Omni-Magician – Chapter 189, Powerful Attacks that were Iinhumane

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“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Ye Chui’s fist coated with his spell managed were bombarding the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief. Each hit was similar to an explosion that were directed towards the Chief’s body.


Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief was simply turned into a sandbag at this point, without any opportunity to retaliate, only defend. Even after his body fell to the ground and crawled, the attacked did not cease. This was all after he gathered the might of all the Holy Spirit under his command, it was as if he had lost the ability to <Ghost>. A special skill that made his body intangible. 


It was as though he traded that skill for a stronger body, which simply made him a tougher punching bag.


Since each punch sent out by Ye Chui was completely controlled by Magic, namely, the control of Magic Matrix on both arms, he need not exert any force. He only needed to target where his fist should land and that was all. Afterwards, the result was over hundreds of punches where send out. Naturally, that meant his attack would not cease as long as there is sufficient magic power.


As the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief withstands the unceasing attack, his body was continuously being pushed back. Both his legs left behind two gullies in the ground, while his body will often get punched through the walls of building, or trees. Most of the time, these structures would collapse as he was forced through them.


Watching this scene, the ones who felt pity were none other than the onlookers. Unexpectedly, the enemies cast their pitying gaze as the Chief was besieged with powerful attacks that were inhumane.


Ye Chui had mentioned that he would payback the 30 punches twofold. However, at this point, he had already paid back tenfold…


So, after the 300th punch, he stopped. Afterall, it was a little unsightly for onlookers to see the perpetrator punch a victim 300 times without resisting back… 


Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief was thrown back to a building in the Church Square, lying in wreckage. This was used to teach Followers how to relax. However, that once peaceful building had all collapsed. And in the wreckage, was the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief’s pitiful form.


Though Ye Chui did not get his, he was feeling a slight sore on his shoulders. Although his bombardment, did not need him to exert physical strength, his arm still had to make those rapid movements. This made his shoulders sore. It was only heaven sent that he received Dragon Blood Baptism, which improved his physique. If it was an average person dishing out this attack, perhaps their arms would not longer be useable. 


Though he was sore, when he looked at how pitiful the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief was, Ye Chui felt his pain was worth it. He then stretched his arms as he warned: “Do not act dead, that attack should hardly have any effect on you. Get up!”


“Qua Qua Qua!”


A distorted laughed echoed out. In the wreckage, a distorted human form crawled out. The armor it wore was no longer the same as what the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief had on. With its body bent in strange angles. However, the dents on his armor and those oddly angled joins was gradually returning to their original form.


“Your attack is very indeed powerful. If I were your average person, I would have been made into a pounded flesh at this point. What a pity, I am a Holy Spirit and not a human. My body structure completely relies on Power of Faith. In other words, your attacks are all useless as long as I have a supply of Faith. Now, my strength is that of Specialist Realm. My body is indestructible. How can you possibly be my match you…”


Before the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief could continue, he was interrupted by Ye Chui.


“<Infinite Wind Blade>”


Ye Chui aimed at Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief with his long sword, and innumerable Wind Blades erupt from the blade edge. The innumerable Wind Blades slashing into the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief, causing his body to be covered in uncountable cuts.


However, that was no use. His body soon returned to how it was prior.


“It’s useless! I am indestructible! None of your attacks will do anything to me!” Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief bragged.


Debbie and Alfea turn pale, as the 18 magic beast also seem restless. The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief really did seem indestructible. No matter how attacks it take, it would already recover back to normal. Alfea, seemingly thought of something, shouted out loudly: “Master, try to hit it with your Laser!”


The Laser might be effective, but most likely would not be fatal to the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief. Worst, that one attack would consume a tone of Magic. Although Ye Chui did not lack Magic Stones, the one on his chest might exhausts and he would need to replace it. At this point in time, replacing it would be Fatal. Therefore, he shook the head to Alfea: “We must deal with this fellow with some other method!”


“Other methods?” Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief mocked. He was indestructible. Even a Specialist Realm Magician or a Sword Master were to attack him, it would be useless. In fact, in the past, the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief, would face such opponents in the same manner. Cast <Holy Spirit Great Sacrificial> to fight back. 


“You should feel honored!”


The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief said as his figure disappeared to instantly appear in front of Ye Chui.


The Magic Matrix on Ye Chui’s leggings starts up, and causes him to accelerate, avoiding the Chief’s attack. Their forms blurred, as only sounds of impact could be heard in the open area. In one second, it seemed that they already exchanged a few blows.


Debbie and Alfea, as well as Dragon Baby and other magic beast, stood at their spots, anxious. The fight which Ye Chui and Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief were engaging had exceeded the realm where they can do anything about.


“I have seen the Father compares notes with Dunson before. But, none of their attack have reached this level…” on the Alfea face, her anxiety was fully expressed. “If the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief really is indestructible, how can Master defeat him?”


“Hammer should have a plan…” Debbie tight grabbing her great sword, as she was filled with worry. However, she was convinced that Ye Chui would pull though. She whole heartedly believes that Ye Chui has a plan.


“Useless! Useless!” As their battle raged on, the Chief mocked. The Chief was only attacking. Not bothering to defend. Ye Chui’s long sword had been chopped him countless time but these attacks did not do anything.


In Ye Chui was starting to feel tried and he quickly withdrew away from the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief. The Chief, seeing that as a sign of weakness, mocked. “Your attack absolutely do not have any effect on me, I can’t even feel pain!”


“It’s fortunate that you can’t feel pain.”


Ye Chui said as he was breathing heavily, trying to catch his breath. “It is because you can’t feel pain that my plan can succeed.”


“What are you talking about?”


Ye Chui stretched out the finger to point towards the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief chest. “You have not noticed, have you? When I used my long sword to cut into you, I placed something inside your chest. If you were able to sense pain. No, if you have the ability to feel anything, You would have noticed, right?”


“What did you put in me? I know, you placed an explosive inside of me. The one you shot out before. It’s useless, even if it explodes, I can still heal back. Anyways, I can always ignore your attack by using <Ghost>.” Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief did not bother to look down into his own chest as he shout in a hoarse voice.


“Sorry, but you’re wrong. I did not place a Magic Missile inside of you, but instead… This.” In Ye Chui’s hand, he showed a Magic Beast Summoning Card. He continued, “This card is actually a transmission scroll. And, it can be used for unilateral transmission. So, I can summon my Magic Beast from a different Space and return them to said space. That I placed inside of you was none other than a travel ticked. Well one way since you won’t be returning back! Ancient Tomb Sealing Technique!”


As the Ye Chui spoke, the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief seemed to have understood what was about to happen. Quickly, he tried to use <Ghost>. Unfortunately, <Holy Spirit Great Sacrificial> had made the use of <Ghost> more difficult to use. That is because, not, he had to maintain control of all hundred and two Holy Spirits energies within him. Therefore, <Ghost> was significantly more difficult to perform. He would no longer be able to do it as he pleased like before. Therefore, when he was fighting with Ye Chui, he did not use it.


But now that he understood Ye Chui’s plan, he immediately tried to activate <Ghost> to remove the thing inside of him. It was a pity that as some parts of his body was gradually turning to ash-gray mist, a white light has surrounded him, and he disappeared without a trace.


Before he had completely transformed, he was transported to the Ancient Tomb.


The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief was indeed comparable to someone in the Specialist Realm. However, the Ancient Tomb Inner Hall had Magic Matrixes that are carve by a Specialist Realm Magician as well. Even if he were to attack, it would still take some time for the Chief to destroy the place. Therefore, there was more than enough time to clear up the current mess here before cleaning him up.



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