Omni-Magician – Chapter 176, Debbie’s new skill

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“What? T-that’s a bit too overpowered, right!?”


All the girls were shocked by the tree falling and destroying the courtyard wall. Debbie could  also do that, but not with her sword. She would not be able to make such a clean cut. What’s more, there was a surge of smoke coming out of the surface, which was enough to show the power of this attack!


The girls looked at Ye Chui, stunned. Especially Dawkins. Who did not expect the fusion of electricity and fire could possess such destructive power. [Is this the power I am pursuing?]


Suddenly, Debbie seemed to notice something and hurried to Ye Chui. Since the laser was released, his body has been shaking non-stop, and he was about to fall to the ground.


“Are you okay?” Debbie said worriedly.


Ye Chui shook his head: “I consumed too much Magic Power. I am a little tired…”


“The Magic Power consumption of the new element is far too much.” Dawkins exclaimed, then she continued to say worriedly, “Though you had tried your best, you still could not control it due to such a huge consumption of Magic Power. You can only afford to cast it once.”


“Oh! No, I can.” Ye Chui responded with half his body weight leining on Debbie. “The Magic Power of the Iron Swordsman Armor is supplied by the Magic Stones,with sufficient supply of Magic Stones, I can cast the laser as many times as I want.”


The girls : “”…””


There is no way for a Magician to directly use the Magic Power from the Magic Stone, but Ye Chui could do it. He controlled the Magic Power to directly be released using the enchantments on the armor. This idea has been theorized before, but no one made it into practice like him. Understanding what all these meant, the girls could already imagine that the upgraded Iron Swordsman Armor 3.0 would be invincible…


As a white light flashed in the corner of the courtyard, Booth appeared. He looked at the awkward courtyard with surprise. “What happened here? I just noticed that <Valhalla’s Gate> was attacked and thought that the church has finally made a move.”


Ye Chui took off the armor on his right arm and responded to him peacefully. “Teacher, I am sorry to make you worried. I am just experimenting with my new armor.”


“Experimenting… your new armor?” Booth turned back his head to glance at the collapsed tree and wall, shocked. “How powerful! It looks like that the <Valhalla’s Gate> I released was almost about to be breached…”


Everyone looked at Ye Chui again.


Ye Chui smiled calmly. “The Laser is really powerful!”




After Booth realized what he perceived was just a false alarm, he felt relieved. He noticed Dawkins’ glasses and was amazed by Ye Chui’s innovation. When he was about to go back, Ye Chui suddenly stopped him. “Teacher, go upstairs and sit down. I’m going to equip the new armor with a Defense Shield so that I still need your Space Magic to help me.”


Everyone: “…”


If the might of Dawkins’ attack potential, as an electrical and fire Dual Element Rank 9 Magician, were to be combined with Booth’s defensive potential, who was in the Specialist Realm using Space Magic… The Iron Swordsman would truly be invincible!



In the courtyard of the Rank 5 Light Magician, Basgen.


Although this courtyard was not located on Star Street, it was also a mansion worth hundreds of gold coins. Basgen, as an important officer of the Magician Guild, was a Rank 5 Light Magician. It was well known that his Light Magic was better than ordinary doctors. In Stan City, he was definitely highly sought after. The number of people begging him to use his Light Magic were endless. Therefore, his daily earnings were still growing nicely, and he could afford a luxurious courtyard.


In one room of the courtyard, Both the door and the curtains were closed. No trace of sunlight could pass through here. A teenager was staying in the middle of this room, surrounded with black mist. He was evil and his body was floating strangely in the air. There was an opened black magic book in front of him. This boy was Arcaz, who inherited the Dark Magic.


Arcaz, who was given high hopes, followed Basgen to leave his hometown, a mountain village and now, he lived in Basgen’s house.


No one knew how long it took and he fell to the ground. The black mist surrounding him entered his body from his mouth and nose. He closed the magic book, and showed a cruel smile. “That’s it… I feel the power, the power of Dark Magic…”


Recently, the presence of a Dark Magician has caused panic in Stan City. Many suspected that the Dark Magician was Dawkins. She was now staying in Anthony’s Magic Cottage under the protection of the Iron Swordsman. However, no one knew that the real Dark Magician has been lurking in Basgen’s home.


This made Arcaz proud. He looked at his palm and sneered. [I can now use the power of Dark Magic, comparable in power to those Advanced Magicians… even if I don’t use Dark Magic, only the magical knowledge I swallowed from Oupu, I have the strength of a Rank 3 Magician. Better yet, my Spirit Power will continue to improve, and soon, I will become an Intermediate Magician… Using <Darkness Swallows>, I can quickly improve myself. First, I will achieve Intermediate Magician, then Advanced Magician, and finally, I will enter the Specialist Realm…]


He couldn’t help but laugh as he thought of something. However, soon, his face turned cold.


[After two days, the Magician Guild will hold a magic test. Last time, I failed to pass the Rank 3 Magic test because of Hammer, but this time I won’t… I will surprise them. What’s more, I can transform my Spirit Power in two days and become a Rank 4 Magician. At that time, I will surprise everyone and they will exclaim in surprise that they are in the presence of a genius! Hah Hah!]



“The assessment of an Intermediate Swordsman is very simple. You need to master an intermediate skill for each level, then battle with the swordsman examiner. If you can win, you will get the certificate from the swordsman assessment. So, if you want to upgrade to Rank 6, you must possess three intermediate skills. ”


In the courtyard of Anthony’s Magic Cottage, Alfea solemnly told Debbie that the swordsman assessment and the magician assessment will be held in two days. Ye Chui, Debbie and herself will all be participating. Then, Alfea shared more information with Debbie and Ye Chui.


“Magicians need three intermediate spells if they want to advance to Rank 6, and they also need to master an intermediate skill for each level. Finally, they need to fight against Rank 4/5/6 Magicians to check their combat strength.”


Ye Chui nodded. “Thank you! I have no problems with any of these criterias.”


According to his previous performance, entering the field of Intermediate Magician was not a big problem. In fact, he was strong enough to become a Rank 6 Magician in Booth’s opinion. Moreover, Booth has planned to help him obtain the proof of the Rank 6 Magician, but the rules are the rules. If you want to get the rating, you have to go step by step.


For Ye Chui, in fact, to participate in the magician assessment, he just went through the motion.


Then Ye Chui looked at Debbie. “Debbie, your Sword Aura has transformed and your battle effectiveness is also very good. I think you already have reached the level of the Rank 6 Swordsman, but you may not be able to possess the three skills required to be an Intermediate Swordsman…”


“Do not worry about that!” Debbie said with a smile, “I have put together three skills.”


“Bombardment with the Gatling does not count…” Ye Chui reminded her.


Debbie snorted sullenly. “Don’t talk as though you actually know. Just keep your mouth shut! I have received a book about Great Swordsman skills from Alfea, and learned <A Sword Split Mountain>, one of the Great Swordsman skills. When I am swinging the great sword, I just need to release my sword aura with it. It is almost mastered by every Great Swordsman and is very simple. I could do it without practice.”


“If you add your <Ultra Sword Giant Spinning Top> skill, that only counts as two skills, where’s the third?” Ye Chui continued to ask her.


“The third one was born from the skill, <Ultra Sword Giant Spinning Top>. Would you like to watch my third skill? By the way, would you like to name it?”


Ye Chui, Alfea, Debbie and Dawkins immediately nodded their heads.


At this time, Debbie, who was carrying the great sword, walked to the yard. She took a deep breath, held the giant sword in both hands, and turned it.


Ye Chui was sweating. “Isn’t this still <Ultra Sword Giant Spinning Top>? Hey?”


Suddenly, Ye Chui found that he was sorely mistaken. As Debbie was spinning faster, a storm blew out beside her. It was not the ordinary storm, but the storm gathered from the spinning of the great sword, seemingly producing faint glimmers of silver.






Those faint glimmers of silver soon formed the shape of silver swords, blasting out from the storm, and made numerous slices on the stone ground. Breaking up the smooth ground till it could not be stood upon. Undoubtedly, it was a super powerful area of effect attack skill! If this skill was used in the battlefield, numerous enemies would be destroyed. When Ye chui saw Debbie’s skill, he decisively thought of a very similar skill in a game he played in the previous life…


“How about it?” Debbie stopped the giant sword from turning in her hand and asked everyone, “How is my skill? What name would be fine for it?”


Ye Chui laughed. “I think this skill should call <Sword Blade Storm>.


[This skill is definitely the most true portrayal of <Sword Blade Storm>].


“<Sword Blade Storm>?” Debbie repeated the name, and smiled, “Sounds great! It is much better than what I originally thought of, such as <Super Sword Storm> and <Super Sword Outbreak>.”


Ye Chui: “…”


In short, the name of the third skill has been determined to be <Sword Blade Storm>.


Two days later, Swordsman Guild and Magician Guild held the Swordsman assessment and Magician assessment.


It was clear that in these two assessments, there would be a swordsman and a magician who set a new record. They continuously broke past levels three times. Everyone there was shocked for words at their accomplishment.


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