Omni-Magician – Chapter 177, I really don’t want to bully you!

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The magician and swordsman assessment began.


Dawkins and Vivian, as enemies of the church, could not leave Anthony’s Magic Cottage, so they stayed in the shop to look after the business. Debbie and Alfea were accompanied by Eric. They were participating in the swordsman assessment, while Ye Chui was accompanied by Booth, to participate in the magician assessment.


As Ye Chui and Booth made it to the Magician Guild, there was already a small crowd that had gathered. Now, there were only more than 70 magicians in Stan City, and only one that needed to take part in the Rank 4 magician assessment.  So, it could be said  that today’s test was held specifically for Ye Chui. After the death of Oupu, the Magician Guild appointed Basgen to work as the president of the Magician Guild.


Several officers were busy in keeping order. When they saw Ye Chui and Booth, the officers greeted them hurriedly and took them to the Magician Guild’s hall.


“Mr. Booth and Mr. Hammer, welcome!” Basgen smiled and said to them, “We are currently holding the Rank 3 magician assessment, which is about to end. We will start the Rank 4 magician assessment next. Please wait for a moment.”




Ye Chui replied gently, and walked to the side of the hall with Booth. They started to discuss some issues about the armor. Ye Chui was preparing to design a small Space Matrix and put it on the vambrace. This Space Matrix was used to store objects. If twenty Magic Missiles were stored in it, they could be casted immediately as long as Ye Chui raised his arm. Ye Chui already had a preliminary idea of the design, but he did not know if it would succeed so he wanted to ask Booth for advice.


Booth was extremely proficient in Space Magic. But even he needed to ponder before expressing his opinions.


Ye Chui kept on listening and followed Booth’s advice to perfect his Magic Missile Cannon.


Time flew by. The Rank 3 magician assessment has ended. A group of people suddenly came out from the side of the hall, some of whom participated in the assessment with Ye Chui last time. However, most of them were frustrated about the result of this test and only one person was as proud as a peacock. Obviously, he passed the Rank 3 assessment.


When Arcaz saw Ye Chui sitting at the side of the hall with Booth, he sneered.


[Why is Hammer and Booth here? It seems like he is here for the Rank 4 magician assessment. He has already evolved his Spirit Power and defeated a Rank 7 Swordsman, but now I know there’s something else going on. Last time Basgen hoped that Booth would train me as an apprentice, but he didn’t agree! What worse, I didn’t even pass the Rank 3 assessment last time because of Hammer. Though Hammer was obviously not that powerful at that time. Nevertheless, he was respected by everyone. Even in the City Lord Luncheon, he sat on the main table… I will participate in the Rank 4 assessment with him and suppress him in the test so that he will know who the real genius is! As for Booth, he would regret not choosing me!”


Ye Chui glanced at Acarz, who was secretly plotting. After the glance, he no longer paid attention to Acarz, and walked towards Basgen with Booth.


“Mr. Basgen, can I start the Rank 4 assessment?” Ye Chui continued to ask with a smile.


“Of course, this time, it’s only you who will participate in the Rank 4 assessment…” Basgen laughed.


“Mr. Basgen.” Arcaz suddenly interrupted him.“My Spirit Power has transformed. I think I can pass the Rank 4 magician assessment now.”


“What!” Basgen froze for a moment. Then there was a happy look on his face. “Arcaz, are you serious? Has your Spirit Power really transformed?”


Arcas nodded proudly. “Yes. All this happened two days ago. However, I have learned an Intermediate Spell. So, I think I should be able to pass this assessment now.”


He glanced at Ye Chui with pride, and later he looked toward Booth. [Do you regret not taking me in as your apprentice?]


“Hammer, I suddenly have some feelings of regret…” Booth said suddenly.


Arcaz was surprised. The consequences he foresaw actually became reality so soon?


Ye Chui asked strangely, “Teacher, what’s wrong?”


“Why didn’t I have breakfast first when I arrived in the morning?” Booth said in annoyance. He rubbed his stomach, and said angrily to Ye Chui, “In order to accompany you on your test, I didn’t have breakfast. Hurry up to finish your exam so that we can go back as soon as possible!  I will be waiting for you here.”


Booth walked directly to the corner of the Magician Guild hall, as if he was not very worried about Ye Chui’s assessment.


Ye Chui smiled helplessly and continued to speak to Basgen. “Mr. Basgen, let’s start the assessment now.”


From the beginning, these two people didn’t pay attention to Arcaz…


This made Arcaz livid. When Ye Chui noticed that Arcaz’s eyes flashed a black mist, he looked toward Arcaz. Arcaz was shocked, and quickly, he sneered. “Hammer, I hope you can successfully become a Rank 4 magician.”


“Ha Ha.” Ye Chui smiled and did not speak. [ I can’t tell others that my true goal is to be a Rank 6 magician, right? They would think I am insane.]


Under the guidance of Basgen, Ye Chui and Arcaz were led to a test room specially equipped for magician assessment. Basgen, as an appraiser, told the two the rules. In short, This first test is to cast an Intermediate Spell.


In order to show off in front of Ye Chui, Arcaz step forward first. He devoured Oupu’s soul and obtained Oupu’s Magic Knowledge so yesterday, he successfully transformed his Spirit Power and became an Intermediate Magician. He found a simple spell he could use from all the Magic Spells Oupu had learnt. With enough practice, he mastered this Magic Spell in only half an hour.


This spell was called <Wind Fast Walk>, and it barely belonged to the category of Intermediate Spells.


As the spell affected Arcaz, his speed suddenly increased. He flew from one side of the examination room to the other, creating a torrent of wind.


Ye Chui was standing at the side with boredom. After seeing Arcaz casting spells one after another, he was judging in his heart. [ <Wind Fast Walk>? This spell is a bit like <Wind Patrol Walk> and should belong to the weakened version of it. The effect of <Wind Fast Walk> is only a little stronger than <Wind Walk>, and can only accelerate the user in a straight line. It could not be used to maintain one’s speed even after turning 180 degrees as what <Wind Patrol Walk> can do.]


While judging in his heart, Ye Chui suddenly froze.


“Where did Arcaz learn this Magic Spell? It is a Wind Elemental spell… I don’t recall that Cara’s Magic Bookstore having this spell.”


Ye Chui vaguely thought of something.


It was at this time that Arcaz, who had released the spell, looked proudly at Ye Chui with some breathlessness. He just saw the surprised expression on Ye Chui’s face.


[Ha Ha, he must be in shock. It took me only half an hour to fully grasp this Intermediate Spell. He is definitely not comparable to me. I am the real genius!]


“Arcaz, you did very good. Although the spell you casted was not perfect, you have already mastered it.” Basgen said with great relief. “Where did you get these Magic Spells from? Our library doesn’t seem to have these Wind Elemental spells, does it?”


There was a trace of panic on Arcaz’ face, but he quickly calmed down. “Mr. Basgen, I learned it from the Magic Book I bought from Cara’s Magic Bookstore.”


When the Beast Tide arrived, Arcaz was fortunate to kill a Magic Beast and received a reward of ten gold coins, which was enough for him to buy a Magic Book so Basgen did not doubt his words.


However, Ye Chui was even more puzzled. He could borrow any book in Cara’s Magic Bookstore, and most of them had been read by him. There was only <Wind Patrol Walk> and no <Wind Fast Walk>!


“Hammer, it’s your turn.” Basgen said to Ye Chui with a smile, interrupting his contemplation.


Arcaz also sneered toward Ye Chui, preparing to despise Ye Chui severely even if he were to present a perfect performance.


Ye Chui put away his doubts and took out his wand, casually pointing toward the front-Intermediate Offensive Spell <Gale’s Baptism>!


The wind suddenly blew across the classroom, the wind roared, and Basgen and Arcaz had to subconsciously hold the wall next to them so that they would not fall to the ground. Then, the strong wind was compressed by Ye Chui and became a smaller one. He flicked his wand and the ball was released.




Several windows in the classroom were shattered, and the test room was completely swept by the gust of wind. The impact made Basgen almost fall to the ground.


Arcaz was shocked when he opened his eyes. [His Magic Spell… Is too powerful!]


This Magic Spell released by Ye Chui was more powerful than the one he casted on the last magician assessment… and seems to be handy in a lot of situations.


Ye Chui looked at Basgen and Arcaz with a little embarrassment. “I’m sorry, I didn’t control it well.”


Arcaz: “…”


Basgen did not feel disappointed, but instead exclaimed. “Hammer, I am right about you! you really deserved to be Booth’s disciple. I  was ridiculous when I originally wanted to recommend Arcaz to Mr. Booth, think about how arrogant I am now, how can Arcaz’ talent be inferior to yours…”


This was like a knife inserting in Arcaz’s heart…


As Ye Chui was about to reply modestly, Arcaz suddenly spoke in a cold voice. “When you master <Gale’s Baptism>, it is not a big deal to display such power!”


Basgen looked at Arcaz with surprise and realized that he had never seen such a hostile look on Arcaz’s face. [What’s wrong with him?]


Ye Chui also frowned and looked at Arcaz. He shook his head and smiled, as if he did not care about Arcaz’ words. He looked at Basgen with a smile. “So, did I pass?”


“Yeah.” Basgen nodded.


Arcaz’s face was too gloomy to be able to squeeze out any more words.


“Mr. Basgen, shall we begin the next test?” Ye Chui asked.


“Of course, I will arrange for a Rank 4 magician to fight against you. Ha ha, and I just hope you will be gentle. It seems that you will undoubtedly be a Rank 4 Magician after this.” Basgen said with a smile.


According to the regular magician assessment, the second battle was actually a battle between the candidates, and whether they passed the test was determined by their combat performance. When the candidates were not enough to be subdivided into units of two, a Rank 4 magician would replace one of them to battle with the other.


As Ye Chui was about to agree, Arcaz suddenly said in a cold voice. “Hammer, let’s go a few rounds about the next test.”


He may indeed be inferior to Ye Chui in terms of casting Magic Spell, but… he swallowed all of Oupu’s Magic Knowledge. It was equivalent to learning all of Oupu’s magic combat experience. Therefore, Arcaz strongly believed that he could defeat Ye Chui in battle!


Ye Chui was stunned for a moment, but he did not expect Arcaz would propose to fight against him. He looked at Arcaz, who was eager to battle with him. His heart was full of helplessness. [Please do not be like this, I really don’t want to bully you!]


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