Omni-Magician – Chapter 188, You just punched me at least 30 times? Now, I’ll pay you back double!

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The Laser was the most destructive arsenal of the Iron Swordsman Armor. Meanwhile, <Infinite Wind Blade> that he casted with his Long Sword possessed the greatest destructive range. 


The Magic Matrix, <Wind Blade>, which was carved on the Long Sword, continuously released Wind Blade. At this moment, Ye Chui was floating in the air, and numerous translucent crescent shaped air strikes generated from his Long Sword, causing the flat ground to quickly turn into a wreckage.


This skill even sacred his allies.


Debbie and Alfea were both in awe. They looked ahead, where dust floated everywhere, and the land below was devastated. [This skill is so powerful that it could destroy everything with ease! If I had known he held this much power, that guy could have killed all the 100 Holy Spirits by himself! There was no need for us to fight at all!]


Trying to justify Ye Chui’s choice, Debbie said out loud, “Maybe he was trying to give us a chance to improve our combat experience?” [Maybe he was considering the future, where we might face off against the Holy Spirits again. So, he used this opportunity to have us familiarize with the way to fight them…]


[Hammer really is really smart and thoughtful!]


“Master…” Contrary to Debbie, Alfea looked at the Iron Swordsman in the air with worship in her eyes.


After casting <Infinite Wind Blade>, Ye Chui suddenly turned his head to look at Debbie, Alfea and the 18 Magic Beasts, who were fighting with the Holy Spirits, and thought to himself: [Damn, I forgot about this powerful attack… I could have easily killed off all 102 Holy Spirits at once… Hopefully Debbie and Alfea won’t mind it too much…]


So the truth came out that he simply forgot… 


Ye Chui slowly fell to the wreckage of a ground, the azure flooring was sliced to bits, and the statues around had all crumbled down. It was as if this place had suffered some kind of natural calamity, none of the original majestic atmosphere could be seen.


Ye Chui looked around, and sent out his Spirit Power, sensing everything around him.


Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief’s skill had a time limit of two seconds. Therefore, he had to wait two seconds before the Chief formed. Though Ye Chui’s continuous onslaught of attacks had definitely damaged him, it was not enough to end him.


Ye Chui looked around vigilantly, and used Spirit Power to conduct a search. Suddenly, he stopped and looked in a direction to his left. He swung his Long Sword, ending up cutting off a statue of Bishop Faria into two. There, beneath the statue, was a skull. It was none other than the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief.


Other ordinary Holy Spirit would have dissipated into the air after  suffering such injury, but the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief was still alive. His voice was filled with anger and resignation, “How dare you… How dare you do this to me! I will never forgive you…”


With a sneer on his face, Ye Chui stabbed the head with his sword without hesitation .


However, Ye Chui frowned. He could feel a deep sense of dread when his sword seemingly pierced air. Apparently, the sword did pierce through the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief’s head. Even the skull vanished, turning into smoke.


“Is he not dead yet?” Ye Chui murmured in an impatient voice, aiming his Long Sword at the place where the smoke had gathered in the air again, Ye Chui prepared to cast another wave of <Infinite Wind Blade>, but a change had made Ye Chui cease all actions!


There were still a few Holy Spirits that were fighting with Debbie, Alfea and the 18 Magic Beasts. At this moment, they all laughed and turned into black fog. The black gog  quickly gathered around smoke that the previous Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief’s head had turned into, and a tall figure in the air soon appeared…


“Holy Spirit Great Sacrifice!”


Inside the church, Faria looked at the huge figure forming in the air with a shocked face, he was too surprised to speak.


The reason for the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief’s name was not just because he could command a hundred Holy Spirits. He could perform the super skill called <Holy Spirit Great Sacrificial>, which would sacrifice all of his servants; allowing the Chief to absorb all 102 Holy Spirits’ power to increase his own!


That was something that the average Holy Spirit could not do!


After the <Holy Spirit Great Sacrificial> was used, those sacrificed Holy Spirits would not be able to recover, so it could be said that this was a powerful and brutal combat skill. Sacrificing more than a hundred Holy Spirits to gain great power. The accumulated power was enough to classify the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief to be upgraded from Advanced Realm to enter the Specialist Realm.


“Iron Swordsman, you should not have made the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief use <Holy Spirit Great Sacrificial>…” Faria sneered. This skill naturally sacrificed those Holy Spirits that had been killed by Ye Chui earlier. Though they had dissipated into smoke, the smoke could still be utilized by the <Holy Spirit Sacrifice> to increase the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief’s power.


In Faria’s mind, there was no doubt that the Iron Swordsman could no longer match the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief.


<Infinite Wind Blade!>


Ye Chui aimed his Long Sword at the dark figure, and a large wave of Wind Blade instantly was rushing to him. However, it was of no use at all, the figure did not seem to be affected in the slightest. 


Suddenly, his Spirit Power sensed something and quickly looked to the side.


There, the evil and powerful figure reappeared, looking at him coldly. It was none other than the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief!


At this moment, his form had changed dramatically from before. Originally, he looked like a skeleton wearing a black uniform, but now, he was wearing black armor, with a black skull patterned mask covering his face. Meanwhile, his body size was larger than before.


A voice filled with tyranny spread from him, “You made me have to use <Holy Spirit Great Sacrifice>… Today will be your end!”


His figure instantly disappeared, then appeared in front of Ye Chui. He was fast! He raised one fist and rushed to Ye Chui. Ye Chui subconsciously stopped it with his arm, but the attack could still be felt through his armour. Worst, another punch was launched and landed! The next punch, and the next…


Almost in an instant Ye Chui suffered numerous punches.






“Gu Ji!”


Alfea, Debbie, Magic Beasts and Dragon baby rushed forward after witnessing the scene where Ye Chui was barraged by countless fists. They  quickly got ready to engage as well.


The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief turned around with a sneer and looked at Debbie and the others. His voice was cold and did not hold any warmth. “You are his companions, so you should fall into hell with him. The only thing that will greet you is death.”


The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief disappeared without a trace once again, and rushing towards Debbie and the others.


In Debbie and Alfea’s eyes, only a simple faint light shadow could be caught. It was almost impossible to distinguish his movements. At that moment,  there was even a kind of despair in Debbie and Alfea’s hearts. The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief at this moment could definitely kill them in a single strike!




With a yell, a shadow suddenly sprang out of the rocks on the side, and rushed to the battle field with a speed that exceeded the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief. The shadow suddenly stopped in front of Debbie and the others. It was Ye Chui! He opened <Wind Patrol Walk> on his leggings, and the two Wind Engines under him turned on to maximum power, allowing him to gain super speed in an instant.


At the moment, his speed even exceeded the speed of sound!


He shouted ‘stop’ as he emerged from the pile of rocks. But, it was after his figure arrived in front of Debbie and the others, that the words finally reached their ears.




The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief fist was closing in.


Ye Chui leaned to the side, cupping his right hand into a fist, and the matrix on his arm began to work, emitting a bright glow.


This matrix was a simplified Magic Spell created according to the Wind Patrol Walk, which allowed his hands to gain tremendous speed and was unaffected by wind resistance.




As if in an instant, his fist appeared on the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief’s face.




The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief, who could attack at great speed, was overwhelmed and was blown away by a single punch.




His body was dragged through the ground, leaving a furrow in his wake.


“How is this possible? You just received so many punches! Yet, you’re still alive?” Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief’s voice was filled with surprise as he struggled to crawl out of that ravine. His head was twisted in a bizarre angle, but it obviously did not kill him. “I’ve just punched you at least thirty times…”


“Because my armor has a Space Defense Shield which was designed by Specialist Realm Magician…”


When he was attacked by the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief’s fists, he thought he was doomed. However, thanks to Jarvis’s timing, he was able to turn on his shields. The armor combined Dawkins’s Fire Electric Element attack power with Booth’s defense power.


The bout seemed to be of a mess, seeming that it was his lost, but in reality, Ye Chui hadn’t taken any damage at all.


He turned to look at Debbie and the others, “You stay away, this is not a fight you can interfere with.”


After saying that, his figure disappeared from their sight with a whoosh, and appeared in front of the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief the next moment.


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