Omni-Magician – Chapter 178, Did both of you agree on raising your ranks by three together?

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Translator: Gici

Translation Checker/Proofreader: Silavin


“Arcaz, what are you doing?” Hearing Arcaz’s words, Basgen was stunned and hurriedly questioned him.


“Mr. Basgen, I was not playing any tricks.” Arcaz looked at Ye Chui provocatively. “Hammer, do you dare to battle against me?”


After Ye Chui took note of Arcaz’s rude behaviour and smiled faintly. [Well, if you wished to be trashed around, then so be it.]


“Personally, I don’t mind it too much. However, is this compliant with the rules?” Ye Chui nodded and asked.


Basgen nodded. “It’s indeed compliant, but… Arcaz, are you sure?”


“Yes, I have, Mr. Basgen.” Arcaz walked directly to the center of the examination room with a arrogant look. He looked at Ye Chui defiantly as he could not wait to humiliate Ye Chui. [I must make him regret what he has done today…]


However, Ye Chui casually walked to the center of the room, relaxed.


Basgen was worried, and whispered to him. “Hammer, promise that you’d be merciful, Arcaz… I don’t understand why he is acting so ruthless today?”


“Don’t worry. I won’t go too far.” Ye Chui responded to Basgen with a smile.


Although their voices were not loud, Arcaz could hear the conversation from where he stood. He nearly shattered the Magic Wand in his hand, and a gruff sneer appeared on his face. [Just you wait! Ye Chui will soon be defeated by me. You can laugh all you want now… but later… hehe]


“The battle will begin.” Basgen announced softly.


“You’re going to lose!” Arcaz screamed and waved the Magic Wand in his hand, immediately casting the Intermediate Attack Spell, <Stormrage>!


The moment Arcaz’s Magic Wand moved!


Ye Chui’s Magic Wand was already directed towards him-


Element Offensive Spell, <Lightning>


With a blaring ‘Zi’ sound, lightning struck Arcaz. The powerful impact caused him to involuntarily fall to the ground. Everything happened so quickly that even Basgen did not get a chance to worry about Arcaz, and the boy had already been defeated by Ye Chui.


What’s more, Ye Chui just used one of the simplest element spells…


Ye Chui was confident that he could single out a Rank 7 Magician, such as Oupu, and defeat him in battle. On the other hand, even after Arcaz consumed Oupu and had taken his combat experience, it was not the boy’s own strength. At most, he would only be able to display 70 percent of Oupu’s fighting capabilities.  With this disparity, the outcome was obvious. Ye Chui won as easily as swatting a fly.


Basgen got stunned and remained silent.


Arcaz, who fell to the ground, was speechless from shock… [I lost so easily…]

At this moment, Arcaz’s heart was full of various negative emotions: anger, jealousy; pride, greed…


He was covered with a layer of black mist, and stood up from the ground slowly.


At this moment, Ye Chui undoubtedly perceived an aura created by a Dark Magic nearby, which was cold and evil. He quickly understood that Arcaz was the Dark Magician


Intermediate Auxiliary Spell <Wind Patrol Walk>


Ye Chui hastily released the speed-increasing magic on himself. He moved as fast as the wind, instantly got near Arcaz and grabbed him by the neck, and said coldly into his ears.


“You fool! Do you want to expose yourself as a Dark Magician?”


This sentence suddenly forced Arcaz to wake up. At this moment, there were countless Magicians in the Magician Guild. Booth even sat just outside the hall. If he exposed himself now, He would be stabbing himself. Even if he was confident when he used Dark Magic, and was as powerful as a Rank 9 Magician, Booth was a Magician who has entered Specialize Realm! He they were to fight, he could not be considered as Booth’s opponent!


Thinking of this, Arcaz immediately gathered up the black mist around him, and looked at Ye Chui with a puzzled look. [Ye Chui had already known my identity so why did he bother to warn me?]


After Ye Chui found that Arcaz had withdrawn his evil aura, Ye Chui sneered. [This guy is not a fool.] He took off his hand and continued to speak to the alarmed Arcaz. “The most important thing for a Magician is possessing wisdom, understanding? Do you know how to hide your Dark Magician identity carefully?”


Ye Chui left and said to Basgen with a smile. “Now, have I passed the Rank 4 magician examination?”


Basgen was still in a state of suspicion and nodded. “Yes…”


Basgen looked at Arcaz again. In a trance, he seemed to see some dark mist was just spreading out from Arcaz, and he also noticed that it was evil in nature. However, since it was gone in an instant, he wondered if it was just an illusion.


Ye Chui smiled and said to Basgen. “Arcaz is actually very good, he might be a little extreme in his thinking. But if he adjusts his mentality, he can become an amazing Magician.”


Hearing Ye Chui’s praise, Basgen ceased thinking about the illusion Arcaz and quickly smiled to say, “I just led him out of that small mountain village because I thought he had talent.”


Arcaz looked at Ye Chui with wariness, guessing what Ye Chui was doing. He suddenly thought of a possibility, so he walked to Ye Chui to check, “I see, you are also interested in Dark Magic…”


Ye Chui: “…”


He glanced at Arcaz with sweat, [I had made a mistake. This guy is really a fool…]


When he first saw Arcaz, he vaguely felt that Arcaz was not normal.


Arcaz had a deep hatred for Ye Chui. His jealousy, anger and many other negative emotions were all targeted at Ye Chui. Therefore, Ye Chui can feel Arcaz ’s ‘evil’ more easily, which even Booth might not be able to detect.


As Arcaz used the wind element Intermediate Spell, Ye Chui was more certain that Oupu was probably swallowed by Arcaz because those Magic Spells  were not sold in the shop. So, he knew Arcaz lied, since these spells could only be received from Oupu, who was proficient at the wind element.


Arcaz was the Dark Magician who caused the recent incidents in Stan City!


Ye Chui finally determined this fact, and he had a plan in mind.


The Church and Ye Chui were bitter enemies. Faria will not let Ye Chui go away easily regardless of the result of the competition. Ye Chui has planned to kill Faria, but If he really did that, he would be in great trouble. Therefore, before he kills Faria, he needed to make sure he was justified to do so.


In short, Ye Chui needed a scapegoat, and this scapegoat must have influence as well as strength. There was no doubt that the most perfect scapegoat was Dark Magician, who recently caused so many widely known incidents in Stan City.


In short, if he wanted to kill Faria, he would blame the deed on Arcaz, and let Dawkins, who has been separate from the Saint Word Insect, killed Arcaz.


This would result in Faria’s and the Dark Magician, Arcaz’s death. The accusation of Dawkins would also be forcibly withdrawn. Even the Church’s hostility to Ye Chui would weaken. Since they would believe Faria was killed by the Dark Magician, and that he was no longer associated with a Dark Magician, Ye Chui aka the Iron Swordsman, would not longer be their target.


It was killing four birds with one stone!


A perfect solution would allow Ye Chui to resolve everything!


Moreover, probably to avoid exposing himself after killing Oupu, Arcaz stopped swallowing other Magicians. He would not cause other victims during this short period of time. Worse, now that the Church accused Dawkins of being a Dark Magician. If he were to suddenly leave Stan City, it would alert the others and he could be a suspect as well.


After all, before Oupu was swallowed, he and Basgen were the last to see Oupu. Therefore, Ye Chui did not have to worry about him sneaking away.


Thinking of this, Ye Chui felt very thankful to Arcaz. He was the oasis in the desert.


As for Arcaz’s misunderstandings, Ye Chui did not care about it. So, he returned a friendly smile to Arcaz. Which made Arcaz even more convinced that Ye Chui was interested in Dark Magic. A sneer appeared in Arcaz’s face… but soon, he couldn’t laugh. Ye Chui continued to speak to Basgen: “Mr. Basgen, I want to continue to the Rank 5 Magician examination.”


Basgen was stunned and nodded: “Okay, okay, I will arrange it for you.”


The Rank 5 Magician examination required the participants to master two Intermediate Magic Spells. During the examination, they could only cast an Intermediate Magic Spell that was different from the first examination. Afterwards, the participants would need to fight against a Rank 5 Magician to determine their actual combat capability. Apart from Basgen, there were three other Rank 5 Magicians in Magician Guild. It did not take longer for a Rank 5 Magician who was proficient in Fire Magic, to spear inside the examination room as an examiner.


At the beginning of the examination, Ye Chui easily casted the Intermediate Attack Spell, <Wild Dance-Sand>. Afterwards, he passed the first test. In the second examination, he only used <Wild Dance-Sand>, which led to the Rank 5 Magician surrendering immediately. Without any suspense, he won and successfully became a Rank 5 Magician.


Arcaz on the side was petrified…


Ye Chui smiled and said to Basgen, “Please continue to help me arrange the examination for Rank 6 Magician.”


Arcaz: “…”


Magician Guild now had only two Rank 6 Magician officers. One of them walked into the exam room as a tester in surprise. He saw the sand summoned by Ye Chui and could hardly speak. He was too surprised for words. Especially when Ye Chui made use of one of the simple Life-Style Magic, <Dust Removal> to sweep the side to a corner of the room. Seeing such a simple spell used in this manner made this Magician broaden his range of experiences and horizons…


The next examination did not deserve much description. Although Dragon Blood Baptism and Dragon Language Magic did not help him possess the spiritual power required by Advanced Magician. Therefore, with his current strength, it was not difficult for Ye Chui to defeat a Rank 7 Magician one-on-one. As for Rank 6 Magician examination, Ye Chui won easily.


The first item of the test was to master three Intermediate Magic Spells. Ye Chui needed to release one Intermediate Magic Spell, so he releases <Sun Shield>. The second examination was to fight against Rank 6 Magician. <Wind Patrol Walk> and <Sea of ​​Fire>, these two Magic Spells were casted by him and the Rank 6 Magician examiner wiped the sweat on his forehead and announced that Ye Chui passed the test.


As a result, Ye Chui officially became a Rank 6 Magician.


Being a Rank 6 Magician, you could enjoy a series of discounts given by Magician Guild.  Magic Ink, Magic Scroll and other items can be collected for free. You could buy Magic Wand, Magic Robe… at the lowest price. Even some Magic Crystal, Magic Medicine, Magic Stone… can also be bought from Magician Guild at an unimaginably low price.


If Ye Chui was willing, he could now directly join the Magician Guild, and directly serve as an officer, getting more concessions and rights. Of course, Ye Chui was not interested in this.


“Mr. Basgen…” Ye Chui looked at Basgen with a smile after finishing Rank 6 examinations.


Arcaz was shocked, did he want to continue to challenge the Advanced Magician?!


Basgen’s throat moved a little, and he spoke. “Hammer, after Oupu, the Guild Master, has died, we are not able to hold  the Rank 7 Magician examinations…”


Ye Chui smiled. “I didn’t plan on carrying on to the Rank 7 Magician examination, I just want to say that you have worked hard.”


Arcaz: “…”


Not long ago, Arcaz was planning to beat Ye Chui during the Magician examination. To teach Ye Chui who the real genius was. Of course, his plan extended to Booth as well as. He wanted to make the old man regret having not given him a chance. He wanted to be the center of attention. He wanted to surprise both Ye Chui and Booth…


But reality was hash. A face was indeed beaten, but it was his face that was beaten..


Especially when Arcaz found Booth sleeping on the chair in the Magician Guild hall. For the entire time, Booth did not worry about the examination result. Booth did not even bother to ask if Ye Chui passed the test, but asked Ye Chui where to eat. Arcaz felt his pride was completely shattered into pieces.


Next, Debbie and Alfea, who appeared at the door of the Magician Guild, completely crushed the fragments into powder.


“Hammer, I have now risen three Ranks in a row. Like Alfea, I am now a Rank 6 Swordsman!” Debbie happily pumped her fist and looked at Ye Chui, “If you dare to say that you didn’t become a Rank 6 Magician, I hope you prepare yourself for a beating!”


They both said that they were going to rise by three Ranks together. One would become a Rank 6 Swordsman and the other would became Rank 6 Magician…


[Did both of you agree on raising your ranks by three together?]


At this moment, Arcaz never felt such anger and jealousy. Unable to bear it, he cursed:


“Hammer! Debbie! I will kill you all and swallow your souls!”


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