Omni-Magician – Chapter 179, Dragon egg shattered shells allow normal Magic Beast to evolve!

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Translator: Gici

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The lunch held at the Moran Flower Grand Restaurant was sumptuous and Magic Beast meat was delicious.


Debbie was telling Ye Chui what had happened during the examination with pleasure. <Ultra sword Giant Spinning Top>, one of the skills she casted,  had surprised everyone there. What’s more, the other skill she used, <Sword Blade Storm>, left many in awe. Even several Great Swordsman, who witnessed her casting <Sword Blade Storm>, claimed that they suddenly had an epiphany (on how to get stronger)…


Ye Chui passed the Rank 6 Magician examination and became a Rank 6 Magician, which could be said to be par for the course. However, Alfea and the others believe Debbie could not do the same.  That’s mainly due to Debbie’s  strong combat power, being more dependent on Gatling. Now, she has proven that even without Gatling, her current combat power was not any weaker.


This was showcased in the last examination, where Debbie defeated the Rank 6 Swordsman with <Sword blade Storm>


When the Rank 6 Swordsman saw Debbie using <Sword blade Storm>,  he did not know how to cope with it.  Once she used the skill, it made her almost invincible as she spun and attacked. 


Ye Chui and Debbie had both raised three Ranks in their respective categories, which broke the record in Stan City. However, both of them simply celebrated with a big meal.  Afterall, the series of battles they experienced made them a lot stronger than before. 


Alfea has been a Rank 5 Swordsman for a long time. It took her a whole year to finally become a Rank 6 Swordsman. This could be considered to be a remarkable achievement. However, Alfea did not feel that way. The dark emotions that she felt continued to well up within her as she thought of Debbie’s growth. In less than a year, Debbie had managed to get as strong as her; even when the small statured girl was only Rank 2 when they met. 


Naturally, these emotions were uncalled for. Alfea knew that. Reaching Rank 6 was an accomplishment in and of itself. Afterall, Alan, who was also a Rank 5 Swordsman, did not manage to pass the Rank 6 Swordsman examination this time. 


After a big meal, Ye Chui with his teammates went back to Antony’s Magic Cottage, while Booth and Eric City Lord went back to City Lord’s House.


Ye Chui led Debbie and Alfea back to the store, and called Vivian and Dawkins with him, as if they were going to have a secret underground meeting. It made the girls feel something was amiss, but after hearing what Ye Chui said, they couldn’t help but be shocked.


“I know who the Dark Magician is!” Ye Chui said to the four girls.


At the same time, although Debbie and Ye Chui had calmed down after celebrating, the entire Stan City was still boiling over from the shocking news. A pair from their city had accomplished something that only rumored geniuses from the big city could do! They have become Stan City’s prided geniuses! 


What’s more, there were some who drew up conclusions.


[Both Debbie and Hammer are from Antony’s Magic Cottage, and it’s well known that the Iron Swordsman has an intimate relationship with Antony’s Magic Cottage. There’s no doubt that Iron Swordsman helped the two progress so quickly!]


This speculation was immediately supported by the masses. The credit of the pair soon shifted over to praise the Iron Swordsman.


As Ye Chui and his teammates were having lunch, the news reached the Church in West City.


“What? Raising three ranks in a test?” Faria, who was sitting respectfully in the church and was silently reciting the Bible, trying to calm down himself. However, he failed. He did not know much about Debbie, but he has known about Ye Chui’s strength after he witnessed the battle between Bedwick and the boy. However, he did not expect that Ye Chui had become a Rank 6 Magician. “This… How is this possible? How could they be so powerful… Could Iron Swordsman really be so amazing?  Could anyone guided by Iron Swordsman, make such progress in a short time?”


“Faria…” a drifting voice suddenly came out from the idol, followed by a figure made up of grey fog.  It was the Scarlet Archbishop Osfory, who was contacting Faria thousand miles away through Saint Word.


“Archbishop Osfory…” Faria immediately responded to him respectfully, body trembling softly.


“Have you finished the task I gave you?” The ethereal voice asked.


“Dear Archbishop Osprey, I… I…” Faria’s voice trembled and he didn’t know how to answer this question. He has been plotting these days, but Dawkins has never once left Anthony’s Magic Cottage. Furthermore, with the hidden presence of the Iron Swordsman, his hands were tied. He answered stiffly, “I failed… The Iron Swordsman is far more powerful than I thought. He… he… he killed eighteen Holy Spirits, and even killed the Rank 6 Swordsman that I sought to counterfeit his identity. Even under his guidance, those two Swordsman and Magician, Debbie and Hammer, have raised three Ranks  and became Rank 6 Swordsman and Rank 6 Magician.”


Faria didn’t dare to keep anything secret from Osfory. 


“What?” The ethereal voice seemed to be shocked as well, but then he became angry, “stupid!”


Faria kneeled on the floor and did not dare to speak. He thought, [The Iron Swordsman is just too powerful…]


“I’m calling you stupid because I can’t believe you didn’t check out the real level of that Iron Swordsman!” As if Osfory understood what Faria was thinking, he said coldly, “Faria, you disappointed me…”


“Osfory, I indeed am too foolish… I swear, I will never make such a mistake again…” Faria said with a trembling voice. He knew that Osfory’s promise to help him promote was already off the table. What’s worse,  he might lose his life because of this matter…


“Dawkins is more worthy than the average Specialist Magician.  She must be killed!” Osfory sulked for a moment before continuing, “Dawkins is trapped in Stan City, the Matan Royal Family will arrange for soldiers to save her… You have to solve these troubles before they arrive in Stan City. Kill Dawkins and everything that stands in our way!”


“But…but what should I do?” Faria asked with a shudder.


“Ordinary Holy Spirit do not seem to be of much use… I will arrange a Holy Spirit Hundred-Man General to Stan City as soon as possible. He will arrive there in three days at the latest…” Osfory said with a misty voice, “Faria, you should make some preparation. Don’t let me down again this time.”


“Of course.” Faria’s eyes lit up. He knew just how powerful a Holy Spirit Hundred-Man General was.  Much Stronger than a Holy Spirit. Made from an Advanced Swordsman or Advanced Magician, it was made to be the leader of a hundred and two Holy Spirits. Naturally, there were beings above the Hundred-Man General, like the Thousand-Man General and Ten Thousand-Man General. 


[Ye Chui, Iron Swordsman, both of you will die this time!]




“Who is the Dark Magician?” Hearing Ye Chui’s words, Debbie immediately questioned as she picked up her Great Sword and Gatling, prepared to fight against the Dark Magician.


“Hold your horses, Debbie, I have a plan…” Ye Chui hastily stopped Debbie, then explained his plan to the four girls, and finally said, “Booth and Eric City Lord certainly won’t approve of this plan so that I didn’t tell them.”


“I don’t approve of this as well!” Alfea immediately followed, “You are going to assassinate Faria… Hammer, you are dreaming!”


“That’s right, Boss. Faria is very powerful…” Vivian also persuaded, “Besides, he might get external assistance from the Church, such as the Holy Spirit.”


“I know.” Ye Chui  smiled confidently, “However, we are not ‘vegetarians’ either – when Iron Armor 3.0 is done, my combat power will sky rocket. You guys have seen a glimpse of how powerful it is, right?”


Hearing that, several girls froze. [Ye Chui’s new Armor combines Dawkins’ super attack power and Booth’s super defense power, adding the Magic Missile Cannon and eighteen Magic Beast pets… His combat power is already unrivaled in Stan City. I’m afraid even Booth, who entered the Specialist Realm, can’t  beat him!]


Ye Chui glanced at the girls and continued, “Even if we arrest the Dark Magician, I’m afraid the Church won’t let us go and release Dawkins’ from the Saint Word Insect. You should be aware that the Church has known from the beginning that Dawkins is not a Dark Magician. The Church simply wants to kill us.”


That statement, finally, made the four girls make up their minds.


“Hammer, I’m with you on this!” Debbie nodded and rubbed against the hilt of Great Sword with her hand, “I’ll join you.”


“Although I am Eric’s daughter, my father has not yet applied for me to inherit the city lord’s throne. So, technically speaking, I am just a civilian. So, I will follow you.” Alfea nodded her head with determination as well.


“I’ll help too!” Vivian immediately said cheerfully. After thinking about her current situation, she sighed, “I’ll cook the meal and wait for you guys to return…”


Dawkins seemed somewhat moved. She had lived in loneliness for the past few years, but now, she felt the warmth of friendship. A warm feeling that she had never felt before. She pushed up the glasses and said to Ye Chui, “Hammer, thank you.”


“You don’t need to thank me. Faria has declared war against me long ago. Ever since I fought against Bedwick.  Even without you, he will not let me.  I am doing this for myself.” Ye Chui said with a smile, “What’s more, Iron Swordsman Armor still requires some theoretical guidance from a rank 9 magician, are you up for it?”


Dawkins immediately promised to help him, “I’ll do my best to help you.”


“Right.” At this time, something occurred to Alfea, “You know that Arcaz is Dark Magician, and he should also know by now that you recognized his identity, right? Could there be some variation to the plan? Like him running away?”


“Don’t worry, he won’t run away.” Ye Chui smiled, “He foolishly thought I wanted to study Dark Magic too. So, he’s pretty sure I won’t expose him. I’m sure he’s waiting for me to find him.”


“If this is the case, it couldn’t be better.” Alfea nodded.


Finally, the plan to assassinate Faria has been decided on.


They will fully commence the plan in two days, when the Iron Swordsman Armor 3.0 has been  completed.


When Ye Chui and Dawkins were discussing the Iron Swordsman Armor design, Ye Chui was suddenly contacted by Jarvis. “Master, something has happened to Magic Beast.”


“What’s wrong?” Ye Chui froze and hurriedly asked.


“During the battle with the Holy Spirit, one of the eighteen Magic Beasts, Thunder Beast, was badly wounded. Originally, you thought it would recover quickly, it seems to be on its last breath” Jarvis said.


Ye Chui was shocked. ”How is that possible? isn’t the Magic Beast’s vitality tenacious? Is it because the Holy Spirit’s attack has something special to it? I’ll make a trip to the Ancient Tomb!”


Thinking of this, Ye Chui immediately started to act. However, to get to the Ancient Tomb, he had to take the Dragon Baby with him. Otherwise, he would end up getting ganged up upon by the group of Magic Beasts. He immediately reached out to Dawkins’ chest, where the Dragon Baby was. After briefly talking to Dawkins, he opened a Magic Scroll and was teleported into the Ancient Tomb.


The Thunder Beast was lying on top of the inner hall, in a weakened state, as if he was not even moving. There was a horrible wound on its chest, carrying a wisp of black mist, reeking of a rotten stench…


“The few other Magic Beasts in Ancient Tomb that were injured by the Holy Spirits are also showing signs of being corrupted by the black mist, but the injuries are not as serious as this one.” Jarvis said to Ye Chui.


“This was caused by the Holy Spirit attack.” Ye Chui checked and frowned. [When assassinating Faria, Magic Beast are essential to the plan. If the Holy Spirit’s attack could do such damage to them, I will need to think another way. I wonder if this horrible injury can still be treated?]


Dragon Baby was lying on Ye Chui’s shoulders. It got down and was on the Thunder Beast’s face, calling out, “Guji, Guji” for a long time, before carefully examining the Thunder Beast’s wound. [Master, can you help heal the Thunder Beast? I was going to take them to fight against that Chihuahua!]


Ye Chui: “……”


[Taking eighteen Magic Beasts to fight against a Chihuahua?!]


He shook his head grimly, “Stan City doesn’t have Magic Pet at all and It is impossible to treat Magic Pets. I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do!”


Hearing Ye Chui’s words, Dragon Baby’s ears drooped, and he looked at his ‘little brother’ with a sad face, making some pathetic “Gu ji” sounds, as if he was trying to comfort the Thunder Beast.


Suddenly, Dragon Baby’s two ears perked up as if he had thought of something. He jumped on Ye Chui’s shoulder and cooed happily, “Master, do you still have those eggshells that were left over when I was born?”


“Egg shells?” Ye Chui froze for a moment. The remaining eggshells from Dragon Baby’s birth were still preserved in Ye Chui’s space ring, but he had forgotten about them till now. Now, it dawned on him: the eggshells were part of a Dragon Egg, and might contain some amazing power, or even… potentially allowed ordinary Magic Beasts to evolve!


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