Omni-Magician – Chapter 59, The Difference Between Skill and Style

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

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Just as Oberth suddenly recalled the relationship Ye Chui had with the magic crystal in the Magic Guild Hall, the fully-armoured Swordsman standing in front of Debbie, Alfea and Ye Chui launched an attack towards them.


This armoured Swordsman was obviously some kind of puppet. This puppet had excellent battling capabilities, swift movements and violent attacks.


At this moment, Debbie was still worried about the safety of Ye Chui, but once she felt the mighty and threatening aura exuding from this Swordsman, she immediately brandished the great sword in her hand as her expression became more serious.


Alfea, on the other hand, has been alert from the start.


Within seconds, Alfea and Debbie were embroiled in an exchange of attacks with this Swordsman.


As for Ye Chui, he stood at a far corner of the stone chamber in a cool posture. He looked as though he was deep in thought, as he was trying to analyze the weakness of this Swordsman in silence. But in reality, he did not know how he could help these two girls in the battle.


After all, Ye Chui was a Magician who does not have any prior Swordsman experience. Although his set of battle armour could increase his battle efficiency significantly to the standard of an advanced Swordsman, he had zero experience in close combat battles. Moreover, he was concerned that his addition in the battle would disrupt the perfect coordination between the two girls and he might end up wounding them accidentally.


Alfea and Debbie soon realised that dealing with this Swordsman was an energy-draining feat. However, both of them did not lament Ye Chui for the decision he made, as although they stood on the same line, they were not companions for the time being.



After several minutes



Debbie suddenly let out a soft yelp. Fresh blood started flowing out of her shoulder, as her shoulder had been accidentally scratched by the sword of the armoured swordsman. Although Ye Chui revealed a look of sympathy on his face, he did do anything immediately.


Following that, Debbie’s abdomen was pierced by the same sword once again.


Both injuries were not considered serious, but her armour suit started to turn red from the blood; causing Ye Chui to feel restless.


In the next second, Alfea was injured in her left thigh, as the sword of the Swordsman punctured the greaves of her left leg.


After approximately three minutes, the armoured Swordsman stopped attacking them suddenly. It walked to the side of the stone chamber, before disappearing into the white ray of light.


Although the Swordsman left the stone chamber, it did not lose the battle.


“I will give you 10 minutes to rest and recuperate.” The child-like voice could be heard almost immediately, “The Swordsman will continue its battle with you 10 minutes later and will end its attack in 30 minutes.”


“Why must you do this?” Ye Chui questioned him in curiosity.

“You are a smart boy. Why don’t you make a guess?” The child-like voice said in a mischievous tone.


“Smart boy?” Both Alfea and Debbie suddenly stared at Ye Chui in a peculiar gaze, as ‘smart boy’ was a term used by the child-like voice to call Ye Chui.


Ye Chui’s heart skipped a beat, before he continued, “How would I know what tricks you have up your sleeves? Why don’t you go and ask the intelligent Magician?”


“Hehe…” The child-like voice laughed cunningly, but refused to comment further.


Upon hearing Ye Chui’s words, Alfea and Debbie’s suspicion lessened. Both of them then walked towards a corner of the stone chamber and started to treat their wounds. Seeing Debbie remove her battle armour carefully and take out the ointment, Ye Chui naturally walked over to help her.


Debbie became alert all of a sudden, “What do you want?”


“I just want to help you…” Ye Chui said naturally.


“Boys and girls shouldn’t get so close in contact with each other!” Debbie clenched her teeth and shouted.


“…” Ye Chui was silent.


He took a glance at Alfea, who was beside Debbie, and confirmed that she was treating the wounds on her thigh. He then cleared his throat in a low tone and thought that it would be a good hint for Debbie to realise that he was Ye Chui.




“Why are you coughing?!” Debbie stared at him.


“Oh, nothing…”


Ye Chui walked to the side in embarrassment and thought in his heart. [It seems like Debbie and I don’t understand each other well enough…]


With minor wounds, both Debbie and Alfea could manage to patch themselves up quickly. Once Alfea was done, she went to confront Ye Chui with moods of unrest and anxiousness, but when speaking, she tried to guise it with a tranquil expression, “What did you manage to see? Since we are standing on the same side, I don’t think you should hide anything from us.”


Ye Chui stared at Alfea with a strange expression, “What do you mean?”


Knitting her brows, Alfea explained, “Since you have been observing from the side, you should be able to notice the weakness of this puppet warrior. This specific puppet is unlike those water and stone puppets we have faced outside and is most likely at the level of an Advanced Swordsman. If we want to defeat it, the only chance we have is when we team up!”


Ye Chui understood and immediately replied, “He is indeed very powerful.”


“So, do you have a plan?” Alfea asked.






Seeing rage oozing out of both the girls, Ye Chui hurriedly spoke out, “I can’t see his weaknesses, so for the next round, I will go against it while you two rest.”


In actuality, there were some things which Ye Chui had noticed, but since Alfea and Debbie would probably not understand, he did not bother to inform them.


After being reincarnated into this world, Ye Chui had gradually grown to understand the profession of Swordsmen: in this fantasy world, Swordsmen here only used their skills and not fighting styles in battles.


These skills consist of <Protection of War God>, <Wind Blade> and the <Giant Spinning Top>. By unleashing one’s sword aura, it greatly increased the battle efficiency of that person. Basically, it was the ability to explosively increase one’s battle capabilities but due to its nature, this is not the ‘style’ Ye Chui had in mind.

In fiction novels depicting the fights, every movement would produce some kind of an effect; be it through the body’s movement or the weapon’s. In this world however, a Swordsmen only made simple movements. If they swing their sword, it’s just a swing. If they hide, they simply go behind cover.

(Silavin: Think of it as they do not learn any martial arts to make their movements sharper.)


If a Swordsman was stronger, it directly represented their greater strength and agility. However, this deferred from Ye Chui’s expectations, whereby the Swordsman get stronger by perfecting their ‘fighting style’.


Currently, as a Swordsman, his movements were extraordinary. It would be described as complex but it’s main purpose is to reduce as much useless moves as possible. This might not be noticeable by both Debbie and Alfea, but Ye Chui could roughly make a guess after observing for a period of time.


Therefore, he felt that this swordsman was using some kind of ‘fighting style’


Wishing to confirm his own feelings, he wanted to have a battle with it.


“Are you sure?” Hearing Ye Chui’s words, Alfea suspiciously asked.


“If I don’t try, I will never be able to find out.” Ye Chui casually replied as he raised his sword in preparation to face the armoured Swordsman.


Silavin: 1/3 – This chapter is delayed from last week.


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