Omni-Magician – Chapter 19, Iron Man, We Shall See if You Are Afraid

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Icicle

Proofreader: Skoll

Finalized Editor: theunfetteredsalmon


Ye Chui mastered the technique of comprehending magic symbols, which could only be used by him.


Magic spells and programming, although they seemed to be two entirely different entities, are actually linked in some ways – at least in Ye Chui’s perspective. Without taking into account the true meaning of each magic symbol, the logical relationship between magic symbols was identical to the relationship between programming and viruses, which he was very familiar with in his previous life.

(Silavin: Skoll D: you need to teach the readers about true programming!)

(Skoll: Since this isn’t a realistic story, but fantasy, no real need to explain. Simply put, viruses can be made with programming, but you would write them in a different manner than trying to code.)


Ye Chui’s comprehension of the five magic symbols enabled him to create many magic spells. However, the magic spells created using these five magic symbols were elementary. In order to create advanced magic spells, Ye Chui would have to comprehend intermediate and advanced magic symbols. Without the supplement of intermediate and advanced magic symbols, there would be problems with the magic spells.


The only downside was that his method of trial and error would inevitably result in wastage. Fortunately, such wastage was currently the least of Ye Chui’s worries. Despite the parchment costing a few copper coins per piece, Ye Chui was able to use as many as he wanted. Busca, at the same time also didn’t mind the wastage, as long as there is an overall benefit for him.


[Any comments? If you can’t bear to spend a few more copper coins, go ahead and kill me. I’m your hostage anyway.]


Of course, Busca couldn’t bear to kill his hostage – the production of 30 magic scrolls daily would earn him a substantial amount of income. Even when Quinn complained to Busca that he discovered Ye Chui using the parchment as toilet paper when he cleaned the toilet in the morning, Busca chose to remain silent and brought a few rolls of superior toilet paper from the big firm…

(Silavin: WTF?)

(Icicle: That must have hurt like hell)


After being confined for one week, Busca spoke to Ye Chui again.


“It seems like your little sister Debbie misses you a lot. She came to my magic store thrice in the past week to create trouble. If this goes on, I can’t assure you that I wouldn’t lay my hands on her. You know, the business at my store has already reduced because of her,” Busca stared sinisterly at Ye Chui through the ventilation gap of the metal door while threatening him. “So, I want to let you know how bad my mood is currently!”


Ye Chui stared back at the plump face on the other side of the metal door. Suddenly, he thought of something and walked to the table. He used the magic ink and wrote something on the parchment before passing it to Busca through the gap of the door, “Pass this to Debbie. I assure you that she will stop harassing you after reading it.”


Busca froze for a moment, and then carefully took the parchment from him, before opening it. Written on the parchment was Ye Chui’s letter to Debbie.


“Debbie, I met a beggar recently and gave him a copper coin out of sympathy, only to realise that he was a great wandering Magician. He said that my skeletal structure was an interesting and rare find, and accepted me as his disciple to inherit his mantle, so as to maintain world peace. Due to his tight schedule, he demanded that I leave with him immediately. Since I didn’t have the time to notify you then, I am now taking a bit of my time to write you this letter. Trust me, I will be fine. I will return as a great Magician – your yet-to-be husband, Hammer.”

(Icicle: Can’t read hammer without thinking of Kevin Hart in ride-along )

(Fan quotes! by spor: meeting a beggar that says you have a rare physique…that is the plot to “Kung Fu Hustle”)


Busca flipped the parchment several times and repeatedly read the concise but humorous letter which he could not understand. After being convinced that the letter didn’t contain any hidden messages from Ye Chui, Busca folded the parchment and slipped it into his pocket while sneering, “I guess you know your limits. Don’t worry, as long as the girl does not create trouble at my shop, I will let her live peacefully.” After his comments, he turned around and started complaining about Ye Chui’s frivolous behaviour, ‘It’s just a letter, why must you use parchment? Do you think parchment is cheap? …”


*Bang*, the ventilation gap of the metal door was shut.


Ye Chui clenched his fist and walked around the small black room restlessly. He imagined how anxious and angry Debbie would be when she found out that he was missing – she would carry the 50kg great sword angrily to confront Busca but to no desirable outcome. Old George was gone, so Ye Chui and Debbie were left all alone. Although the way Debbie carries her great sword often left him speechless and made him understand what it truly means to be a strong lady who can protect herself, she was just a lonely girl. [Did Debbie cry due to my disappearance, or go berserk because of the same reason, or will she be hungry since I’m not there to cook noodles for her?…]

(Icicle: knowing Debbie, it’s the noodles and no influx of coins)


Debbie was Ye Chui’s only kin ever since he reincarnated into this world. At the start, the affection he had towards Debbie was probably part of Hammer’s memory, but after interacting with her for a period of time, Ye Chui has already regarded her as his own blood sister.


Hence, Ye Chui was furious.


For the past few days, Ye Chui had been wondering if Debbie was fine, but after Busca’s news about Debbie only caused Ye Chui’s anger to rocket to the top. Soon after, he managed to calm himself down as he knew that he needed to be level-headed at this point in time.


“I have already comprehended three magic symbols over the past few days, but it is still far from sufficient. Even if I could spare some parchment to produce intermediate and advanced magic scrolls, I might not be able to deal with the two level two Swordsmen, Quinn and Locke, in such a cramped space. And… I only have one chance.”


Ye Chui started to think deeply about his predicament and tried to find hope in an escape. He simply sat on the floor and continued his brainstorming.


It was probably the letter that Debbie wrote which gave him a head start – he shifted his thoughts to the movies he watched in his previous life. Movies were not real, of course, but who could deny the intelligence of the characters in the movies? If the lead character in a movie was imprisoned like Ye Chui, what would he do?


Following this thought process, all sorts of nonsensical movies flashed through his mind.


Just then, a faint glow, just like fireflies in the darkness, suddenly lit up his eyes. Following that, his eyes turned to the pile of scrap at the corner of this dilapidated storehouse: porcelain vases, broken boxes and a set of rusty battle armour. Having rummaged through those boxes the past few days, he knew that several insect-eaten animal skins were in there. Instantly, a flash of inspiration came into his mind. It was one of the coolest movies from his previous life; a movie called ‘Iron Man’.


The leading character in the movie was imprisoned by terrorists when he developed a set of super battle armour using a pile of scrap before escaping. The plot was so dynamic that it gave Ye Chui some inspiration to work on. [It was impossible to develop a real-life Iron Man battle armour. Even if it was plausible, it was merely an interesting but unrealistic concept.] His expertise is writing programmes, but the development of the Iron Man battle armour requires the flawless coordination of computer controls and mechanical power. No matter how good is he at writing programmes, the lack of machinery would prevent him from producing the Iron Man battle armour.


In this fantasy world, magic spells are linked to programming in some way or another, but magic spells can affect almost everything.


So, this interesting concept could become a reality.


As Ye Chui’s eyes fixated on the pile of scrap at the corner of the storehouse, a slight smile could be seen at the corners of his mouth.


“Let’s see what you’ll think of Iron Man.”


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  1. “Debbie, I met a beggar recently and gave him a copper coin out of sympathy, only to realise that he was a great wandering Magician. He said that my skeletal structure was an interesting and rare find, and accepted me as his disciple to inherit his mantle, so as to maintain world peace.

    (meeting a beggar that says you have a rare physique…that is the plot to “Kung Fu Hustle”)

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