Omni-Magician – Chapter 190, Ye Chui’s Saint Word: Get the Hell Out of Here!

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Translator: Gici

Translation Checker/Proofreader: Silavin

The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief, who was nearly immortal, was teleported away by Ye Chui. Debbie, Alfea, and Bishop Faria, who stayed in the church and watched the battle in fear, did not understand what Ye Chui had done. How could Ye Chui have teleported the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief away? Where could the Chief have been teleported to?

Bishop Faria hastily pulled out his Bible and tried to reconnect with the Chief. Using the Power of Faith, Faria could locate Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief and call him back to the battlefield. However, he soon discovered that the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief had disappeared from the world, and the connection between them had been cut off…

The Ancient Tomb, after all, did not exist in the real world, but was located in an Isolated Space. Without the help of a Space Matrix, even the Power of Faith could not penetrate this Isolated Space.

Debbie, Alfea, Dragon Baby and other Magic Beasts rushed to Ye Chui and looked at him in amazement. Debbie couldn’t help but ask, “Hammer, what did you do? Was that a transmission? Where have you sent that monster to?”

“I’ve sent him to the Ancient Tomb.” Ye Chui replied. He just casted <Ancient Tomb Seal Skill> successfully, but he was still worried. It took time for the Teleportation Matrix to take effect. To buy time, Ye Chui kept talking to the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief.

The Magic Matrix was then activated and imprisoned the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief to the inner hall.

Even Booth could not break through the Magic Matrix, let alone the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief, who could only use brute force.

Even now, Ye Chui still could not eliminate the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief directly. However, since the Chief relied on the Power of Faith to survive, once he was trapped without a source of Faith, he would undoubtedly meet his demise. In addition, Ye Chui also wanted to study how the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief operated.

“Gu Ji?” Dragon Baby jumped into Ye Chui’s shoulders and rubbed his little head against the neck area of Ye Chui’s armor. [I was worried just now…]

“He he, no need to worry. The new armor is very powerful.” Ye Chui smiled back and said, touching Dragon Baby’s little head with his finger. Then, he looked towards the church and his face turned cold, “Let’s go and rescue Vivian.”

Debbie immediately nodded and was about to rush into the church first. However, Alfea hurriedly held her back and whispered, “Be careful! there might still be traps!”

Ye Chui thought for a while, walked to the front of the two girls and opened the Space Defense Shield on his armor. With this Space Defense Shield, he didn’t need to be afraid of traps. Under his leadership, everyone headed to the church.

Faria was so nervous that he stepped back, towards the statue, holding the Bible tightly in his hand.

Meanwhile, Vivian was screaming at the top of her lungs. However, due to the Saint Words, nothing but muffled sounds could come out from her mouth. She was trying to remind Ye Chui not to step into the church. After all, Faria had mentioned that he was absolutely invincible around the 200 square meters of the church.

As Ye Chui arrived outside the church, he looked at Vivian, who seemed to be speaking something but no words came out. [What is she trying to say?]

Ye Chui hesitated to walk in, but Debbie stepped inside the church and yelled, “Vivian, don’t worry! We’re going to get you out of here!”

Vivian opened her eyes and tried even harder to speak, but she could only make an ‘oooh’ sound.

“Don’t worry, Vivian! Iron Swordsman’s new armor is extremely powerful, so we can use it to rescue you!” Debbie said soothingly.

Vivian: ‘Oooooohhhhh…’

“What are you going to say? Oh, I see…” It looked like Debbie understood what Vivian wanted to say. She pointed at Faria with her Great Sword, “Stiny old man, how could you kidnap someone and not bring them their lunch!?”

Vivian: “…”

Faria: “…”

Both Ye Chui and Alfea were sweating profusely. Vivian couldn’t possibly be telling them that she was hungry at such a tense moment…

Ye Chui stepped into the church and patted Debbie’s shoulder, “I think you misunderstood what Vivian is trying to say…”

As Debbie gave a thoughtful look, she realized that what she had assumed seemed a little too impossible so she corrected, “Maybe he did not allow Vivian to go to the bathroom?”

Ye Chui: “…”

Alfea: “…”


“Debbie, don’t guess…” Alfea also entered the church and stopped Debbie from continuing her assumptions.

When Faria saw that all three had entered the church, his eyes lit up. He immediately couldn’t help but let out a loud laugh. Ye Chui looked at Faria strangely and wondered what was wrong with him. Faria quietly swiped his finger over Vivian’s mouth. Immediately, Vivian found herself able to speak and immediately shouted out to Ye Chui, “Get out of here! We are inside a Magic Matrix! Your powers won’t work here!”


Ye Chui, Debbie and Alfea were all shocked. They didn’t know there was such a Magic Matrix in the church. In fact, even Eric and Booth didn’t know that the church could rely on the power of the Seven Gods to activate the Magic Matrix called <Seven Gods Glory>, which made all kinds of powers become useless except for the Power of Faith.

Ye Chui, Debbie, Alfea and Dragon Baby were all trapped inside the church. The eighteen Magic Beasts outside realized that something was wrong and immediately attacked the church. However, a strange force appeared to surround the church, stopping all attacks.

“My Sword Aura can not be released…” Alfea shouted.

The Great Sword in Debbie’s hand and Gatling on her shoulders fell to the ground. She was able to lift the Great Sword and Gatling with her small body because of her Sword Aura. Without it, she was just an ordinary little girl.

Ye Chui also felt that the armor on his body became heavy at the same time. The armor he was wearing rely on his Magic Power to operate, but rely on the Magic Crystals. However, Magic Crystals were completely ineffective under this Magic Matrix of the Church, and even Ye Chui found that he could not pull anything out of the Space Ring anymore.

“Despicable!” Debbie found that she couldn’t lift the Great Sword anymore, and she shouted at Faria in rage.

Ye Chui and Alfea couldn’t help but look at Debbie with an accusing look, [Miss, that’s not really the right words to say]

But Ye Chui does not blame Debbie. He looked at Faria with cold eyes.

“Iron Swordsman, you are really asking for death. You risked your life for this girl that our church has abandoned. Now that you are in the church, you can no longer use your power. Now, do you regret coming here?” Faria laughed, enjoying the pleasure that he was unbeatable.


“Vivian is already our companion, and we’ll risk anything for her. You wouldn’t understand that even if I explained it to you.” Ye Chui said coldly, looking at Lina, who was dead beside Vivian.

Then, he suddenly thought of something. A glimmer flashed in his eyes, as he slowly walked towards Vivian.

Faria didn’t pay much attention when he saw Ye Chui walking towards Vivian. Only Saint Word power could work in the church, Ye Chui, Debbie and Alfea were just ordinary people. He could kill them all with just a wave of his hand. Of course, as the villian, he shouted: “Only one power can be used here, and that’s the Power of Faith. Your struggle is useless, Iron Swordsman. If you beg for mercy, I’ll consider letting you die without pain. Otherwise, there are plenty of ways to punish you with Saint Word!”


Ye Chui was already crouching in front of Vivian, he was crouching with his back facing Faria. So, Faria could not see the curious expression on Ye Chui’s face as the boy was asking Vivian something…

Vivian, who was initially confused with her situation, quickly understood what Ye Chui meant, and she looked down at her chest: she was indicating to Ye Chui what he wanted was in her chest…

[Er… In your chest?]

Ye Chui glanced at Vivian’s plentiful valley and hesitated. Though Vivian was shy, she continued, “Boss, just go ahead, I don’t mind.”


This was the first time Ye Chui was in a situation where he had no choice but to do it, so he decided… to do it!

So, he reached out towards Vivian’s breast…

Faria couldn’t see what Ye Chui was doing, but Debbie and Alfea could, and were shocked. [Is Hammer still going to act like a hooligan? Since it is the last time he could breath, is he planning to go all out and enjoy his last few minutes?]

Ye Chui looked hesitant as he reached into Vivian’s chest. Meanwhile, Vivian was blushing shyly. She even closed her eyes and tilted her head away, biting her lips…

“What are you doing?” Faria was waiting for Ye Chui to beg for mercy, but Ye Chui was still crouching in front of Vivian, so Faria got angry and decided to teach Ye Chui a lesson first.

<Saint Word: Blade of Discipline>

An illusory short sword coalesced in the air and flew towards Ye Chui.

Debbie and Alfea were taken aback and shouted out a warning to Ye Chui.

And at this point in time, Ye Chui finally touched what he wanted, it was a parchment paper booklet!

This booklet was given to Vivian by Ye Chui earlier. The Faith Collection Matrix was engraved on it. He gave it to Vivian to see if she could feel the Power of Faith from it. Luckily, Vivian did not have a Storage Ring, and she kept the booklet between her valley. When she was kidnapped, Faria did perform a body search. For an ordinary girl who had been excommunicated from the Church, Faria apparently had no caution against her.

The Blade of Discipline had arrived.

Ye Chui stood up with the booklet in his hand and turned around.

He opened a page of the booklet and shouted as loud as he could, “Saint Word: Damn it, get out of here!”


The flying short sword was hit by a tremendous force and disappeared!


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