Pivot of the Sky

Pivot of the Sky – Chapter 189, A brilliant turnaround

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Translator: adomman

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The Eye of Nullifying was not attacking magic, and after the scroll disappeared, transparent waves of air spread rapidly throughout the area. About thirty paces away from where Amon just stood, a figure suddenly appeared. He held a grayish-white spike, and his body was curved like a poised and drawn bow, ready to shoot himself out and launch an attack. Amon was taken aback as he knew this person, it was Bright Moon Night who had tried to assassinate him in the Charcoal Marsh.


He was the most highly skilled assassin Amon had ever met, and just now Amon’s attention was completely focused on Dumuzid, not realizing that Bright Moon Night was already lurking around so close to him. No matter how good one is at stealth, one would inevitably reveal oneself when making a move, but the closer they were, the more sudden the attack, the greater the threat. If an expert like Bright Moon Night attacked with full force at such a close distance, even Amon would find it difficult to defend, but fortunately, he realized that it was a trap before it was too late.


Bright Moon Night was obviously working together with Dumuzid, and since Dumuzid failed to subdue Amon, he lured him to this place. If Amon had continued chasing, Bright Moon Night could have delivered a fatal blow. He had long been ready to strike, but Amon suddenly stopped in his tracks before disappearing and immediately activating an Eye of Nullifying, revealing his body in mid-air. His first reaction was that things had been compromised and Amon had prepared to deal with him!


Amon did not give him time to think carefully, and as soon as he saw Bright Moon Night appear, he immediately shouted and charged towards him from a hundred paces away. Before he arrived, the bones in his whole body produced a series of crunching sounds and a berserker aura emanated outwards. The appearance of Bright Moon Night here made Amon very surprised because he knew about this assassin’s powerful transformation technique.


Today was not a night of full moon but when the moon was nearly obscured. Moreover, it was currently daytime when the sunlight was at its most intense, the most unfavorable time for Bright Moon Night’s transformation technique. Also, according to Hardedef’s judgment, he would need at least half a year to recuperate to fully restore his peak state. If a top expert like Bright Moon Night had no limits, it would be too terrifying.


But even without his transformation technique, he was still a calm and terrifying assassin. The most important thing for the assassination was the element of surprise, and Amon simply did not expect to encounter Bright Moon Night here and now. From this point of view, this assassin was very successful, but unfortunately, he was accidentally exposed at the very last moment.


The reason why Bright Moon Night had appeared here was to catch Amon off guard on one hand, and on the other hand, even though he had not returned to his peak state, he had teamed up with Dumuzid. It was very tricky and dangerous to deal with two such experts at the same time, so Amon’s first reaction was to finish off Bright Moon Night before Dumuzid came back, so he immediately entered the enraged state which could maximize his reaction speed and raw strength.


Using this power was not without cost, as once you entered this state, certain powers would be enhanced while other powers would be limited. Amon could no longer use the flying magic and would fall from the sky. However, he was already flying rapidly upwards before entering the enraged state, so he was able to reach Bright Moon Night very quickly relying on inertia, and he slashed forward viciously with the Eye of Sealing.


The sharp sword was wrapped in dazzling golden light, and it was capable of cutting even a small mountain into half. The powerful pressure and burst of energy locked onto Bright Moon Night in mid-air, and the assassin was now the prey. In a panic, Bright Moon Night hurriedly blocked the attack with his spike, and with a long howl, the spike wrapped his body in a barrier of energy. The sword energy disappeared into thin air as it slashed onto the spike before shooting out not far behind him as if inexplicably shifted through space before reappearing.


Bright Moon Night’s magical power was not weak at all, and he was also good at fighting using magical techniques. He barely blocked Amon’s incredibly powerful slash, and his body trembled and flew downwards as a result. Amon did not want to give him a chance to catch his breath and followed him downwards from the sky with another slash. Bright Moon Night could only raise his spike to block, and the same thing happened again, causing his body to accelerate downwards once more.


Amon swung his sword in the air and struck with an insane amount of force. Each slash was accurate and powerful. Bright Moon Night was truly a tough cookie, and even as he was chased down the sky while falling, he managed to block Amon’s attacks repeatedly. The two were like two colliding meteors flying down towards the foot of the mountain. Bright Moon Night landed with a loud boom, destroying numerous trees and creating a deep pit in the ground.


Before he could jump out of the pit, Amon had already landed and stood at the edge of the huge pit. Swinging his sword, Amon continued his barrage of slashes onto Bright Moon Night. Even if Bright Moon Night was fast, it was too late for him to get out of the pit. The moment he revealed an opening, he would most likely be cut into two by Amon. As he wielded his spike to block Amon’s attacks continuously with a tight defense, he shouted: “Dumuzid, why are you still dawdling about!”


At this time a blue light shot out from the mountainside, heading straight towards the fierce battle between the two. Dumuzid said: “Didn’t you boast that your stealth techniques are unparalleled in the world? How did you get exposed? I haven’t even led this brat into a trap yet!”


Bright Moon Night roared: “You must have done something wrong for him to discover our plan!”


Bright Moon Night was in a bitter struggle, and the corners of his mouth were even oozing blood. apparently injured by the sheer impact from Amon’s barrage of attacks. He had not yet fully recovered his strength, and now he was in a very unfavorable situation with Amon again. But at this moment, the tone of Bright Moon Night and Dumuzid’s conversation was very arrogant, probably because they felt that there was no way they could lose if they attacked together.


Amon did not speak, and just when Dumuzid was about to arrive, he suddenly turned his sword around and slashed towards himself. The sword energy grazed past his back and he turned his body together with the sword in an instant. This turnaround was too strange yet brilliant, beyond anyone’s imagination, because although he turned around, he was still facing the original direction. Amon had actually transformed into two copies of himself!


The “Amon” holding the Eye of Sealing continued standing at the edge of the pit and resumed his attacks on Bright Moon Night so that he could not get away, the violent power of his attacks causing the hard rocks within the ground to fly about. The flying debris also became a sharp weapon, producing a constant buzzing sound as they hit Bright Moon Night’s body.


The other “Amon” had taken out Gilgamesh’s bow and shot an arrow at the incoming blue light. This time, the arrow shot was not a tangible arrow, but one made of pure energy. The arrow had been fired off nearly instantly, and even with Dumuzid’s speed, he could not avoid it. With a “bang” sound not far away, the blue light exploded to reveal the figure of Dumuzid, who was holding a bamboo staff as he exclaimed: “How are you capable of doing this!”


The “Amon” facing Bright Moon Night was still in an enraged state, his hair flying about and his eyes blazing with fury and power, while the “Amon” who was facing Dumuzid was as calm as ever, not even a trace of restlessness could be heard in his voice, and he replied indifferently: ” This is the realm which I have verified. Even between those who have similarly achieved the ninth level, there exist differences between them. This one you are facing, you can call him Allaha.”


This was not an illusion conjured using message magic, nor is it a change of appearance using transformation magic. These two Amons have their own verified realms and a complete “personality” and “identity”, and even the magical power trained and the specialized means are not exactly the same. To use an inappropriate metaphor, it was like the same person using different identities to deal with different people in the world.


This was the realm verified after achieving the ninth level, and it was a breakthrough after one had grown in magical power and gained greater knowledge. No one taught Amon, he had simply understood it on his own after revealing his face to Moses on Mount Sinai, as the opening of a new pair of eyes through the arrangement of fate.


Was it necessary to go through this process to practise the power of the origin? Amon did not know for sure, as even though this technique was incredible, it also had a price, and it was that one had to achieve the ninth level using each complete “identity” then perfectly integrate them, before the final step to reach the realm transcending eternal life could be taken.


The changes Amon was displaying at this moment were also related to the power of the two sides he once practised. After comprehending the power of the origin, Amon has understood that there is no such thing as the power of two sides in the true path, but since he had the experience of practising the power of two sides, his understanding would also be different from others. At this moment, Amon is like a ninth-level warrior fighting Bright Moon Night with a sword, and like a ninth-level mage fighting Dumuzid with a bow, and between the two identities, they could even borrow power from each other.


Dumuzid shouted angrily: “Did Mourrin teach you that! Has she broken her oath?”


Amon smiled coldly as he said: “Why do you always have to think in this way? If you have not comprehended this realm, it can’t be learned, unlike things like reading and writing. And when the day comes that you can truly comprehend it, you don’t need anyone to teach you. Pitiful Dumuzid, it seems that you’ve lived these hundreds of years in vain!”


Dumuzid was infuriated and he bellowed: “How dare you mock me!”


Amon: “You are the one making a disgrace out of yourself! I have no interest in you at all and never wanted to deal with you, but you are the one who came looking for me.”


Even as they spoke, they continued fighting in earnest, and the bow in Amon’s hand was continuously drawn, releasing numerous flying arrows condensed from invisible energy, and appearing from all directions around Dumuzid. Dumuzid waved his bamboo staff, and it was as if the sky and earth were filled with the sound of crackling, as the energy arrows were scattered one by one.


The bamboo staff in his hand also shot out beams of blue light, which resembled dancing electric snakes as they attacked Amon. Amon drew his bow so rapidly that the bowstring could not be seen clearly, and before him, countless bursts of energy flashed, constantly destroying the electric snakes. Gradually, Amon was put into a defensive position, and he attacked Dumuzid with arrows less and less frequently. Splitting himself to deal with two people at the same time was still too much for Amon to handle right now, and it seemed impossible to win. If the fight dragged on, Amon would certainly be defeated.


When Bright Moon Night saw Dumuzid fighting with Amon, he lifted his spirits with a roar before transforming into the fierce appearance of a half-man, half-wolf. Under Amon’s relentless attacks, the huge pit had become a terrifying world of debris, dust, and sword energy. Bright Moon Night could not hold on for much longer with his injuries so he made a desperate move by entering the enraged state. Although his injuries might worsen afterward, he had to take care of Amon first.


Hearing the roar from behind Amon and a series of explosive sounds of fighting, Dumuzid knew that Bright Moon Night was attacking at full force right now. Looking calm once again, Dumuzid said with a sneer: “Amon, you are truly brave to even dare to chase me, but you alone will never be a match for the two of us! Hurry up and let me capture you, if you fall in my hands you can still live, but if Bright Moon Night deals with you, he will definitely kill you!”


Amon suddenly laughed and said to Dumuzid without slowing down: “Just now you were able to escape quite quickly, but did you forget that I can also escape? I admire your speed, and if I run away, you will surely be able to catch up, but would you dare to chase after me alone? The reason I haven’t escaped yet is that I wanted to ask you clearly, why did you claim that Geshtinanna is suffering in the Underworld?”


Amon’s words stunned Dumuzid, and he forgot to answer for a moment. That’s right, Amon could also escape, if he could not win, he could simply turn around and fly away! Bright Moon Night was injured, and he could not fly in an enraged state. Furthermore, once the enraged state ended, he would become very weak and his injuries would also become more serious, making it impossible for him to catch up with Amon. Dumuzid was fast, but would he dare to chase Amon alone?


Dumuzid was about to say something in a daze, but the situation took an unexpected turn. The countless gusts of wind and distorted lights in mid-air suddenly coalesced into long dense strips of ivy vines, which twisted and wrapped towards Dumuzid.


Someone had arrived and was now attacking Dumuzid. Dumuzid uttered a strange cry as countless blue lights burst from his bamboo staff and shredded the ivies in the air. With a stomp of his feet, Dumuzid was about to fly away, but a giant hammer wrapped in traces of lightning suddenly appeared from thin air and viciously smashed towards him.


The bamboo staff in Dumuzid’s hand transformed into an illusion of a huge long stick before blocking the giant hammer with a deafening boom. The illusion of the long stick was shattered, and Dumuzid used the force of the recoil to fly backward in the other direction while waving a blue blade to cut away the ivy vines blocking the way.


But someone was already prepared for this, and when Dumuzid rushed out from the ivy vines, a large green net unfolded right in front of him. The net also consisted of vines, and there were even fresh leaves on them, which had razor-sharp edges like knives. As Dumuzid hit the net he cried out and attempted to turn into a golden snake before escaping, but it was too late. The net seemed as though it possessed intelligence, and it contracted immediately, wrapping around Dumuzid completely, before falling heavily to the ground.


Three people came out of the mountain forest, and in the middle was the elf maid Shubra. On the left was a sturdy man clad in leather armor and holding a long-handled giant hammer, named Takku, while on the right was a middle-aged man with a beard, wearing a white robe, named Shara. Both of them were divine emissaries guided by Mourrin.


Mourrin had been a true god for many years. She has the Rosery and multiple palaces in various parts of the continent, as well as several small independent divine realms. It was impossible for her not to have guided others during all these years, and Shara and Takku were the most powerful divine emissaries under her. Two days ago, Amon had met these two in the Rosery.


Takku was once a supreme warrior, but now he had achieved the eighth level in the power of origin. Shara was once a supreme mage in the Kingdom of Bablon but was fortunately guided into the Anunnaki divine clan by the goddess Mourrin. Now, he had also managed to achieve the eighth level.


As soon as Amon saw these three people, he realized one thing: Dumuzid was already waiting for him outside Mourrin’s palace, and most likely Mourrin had noticed it, so she sent three emissaries to assist Amon. In the end, they had arrived at just the right moment to capture Dumuzid, who was the most difficult to catch.


Amon kept his bow and asked: “Why did all of you appear in this place?”


Shara lifted the ivy net which had shrunk into a ball from the ground and shook it, revealing Dumuzid’s body. He was now completely restrained by yellow-green ropes, which tightly wrapped around his body. These ropes must have been transformed from the ivy net and were capable of sealing Dumuzid’s powers.


Shubra replied: “The goddess discovered that Dumuzid had appeared in the vicinity of the Rosery, and was worried that something might happen, so she asked the three of us to rush over to see how you were doing. I did not expect to find that he had colluded with Bright Moon Night to set a trap to deal with you. You are very skilled, and we did not need to help you, but this Dumuzid is very slippery, so we took the opportunity to capture him. Since he wanted to kill you, we will leave it to you to deal with him.”


Takku said while holding his giant hammer: “Dumuzid is adept at transformation, and his speed of flight is very fast, so once he escapes it would be difficult to catch up. The last time when the goddess wanted to take him to the Underworld, she also sent the three of us to ambush him on his way and gave us this Entangling Ivy, otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to capture him. This time it’s much easier, and we managed to take him down right away.”


While they were talking over here, Amon was still fighting fiercely in the giant pit. Nodding his head, Amon said: “Thanks for the hard work, please wait a moment while I subdue that werewolf.”


Takku asked: “Do you need our help?”


Amon shook his head and said: “No need, I know his power well. I just need him alive so that I can ask him something.” As Amon finished speaking, the two copies of him merged back into their original appearance before he jumped into the pit and fiercely rushed towards Bright Moon Night with his fists wrapped in dazzling golden light once again. At this time, Bright Moon Night was already at the end of his wits, and he mustered all his strength to swing his spike towards Amon’s chest with a piercing strike. Amon grabbed the spike with his hands and swung it hard, lifting Bright Moon Night’s body into the air and throwing it towards the side of the pit.


Bright Moon Night flew off and collapsed a large part of the edge of the pit where he landed. Amon let out a roar and pounced on him in the smoke and dust to hold him down, and then started beating him with his fists. When the smoke and dust settled, Shubra and the rest looked into the pit, only to see that Bright Moon Night had returned to a human appearance with his clothes in tatters and his hair disheveled. His body was bruised and swollen from the beating, and he lay on the ground, unable to move.


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