely take more time. Ye Chui could not wait for so long, so he opted to get pre-built armor.


He was carrying this 74 jin (0.5 kg) armor with one hand and was about to check out, but something placed on the shelf next to him suddenly attracted his attention: it was silver foil!


Silver foil was made by squeezing silver into a flat sheet, which had a  characteristic of being good for enchanting. The silver foil was mainly used for decoration. It was not uncommon in rich families. They wrap the silver foil on some utensils and invite an Enchantment Master to carve the enchantment matrix on it so that the silver foil has some simple functions. Such as: making light, producing melodious music, or sending out fragrance.


“I want to engrave the transmission matrix on silver foil, but I don’t know if it is feasible.”


Ye Chui suddenly had this idea in mind. Now that the eighteen Magic Beasts in the ancient tomb where his combat partners, to summon them into combat, he has to use a transmission scroll. Which was very wasteful. If he can engrave the transmission matrix onto the silver foil, in the form of a card. When he goes against his enemies, he could take out the card to summon a Magic Beast. In short, the card would literally be a Magic Beast Summon Card. Would that not be powerful?


I don’t know if anyone has done this before, but Ye Chui was completely interested to do it.


So he came to the counter with the armor he picked and a roll of silver foil.


The waiter was bored and was in a daze. The weapon shop was a kind of place that does not open every day, but on the days that it is, money rained. It was typically boring on the weekdays and the shop has already been open for more than two hours today, but there were still no guests. Suddenly, at this time, someone asked “I want to make a purchase. Bill please?”


The waiter was shocked. Where did the voice come from? He looked to the side to find a man wearing a black magic robe, covering his face under his hood. He was carrying a full body armor in one hand and a large roll of silver foil in another.


“You… you… you are…” The waiter was shocked. He appeared again! The Iron Swordsman came to buy new armor again!


“Waiter, the bill, please.” Ye Chui whispered to him and put the two items on the counter.


The waiter glanced at them, his voice trembling slightly with excitement.


“This black steel armor sells for two hundred and thirty-nine gold coins, and five gold coins for this roll of silver foil, so a total of two hundred and forty-four gold coins…” After pricing them, he looked at the Iron Swordsman again. Ye Chui believed that the waiter got even more excited. He said incoherently, greeting Ye Chui, “Iron Swordsman, How did you arrive? When did you arrive?”


Saying those words, he tried to grab Ye Chui’s arm.


Ye Chui could break down the man’s psychological process, [He must be thinking to quickly grab me, to prevent me from running away…]


Ye Chui avoided the waiter’s arm and took out three gold cards, “I’m checking out, thank you for your service.”


“Oh, oh, Ok.” The waiter hurriedly took the gold card and returned fifty-six gold coins back to Ye Chui. He kept trembling, with his eyes fixated at Ye Chui, trying to see the face under the hood.


However, Ye Chui won’t definitely not allow him to succeed. He lowered his head and took his coins. Taking his armor and silver foil into the space ring. Then, he smiled gently and disappeared from the front of the waiter.


“!?” The waiter was surprised, and could not help but sigh, “He disappeared. Is this teleportation? The Iron Swordsman is really powerful..” After marveling, the waiter suddenly thought of an important thing, and couldn’t help but pat his head,”I didn’t ask for his identity… ”


So, he hurriedly ran out of the weapon store and looked around, but there was no figure to be seen.


“… I think I should take the initiative to resign…”


The waiter said to himself.


Ye Cui, who became invisible, looked at the eager waiter and walked past him with a smile.


A moment later, Ye Chui came to the dwarf, Dove.


“Who is there?” The Dove was hammering a hot iron with a hammer, and when Ye Chui came into his shack , he suddenly turned his head toward Ye Chui.


Ye Cui froze for a while, withdrew the effect of the invisible wand, and said with some surprise. “Uncle Dove, how did you notice me?”


“Oh,it’s you.” Dove laughed happily and threw the hot iron into the bucket. There was a sudden ‘chirp’ sound in the bucket and a burst of mist. He continued to speak with a smile, “The dwarf’s intuition has always been very sensitive. This kind of magic props that can only hide your appearance can not deceive us. Are you coming to pick up the goods this time? I have created a batch of magical creations you requested.”


Dove pulled out a box from the side. After opening, it contained magic items, magic lighters, magic razors, magic flashlights, etc. They were all items being sold in the Anthony Magic Shop.


Of course, there is no enchantment on them. Enchanting were something Ye Chui needed to do it himself. Naturally, the bill for Dove services would be paid for at the end of each month.


Ye Chui said with a smile: “Dove, your craftsmanship is wonderful. It may take several days for a human Blacksmith to build one, but you have built so many in just a few days.”


Dove laughed. “These are not problems for a dwarf. Oh, yes, the kind of magic missile you want, I have made 20 rounds for you. I heard your conflict with the church, and you may need it later.”


“Really? Wonderful!” Ye Chui’s eyes lit up. He watched the power of the magic missile during the Beast Tide. It is absolutely extraordinary! In the new armor, Ye Chui had decided to design a special mechanism for releasing magic missiles, called Magic Missile Cannon!


Dove pulled out a box from the side, which contained a round of missiles. Dove took a flagon out and took a gulp of wine, then looked up at Ye Chui and said, “I have sent the previous thirteen magic missiles to you for free, but I have to price the twenty of them. Each one of them costs one gold coin, and they are guaranteed to be more powerful than the previous thirteen ones. Their value is deserving of their price!”


“Okay, these are twenty gold coins!” Ye Chui took out 20 gold coins merrily. It felt like he was trading arms with Dove. He still remembered to remind Dove, “I hope you only produce these magic missiles for me.”


“Yeah. It was originally designed by you so that I will only build it for you, I swear I will not build them for another.” Dove smiled and said, “You came here not just to pick up the goods, right? Is there anything else I can help you build?”


“Of course, the iron beads used by Debbie’s Gatling needs to be replenished.” Ye Chui quickly said, “In addition… I hope you will help me create a special magic item, called glasses.”



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